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Monday, 20 June 2016

AIA Vitality Launches Program to Reward Malaysians for Healthier Lifestyle Choices

Monday, 20 June 2016

What's better than making healthier lifestyle choices and reaping the benefits all by yourself?
Now there's a company that actually REWARDS ITS USERS with travel vouchers, health equipment and REAL CASHBACK!

Last Friday was the revelation of AIA Vitality - a science-backed health and wellness programme that provides participants with the knowledge, the tools and the motivation to improve their health. Basically, through this programme, AIA Bhd aims to empower and encourage healthy living among individuals and families in Malaysia and across the Asia-Pacific region. They aim to attract 30,000 AIA Vitality members by the end of 2016.

The programme consists of three main pillars – 
(1) Know your health
(2) Improve your health
(3) Enjoy the rewards

The programme is integrated with an array of mobile applications and wearable fitness devices, making it easy for AIA Vitality members to track their goals and log their activities to earn points.

So how does this work?
1. Know Your Health

AIA Customers who participate in AIA Vitality will need to complete the AIA Vitality Health Review to determine their “AIA Vitality Age”, an indicator of overall health that may be higher or lower than their actual age. 

This is the very first task that I had to do last Friday upon arriving at the AIA Vitality event. I was presented with an iPad with the AIA Vitality app in it and took a quick quiz regarding my body's measurements, age, stress levels and current lifestyle choices.

Apparently my Vitality Age is the same as my actual age! (I thought I’d be younger…!)

My result reflects accurately on the findings of the AIA Healthy Living Index – that Malaysians generally think that they are healthier than they actually are. As such, I will still aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis and do more too….

2. Improve Your Health

For this step, you will receive a set of clearly defined personal health goals, which you can meet by engaging in a broad choice of healthy activities, including running, walking and other forms of exercises, buying healthy groceries at the supermarket, or having a medical check-up.

You will earn “AIA Vitality Points” for successfully completing each activity. The more points you earn, the greater your rewards!

At the event, we were given the chance to participate in either:
(a) grocery shopping
(b) cycling to blend our own juice

For the grocery shopping option, you are given an empty shopping basket to fill at least 3 food products at the food aisle. The mission is to select "healthy" choices and you will get feedback based on your choices.

So what I learnt was, though sometimes you may buy a food product marketed as "health food", it isn't really ideal if there isn't a breakdown of the ingredients or nutritional value. So you must be careful when buying food products by reading the finer prints on the labels. 

As for the cycling activity, it was all fun and pretty straightforward! It is a metaphor of, when you make a healthy choice (in this case, exercise), you will get rewarded (yummy fruit juice)!!!

3. Enjoy the Rewards!

Here at this step, there comes the fruits of your hard work!
You will get to redeem rewards from various AIA partners once you reach a certain level.

AIA Malaysia has teamed up with 12 partners including:

AirAsia, Berjaya Hotels and Resorts, BP Healthcare, Emirates, Fitbit, Fitness First, Garmin, Guardian, Marriott, Medklinn, Mongoose Publishing’s Men’s Health; Women’s Health magazines and Reebok

..... to offer its AIA Vitality members discounts up to 50% or rewards in the following areas: gym membership, wearable fitness devices, fitness apparel, healthy food, health screenings and fitness assessments, hotels, airlines and movies. 

Who can participate?
AIA Vitality membership will first be opened to customers who purchase any new life insurance policy or takaful certificate with AIA. For customers who sign up for AIA Vitality with AIA’s flagship products A-Life Link and its takaful equivalent, A-Life Link-i, you can potentially receive free additional coverage of up to 45% on death and disability. Keen? Find out more here à

Present at the launch of AIA Vitality in Glasshouse, Seputeh – (from left) Regional Chief Executive of AIA Group, Bill Lisle, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Bhd., Anusha Thavarajah and Group Chief Executive and President of AIA Group, Mark Tucker.

With the launch of such a brilliant programme by AIA, there shouldn't be any more excuses or even procrastinations from us to lead a healthy lifestyle!

I have always been using reward programmes whenever I can (the Malaysian in me can't say no to discounts and freebies) and this is really a superb initiative by an insurance company to get involved in our life journey - not only during the bad times, but also during the good!

One of the best benefit that sounded so motivating was that you could actually save up to 50% off gym membership fees when you sign up with Fitness First! I mean, who does that!??

The discount is so great that it actually gets me up and busting my butt to the gym, just to redeem that cashback!

Now you can get rewarded for making healthy choices!
More info here:

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Friday, 3 June 2016

Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Oil

Friday, 3 June 2016

My complexion after one month of using SK-II Facial Treatment Oil.

To be frank, this is my first time ever using a facial oil. Facial "oils" generally scare me to death because I previously broke out badly to cleansing oils (with a very well-known cleansing oil, in fact). I was a little hesitant to put this near my face but the brave soul in me took the plunge and tried it on anyway (it's by a reputable skincare brand so why not)!

I was taught how to use this correctly by the SK-II consultant at Parkson 1 Utama. She told me since I have sensitive skin, I can start with using 3 drops instead of the recommended 5-7 drops and see how well my skin reacts to it. From then on, I can increase the dosage as I please.

The SK-II Facial Treatment Oil bottle comes in 50ml size, which was pretty small as compared to my existing Facial Treatment Essence (215ml) and I thought it was very convenient for travel. The solution in the bottle comes in two phases: oils (top layer) & Pitera™(bottom layer). It is created with a unique Golden Ratio and infused with lovely Lavender fragrance and Carrot Heart notes.

The product becomes one cloudy mixture after shaking it.

When you first untwist the cap, you could find a unique stopper to prevent from product excess, which I think is very clever and absolutely necessary for oil products. 3 drops is all I need for full face coverage.

The next step is to warm the oil in my palms by holding them together for a few seconds before patting and massaging onto my face.

Recommended Usage:
After Facial Treatment Essence and Before Serums.

My Take on SK-II Facial Treatment Oil

First Impression:
A little hesitant but what-the-heck, it's SK-II!
I love the fact that the bottle is compact, a little goes a LOOOOONG way. I have been using this for one month now and the above shows how much product is left (90%)!!! The stopper is extremely useful, especially from not going overboard with the oil drops and I think 3 drops is great for beginners. If you are a frequent facial oil user, just massage in 5-7 drops straight away!
The scent of lavender is really relaxing and I take one deep inhalation before placing the oil onto my face.

As I place the oils onto my palms, it is really non-greasy (surprise, surprise!) and it makes application really mess-free! I also appreciate the fact the oil is light and it absorbs easily into my skin. It takes less than a minute to apply my whole face.

After one month, I think my skin has yet to visibly see vast improvements, but then again to be fair, I have only used 10% of the bottle. I'm liking the fact that my dry and highly sensitive skin can handle this facial oil really well, unlike the previous time when I broke out horribly to a cleansing oil. Honestly, I used to fear ANTI-AGING and WHITENING product of any sort because my skin is highly sensitive to potent ingredients of that sort. That was last year though. This year, with added knowledge of using products PROPERLY, my skin seemed to be more tolerant (or is it a sign that I'm getting older and my skin is need of help already?) to these type of products.

My growing stash of SK-II products.

This facial oil is pretty new, only launched in Malaysia early January this year. It retails at RM535 for 50ml (it's going to last me for at least 6 months at the rate I'm going lol).
For more info on SK-II Facial Treatment Oil, please visit SK-II Malaysia Facebook Page and Website.

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