I Finally Got My Hands On The World's Most Expensive Hair Dryer -- Dyson Supersonic

By Grace Myu - June 22, 2017

Yes guys, I finally bit the bullet and bought the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer during Sephora's Gold & Black Members Exclusive 20% sale.

I actually roped in my boyfriend to help me chip in half of the price because

It's retail price is RM1,799 (gulp!) and after minusing 20% it's RM1,440 (still expensive!).
We opted for the one in white/silver instead of the iconic iron/fuschia because it looks really classy and since it's monotone, it can fit into any my flatlay easily lol (if you don't know how much of a Flatlay person I am, you can check out my IG @gracemyu for proof hehs).


So I'm sure you want to know whether it is worth blowing so much money onto this?

The short answer is...
A million times YES.

It shortens my hair drying time drastically into 5-10 minutes instead of 30-45 minutes (using Philips Moisture Protect hair dryer which costs about RM400) to be completely dry.
Also, personally I feel that it gives my hair extra volume (I use a ceramic + ion thermal hairbrush thus making my hair super fluffy after blow drying).

This is the Dyson effect.
Yes I achieved this effect, only with the Dyson.

If you want to save the trip to the hair salon, or simply want more beautiful, effortless hair.
You know which hair dryer to invest in!

This is not paid or sponsored post. We purchased this item with our hard earned money.
All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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  1. wow... still the same price for the same thing after 3 years..... I plan to get it. can I get it on Sephora website or app?

    1. Yes I believe you may! The price of Dyson is really consistent throughout the years :)

  2. Hi, may i know why it seems like no silver white color sell in malaysia?