Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

By Grace Myu - January 18, 2020

It's been quite a while since I updated this site. To be honest, the whole chunk of 2019 left me really weary and I just lost the motivation to write about anything. Writing became work and it didn't feel good. I felt really heavy and burdened.

There was a huge loss of focus throughout the year.
Aside from committing myself to a full-time job at a local digital agency, I also started taking charge of my physical wellbeing again. It certainly was not easy to get back on the fitness grind and it really took me some time to adjust my body and headspace to juggle both together.

Travel was on a minimal and I didn't even step out of the country in 2019. What a shocker! The furthest I traveled to was to Langkawi, a beautiful island located in the Northen region of Peninsula Malaysia, where Jack and I spent our 6th-year anniversary there. We really had a blast, experiencing island-hopping on a jetski together for the first time.

Towards the end of the year, I took some time reflecting on myself and my future.
I definitely was not feeling myself and I took the courage to hand in my resignation letter in December. I left a wonderful, wholesome team of colleagues and I was definitely teary towards the end of my work week.


To welcome the new year 2020,
I am determined that this will be the year
where I align myself and my life's goals once again.

With a new life chapter, I experienced a renewed passion for little things once again.
Things like showing up for gatherings. Rekindling with friends. Dressing up to feel good.
Followed up on conversations. Little sparks that make life blissful.

The Law of Attraction is a very peculiar principle that seems to hold true for me.
Good thoughts beget good energy.
Feeling good about myself became truly effortless.

Funny how a shift of perspective or even a change of scenery can change a person so much.


Simple things like dressing up always make me happy.
During the holidays, I took the time to celebrate with my loved ones.
Loved ones including our pomeranian puppy, Nessie.

Seen on me, Bodycon Dress

This metallic dress is a show stopper as it hugs the curves of my body perfectly. A lightweight material that is easy breezy even on sunny moments like in this picture. I appreciate that this dress does not easily snag or pull, because you know how lightweight materials can be sometimes!

A deep plunge to get enough attention to the curves and a slight asymmetrical cloth at the front to distract any potential food baby bumps. What a genius.

Seen on me, Slinky Mini Dress

An off-shoulder cut is just one of my favourites because it showcases my broad shoulders and can also double up to hide unsightly arms. A stretchable material that easily fits any body type. Also features a ruched bust area for extra femininity for days you just want to feel vulnerable and gentle.

However, do be mindful to wear seamless underwear for this piece because sometimes VPLs do show up unannounced 😆


Had a beautiful start of the New Year on 1st January with a Japanese BBQ Lunch with the family.

Seen on me, One Shoulder Dress

Nude colours seem to be calling my name these days because it just brings out my skin tone even more. Another favourite of mine, this body-hugging dress is just right even on feasting days as it tucks any potential food baby bump away. The scrunched sides make an interesting detail, allowing the focus to be shifted there instead.

A subtly sexy piece, suitable even for a family gathering!


And the next day, I decided to take a trip up to the mountains with just my mother and sister (a girl's trip) to experience cool air and festive vibes, post-Christmas.

Spending time with my family and loved ones really lifted my spirits.
I'm not really one who talks a lot about relationships, but I'm convinced that having their support during difficult times can be truly helpful.

If you're going somewhere chilly, always wear something warm! Though this dress is a knit, it does feel lightweight on me, allowing me to move freely and not feel any weight. It looks really comfortable, and trust me - it does feel comfortable as well.

A beige colour can easily match with any other accessories such as bag and shoes.
A versatile piece to pack especially when travelling.


That just about sums up my 2019.
Now on to 2020!

Here's wishing for more positive vibes and more beauty reviews throughout the year!


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