FOREO UFO Review: See Before and After Results!

By Grace Myu - June 29, 2021

This content is created in partnership with FOREO Sweden.

It's been more than a year since COVID-19 has affected us and I have to say, going out to get facials done is indeed a luxury. It is risky, especially now in Malaysia to get your face touched by beauticians and maskne (mask-acne) is a real struggle!

I have started buying my own facial tools and devices, to create my own at-home spa treatments for weekends or whenever I notice a pimple forming. I have been trying various devices and today I'm going to share my personal experience with FOREO UFO.

FOREO UFO is the world's first-ever smart facial treatment device that combines multiple features such as LED therapy, Thermo-therapy, Cryo-therapy and T-Sonic™ massage to enable deeper penetration of mask essences into your skin.

You may use this device with FOREO face or eye masks, or any sheet mask you desire. So far, I have tried the FOREO UFO with 2 FOREO masks: H20 Overdose (Ultra Hydrating Face Mask for Dry Skin) and Shimmer Freak Mask (Illuminating Eye Mask).

UFO Attachment Ring to lock in the mask

Use FOREO UFO together with the FOREO App

Select your treatment based on the mask

Using FOREO UFO is very simple: Charge the UFO device, place your desired mask onto the UFO/face and pair it with the FOREO app. After each treatment, just wash it under water and gentle soap then wipe it dry.

I appreciate that FOREO has personalized each masking treatment to ensure that you receive potent ingredients in the most optimized manner. Each treatment lasts about 90 to 120 seconds and there will be a guiding female voice with soothing background music to accompany you throughout the facial spa session. The whole olfactory addition is a nice professional touch that makes its facial experience stand out from the rest. What a delightful treat, indeed. 

The device syncs its heat and cryo treatments with LED therapy

"... there will be a guiding female voice with soothing background music to accompany you throughout the facial spa session."

The perfect combination for a luxe spa session.

Beauty Benefits

Some of the skin benefits listed include 
☐ Hydrate
☐ Rejuvenate
☐ Glow & Boost
☐ Nourish
☐ Lift & Firm
☐ Heal
☐ Soothe


 FOREO UFO Masks I Tried


      It contains Hyaluronic Acid which is super-hydrating

      Instantly hydrates and smoothes skin dry skin, making it supple

      Replenishes the skin’s natural moisture and prevents loss of hydartion                    


      It contains caffeine which targets dark circles, puffy eyes, and dryness around eyes

      It helps in illuminating tired eyes and reduces the appearance of fines lines

      With regular use, the eye contour brightens

Post Treatment

After one seession, the benefits are evident. I can visibly see my pores are minimised. This is such a big deal to me especially when I'm dealing with oily skin ever since working from home daily. I also see my cheeks lifted (I wasn't expecting that!) and my jawline became more prominent after a single use. After using it a few more times within a week, I observed that my face oiliness has been reduced and I believe its all thanks to the potent mask ingredients as well as better skin absorption thanks to the FOREO UFO.

I really gotta say, the combination of heat + cryo + LED + T-sonic pulsations are really effective!
For the retail price of RM920 at Sephora Malaysia, it really is worth the investment. No shade to other devices, but this has got to be the best facial massager I have used ever!

The Verdict

Before & After using FOREO UFO, one session.

Does the FOREO UFO live up to its claims?
☑ Hydrate
☑ Rejuvenate
☑ Glow & Boost
☑ Nourish
☑ Lift & Firm
☑ Heal
☑ Soothe
It hit all the check marks for me!

To put things into perspective, the device does come with a 2 year warranty, thus you're paying about RM1.27 per day for good skin! Of course, this device can last more than 2 years so if this is not a bang for your buck, I don't know what is?

I have previously tried FOREO Luna 2 in 2016. This device is still working perfectly up until today (it's been 5 years now).

I saw there is a newer version called the UFO 2, now with 5x faster ultra-quick warming and cooling and featuring advanced temperature control to be fully in charge of your facial routine. I'm not sure how it fares as I have yet to try that out for myself.

Cleaning is simple, rinse the device under running water.


Are you reading this review because you're contemplating getting the FOREO UFO? Let me know if you found this review helpful in making your decision, or feel free to ask any questions that you may have and I'll try my best to answer 


Till then, stay safe!

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