Selfie Camera Review: Casio Exilim ZR3500 (vs ZR1000 / ZR1500)

By Grace Myu - March 22, 2016

Last year was a great year for me because I won TWO cameras and both of them happen to be by Casio Exilim series!! To recap, I won the ZR1500 from P1 Blogger Event and the ZR3500 at the launch of that camera itself. And before winning these two cameras, I was already using the ZR1000 for my blog pictures, so you can basically call me a seasoned ZR user. Since that is very rare of many of you - to be using three models of ZR generations within one year - I'd love to give a thorough review on those 3 cameras - the pros and cons, and focusing more on the ZR3500, since it's one of the newer ZR model by Casio.

This is the Casio ZR3500.

I got mine in white. The major hardware distinction with this model compared to the previous two is the FRONT SHUTTER. This solves so much of the problem faced with the two models (which are 100% similar in hardware design); that it's difficult to press the shutter accurately while on selfie mode (with the mirror flipped up) because the video button is close next to it (I always accidentally press the video button instead of the shutter button)!

See what I mean?

Also, the MAJOR UPGRADE of ZR3500 from its predecessors is the Built-In Wifi Function - which means I don't need to splurge on expensive Wifi cards any longer!

With the ZR3500, there are a few options with the Wifi functionality:

1. Send to phone
2. Pairing
3. Shoot with phone

You are able to send up to 100 pictures at one go!

The third major difference between ZR3500 between ZR1000 and ZR1500 is the
"Skin Tone" level. Previously, I was only able to control the smooth skin / makeup level (0 until 12), but now with the ZR3500 I can also able to control the lightness of my skin tone (-6 tannest until +6 fairest).


From Left to Right:
Skin Tone -6 Makeup +12
Skin Tone 0 Makeup +12
Skin Tone +6 Makeup +12

You are also able to view the selection at the viewfinder during playback mode.






Some other functions of the ZR series also include:

Motion Shutter
The ability to take a picture by waving your hand into the camera lens (great for auto shutter when nobody is around to help)

More 32(!!!) Best Shot + 12 Art Shot Styles
You can even set your camera to take RAW pics!

Best Shot Styles include:
1. Make-up
2. Make-up BKT
3. Magnifying Glass
4. HS Night Scene
5. HS Night Scene & Portrait
6. HS Night Shot
7. HDR
8. HS Anti Shake
9. Blurred Background
10. All-In-Focus Macro
11. Slide Panorama
12. Wide Shot
13. Scenery
14. Portrait with Scenery
15. Children
16. Sports
17. Candlelight Portrait
18. Party
19. Pet
20. Flower
21. Natural Green
22. Autumn Leaves
23. Soft Flowing Water
24. Splashing Water
25. RAW+
26. Fireworks
27. Food
28. Text
29. RAW Image
30. Prerecord (Movie)
31. HDMI TV Output
32. Custom Shot (Register User Scene)

A 25mm lens
which spells wider lens, as compared to 28mm lens on the ZR1000 and ZR1500.
You can capture more details with a wider lens, of course

~ Sample Pics Taken with the
Casio ZR3500 (unedited) ~

Selfie shots
Selfie - Front & Side Profile, taken indoors

Selfie, taken indoor, bare faced, Skin +6, Makeup 0
(zoom in to see the pores!)

Selfie, taken outdoor, Skin +6, Makeup +6

Selfie, taken outdoor while travel, Skin +6, Makeup +6

Selfie, taken outdoor while travel, Skin +6, Makeup +6

OOTD / Scenery Shots

Group Shots

Rest assured every single one will look flawless in group selfie mode!

Time Lapse *NEW*

You can now shoot videos with Time Lapse feature. Be sure to mount your camera on a tripod for a smooth, stable video!

Objects / Macro


Night Scene

Program mode (night indoor), with flash

Program mode (night outdoor), without flash

A Quick Comparison between
Casio ZR1000 vs ZR1500 vs ZR3500 vs iPhone 6s+

Bare faced taken with Casio ZR3500.
I literally don't need to wear makeup to be confident enough just to snap some selfies!

All sample pics are non-edited, if you're curious.

So far, I really think the Casio ZR3500 is HANDS DOWN THE BEST SELFIE CAMERA to date. I basically CAN take a selfie without using makeup, anywhere anytime!

The only flaw I find on this camera is that its wide lens may sometimes distort the proportions of my face if taking too near the edges of the lens (ala fish eye effect).

If you really like to know the technical comparisons side by side, here's a detailed summary of everything you need to know about the cameras' specs --

Compare Digital Cameras CASIO ZR1000 ZR1500 ZR3500

Casio ZR3500 retails at RM1,699 (correct at the time of writing).

For more info on specs and comparisons, check out Casio's official pages --
Casio Exilim Malaysia FB:

Casio Exilim Malaysia cameras are distributed by Marco Group Malaysia.

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