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Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Body Shop launches new smartphone app!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Body Shop Malaysia has just launched a new mobile app just in time for all those last minute Christmas shopping! You can now download the app & show it to TBS store to redeem a free shower gel* (no purchase needed) + 20% discount for purchases above RM130 (endin 23/12/2016).

Friday, 16 December 2016

Fire & Ice Facial @ Regen Clinic Penang

Friday, 16 December 2016
Last month in November, I was posted to Penang for 2 weeks for work training (bf is opening an F&B outlet soon and I'm helping out!) and my job involves being in the kitchen for at least 9 hours a day.

Being in a new environment with different humidity really brought out the worst of my skin! My pores were beginning to get clogged by sweat and the hot/wet environment certainly did not help.

I was used to wearing makeup every time I'm out of the house but this time, things did not go well for me. Instead, makeup caused me to breakout badly and I needed a solution ASAP because the huge cystic acnes on my face were making me depressed (seriously). I could say that those 2 weeks were the worse acnes I struggled with in my life.

Luckily for me, somehow Regen Clinic approached me and I told them about my acne problem. I quickly made an appointment to schedule in a consultation session and they recommended their *new* facial - FIRE & ICE.

Pictured with me is Dr Tan Huey Shin.


A little background on the name, this is an Innovative Facial by iS Clinical generates tingling heat with a chemical peel (Fire) and a soothing mask to cool down (Ice).

It is an intensive clinical treatment which designs to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing, softening and encouraging cellular renewal. Excellent for all skin types and ages, this facial results in a complexion that is dramatically refined, with no downtime, peeling, or other negative side effects.

It’s known in LA as the “Red Carpet Treatment” for its instant brightening, tightening and smoothing effects. Apparently, it’s the secret weapon in the beauty arsenal of some of Hollywood’s top names, including Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow. 


After cleansing my face, the "Fire" mask is applied using a brush. The mask is actually a mild peel using 18% glycolic acid and retinol to remove the top layer of the epidermis. It loosens the cellular cement and creates superficial trauma to the skin to boost collagen production. The mask may itch, tingle or feel hot.

As for me, I first thought that the pain is tolerable but when the mask first had contact upon my skin, it felt like red HOT chili all over my face! I tried to calm myself down, thinking that it will subside but throughout the whole five (long) minutes, the pain becomes stronger and stronger. The sides of my nose really felt the burn and tears started rolling down my cheek.

I've always thought I have tolerance for pain but apparently this is almost scary. I'd rate the pain level 8 out of 10. However the doctor said that the reactions vary from person to person so perhaps since I have sensitive skin, the "burning sensation" felt extra hot and tingling.

Hands down, the most painful mask.
Beauty is pain, indeed.
But not to worry, NOT everyone experiences this.
Different chemicals in our bodies react differently to this mask, therefore do not be alarmed!
I'd only breath a word of caution to people with sensitive skin.


This comes the better part. The "Ice" mask will neutralize any discomfort that the "Fire" mask put you through. It is made of skin-plumping hyaluronic acid alongside herbal antioxidants and soothing aloe vera. The Ice mask honestly has a calming effect because it smells minty. This is the part when you can start to relax and take a power nap. The soothing music played in the background does set the mood nicely.


Though the pain of the "Fire" mask was still lingering around, my therapist was there with me throughout the whole thing and she helped calmed and assured me. My face was also injected with acne injection to immediately reduce the swelling thus my skin had a few rough patches right after the facial.


After the facial, Dr Tan gave me some product samples from iS Clinical and Regen Clinic acne gel to help calm my skin for the following week. I thought the samples will not be able to last me but seriously a little goes a long way. I specially love the Active Serum and Hydra-Cool Serum because it makes my skin really smooth after appication and my skin began to heal by itself within the next few days.


Left: 1 day post-facial // Right: 10 days post-facial

With diligent basic skincare routine, my skin is now back to normal and at its OPTIMUM!

So so so happy, you have no idea!

Therefore I'd urge anyone of you experiencing horrible acne issues to get your fix with Fire & Ice Facial at Regen Clinic Penang immediately!

It worked for me, evident in picture above.
No edits, no photoshopping away the pimples, etc.
I took the pics raw with my iPhone camera.


Quote "RegenMYU" for special price!

RM280 First trial  (NP RM450)
RM3,456 for 12 times (that's RM288 per month if you're using it once per month next year!)


Regen Clinic is located in George Town, Penang, Malaysia offering a range of general medical aesthetic and cell regenerative services for the face, scalp and knee.

The clinic was established in 2015 and treatments are delivered by Dr Tan H.S. a medical graduate from the I.M Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University in Russia, who has a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, United States. Dr. Tan speaks a number of languages, including English, Malay and Chinese.

Regen Clinic offers a range of non-surgical skin rejuvenation & aesthetic treatments, from simple facials, to Face lifts, Botox and Dermal Fillers. 

Regen Clinic uses the latest medical and scientific advances in our regenerative services, such as platelet rich plasma and hyaluronic acid – both found naturally in our bodies and which are responsible for cell and tissue repair, renewal and growth. Dr Tan Specializes in using Platelet Rich Plasma & Hyaluronic Acid treatments for regeneration of aging knee joints to prevent knee surgery. Dr Tan also utilizes Platelet Rich Plasma & Hyaluronic acid for Anti Aging Skin Regeneration, Lifting and Wrinkle reduction.

From skin regeneration to osteoarthritis knee regeneration, these treatments help to improve pain, mobility and trigger the healing process. PRP is also an effective treatment when combined with mesotherapy for hair loss, scar revision and skin rejuvenation.

You may refer pricing here.

Regen Clinic
Ground Floor, 27D, Jalan Gottlieb, George Town, Penang, 10350, MY
Open Daily 10am-7pm, except for Tuesdays & Public Holidays.
Call / Whatsapp +6010 982 1931
Facebook Page Regen Face


If you're still wondering whether you should try this, well... I can vouch that this facial is really WORTH EVERY PENNY. Forget those Groupon / cheap facials, choose a QUALITY one that WORKS. Don't take your skin for granted because we only have one face, afterall. 

Do quote my name to get a better discount!
(I don't earn anything from you. Though this facial is sponsored, I do not earn any commission whatsoever. I'm just merely sharing my experience here for you, so that you have a great option to solve your skin problems!)

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Glo Laser Centre's Skincare Range Product Review: Clear Protect Sunscreen + Reveal Peeling Gel

Wednesday, 14 December 2016
I've been frequenting Glo Laser Centre, Mid Valley about twice to thrice a month for close to a year now (started patronizing since January) - so you could say I'm a huge supporter of their services. You can read the first time I blog about it here.

If you have not heard about them, Glo Laser Centres offers a quick laser facial for only 15 minutes per area thus you can pop in and out really quickly, without any downtime after that. My face, neck and decolletage has never looked better :) 
*not saying just because, but I REALLY saw a difference especially just after few visits!

Aside from treatments, they also do have a range for skincare for maintenance and I picked up two during my recent visit.

Glo Reveal is a peeling gel (suitable for all skin types) and Glo Clear Protect is a sunscreen for oily/combination skin.


Reveal is a peeling gel to remove dead cells that make skin look dull. It's made of a gel texture which will not damage the skin's surface or remove its natural moisture. The key ingredient is Lactococcus Ferment Extract, which brightens complexion and Vitamin B5, which ensures the skin stays soft, supple and bright.

Application is really simple, just pump once onto your palm and massage onto dry skin in circular motion until the little residues starts forming. To remove, just rinse with water. You could use this 1-2 times a week (once a week if you have sensitive skin like me) to see best results. I use this BEFORE cleansing my face at night, and then follow up with my regular skin routine. 

For me, I see that my face is brightened after each use. It also removes my blackheads, so don't leave out your nose while you're at it!

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars (minus 1 because it can be quite strong for sensitive skin types).


Clear Protect is a completely unique sun protection formula designed specifically for acne, acne prone and oily skin. It has a Broad Spectrum SPF 35 and it contains anti-bacterial, anti-irritant anti-allergic ingredients (including Camomile and Essential Oil of Niaouli) which help to reduce inflammation and calm the skin.

This is a sunscreen with a nice soothing scent of chamomile (I also sniffed lavender but maybe that's just me) and I love that this sunscreen does NOT leave any white residues and it does not make my face feel sticky after usage. THIS is the very sunscreen that motivates me to use protection regularly because of its calming effect! It also acts as a makeup base so you can skip that if you're in a hurry!

Clear Protect is suitable for oily/combination skin. You can try the other alternative, Protect - which is suitable for all skin types except for acne prone and oily skin.
I'd give this sunscreen 5 out of 5 stars!


Here's the price list of products by Glo Laser Centres

Hydrate (facial treatment mask) - RM48
Hydrate Box of 5 pcs (facial treatment mask) - RM188
Clean (daily cleanser) - RM178
Reveal (peeling gel) - RM168
Nourish (day & night cream) - RM208
Protect (gel sunblock) - RM188
Clear Protect (acne sunblock) - RM188


I honestly feel that Glo Laser should be getting more exposure than they should in Malaysia. Their service is great, their products ARE great, even their floor team ARE warm and friendly!

Have you tried Glo Laser yet? If not, you could use my code "GRACEGLO" to redeem an additional free laser neck treatment for first timers (worth RM158), on top of the trial price of RM188 for 2 laser face treatments.

That being said, Glo Laser Centres currently has 4 outlets in Malaysia -
namely Mid Valley Megamall, One Utama, Sunway Pyramid and Cheras Leisure Mall. You could just walk in anytime and no reservation is required prior to your visit. That's the beauty about Glo, you can pop by whenever you desire without that hassle of booking.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

PUPA Velvet Garden Limited Edition Collection Makeup Review + GIVEAWAY!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016
***We have found our winner - SANDYA!! Congratulations and Merry Christmas! We will be emailing you very soon!***

Out of the many makeup events that I have attended, you could say THIS was the event that I travelled the most for.... at 400KM+ to be exact!

Don't get me wrong, I am based in Kuala Lumpur but because of a certain job training that I am attached with, I was posted in Penang for 2 weeks when this event took place. It was on my 10th day there that I took a plane down specially for this event.

You could say that I am indeed, a slave to beauty.
ଲ( ⓛ ω ⓛ *)ଲ

But I wasn't the only one who was extreme enough to fly down all the way from Penang.
The guest of honour of the day, Pupa's International Makeup Artist Giorgio Forgani came all the way from Italy(!!!), so obviously he broke my record.

He was here to actually educate and demonstrate Pupa's latest makeup line,
Velvet Garden.


The quintessentially feminine Velvet Garden collection is all about a brand new woman, more confident and self-aware.

In the background, an autumn garden, an explosion of flowers with warm nuances, in a Baroque atmosphere. 

The rich, extremely sensorial formulas are reminiscent of the precious texture of velvet. The colors are intense and deep, a choice that comes from the desire to express the richness of this collection in all its glory.

The limited edition collection includes -

2 eyeshadow palettes
4 lipsticks
1 blusher
1 mascara
2 jumbo eye pencil
5 nail polishes

The colours are leaning primarily to purple and burgundy hues, with a hint of pink.

From Left:
212 Rose Lilium, 311 Red Peony, 312 Burgundy Poppy, 418 Fuschia Cyclamen

The 2 eyeshadow palettes:
010 Autumn Garden (top)
009 Rose Garden (bottom)

9 shades swatched on my arm (Autumn Garden) .....

..... while my fellow blogger friend Aida Sue swatched hers with Rose Garden.

The mascara comes in purple (404 Intense Violet), 3 nail polishes in bright colours (168 Rose Lilium, 169 Fuschia Cyclamen, 170 Red Peony) & 2 gothic eye pencils (001 Deep Black, 002 Intense Violet).

It was truly a private and exclusive affair, with only 5 bloggers being invited for this makeup event.

Later on, Mr Giorgio was kind to offer each of us a makeover using Velvet Garden collection. I must say that his techniques are unique! I requested a filler for my brows and since he is from Italy, he mentioned that he dislikes the "straight thick brows" look because it doesn't look very flattering on everyone. So he filled my brow with a slight arch, the Italian way.

As far as I know, Pupa makeup is available at Sasa retail outlets in Malaysia!
Here's some pics of the display I took at Mid Valley while I was there -

The Velvet Garden limited edition collection is available now until stocks last; so if you're curious, do drop by your nearest Sasa outlet soonest before it runs out!
Because... it's *Limited Edition* after all.


I brought home with me:

PUPART EYESHADOW PALETTE (010 Autumn Garden), RM 125
VAMP! SMOKY & KAJAL Eye pencil (001 Deep Black), RM 65
VAMP! SMOKY & KAJAL Eye pencil (002 Intense Violet), RM 65
VAMP! MASCARA (404 Intense Violet), RM 79
I'M Pure Color Lipstick Absolute Shine (212 Rose Lilium), RM 75
I'M Pure Color Lipstick Absolute Shine (311 Red Peony), RM 75
Velvet Garden Blush (001 Rose Peony), RM 99
Lasting Color Gel Glass Effect (418 Fuschia Cyclamen), RM 45
Lasting Color Gel Glass Effect (311 Red Peony), RM 45


According to Mr Giorgio, the star of this collection is THE LIPSTICK. To be honest, I'm not really big on purple but the packaging feels sturdy and is somewhat heavy. It has a metallic finish and the lipstick twists up easily with a Pupa logo engraved.

 Initially, I reckoned that Red Peony would be more of a fiery red colour but it turns out as hot pink on me. I'd prefer it that way because I'm not really a fan of red lips myself (bf complains that certain reds remind him of clowns lol).

Rose Lilium glides onto my lips with a soft coral pastel shade, which is easy to match on lazy days. It compliments both neutral and bold looks, so it's definitely a winner in my books!

Texture wise, it blends effortlessly but darker shades may need the help of a lip liner to clean up around the edges. As for longevity, I'm VERY IMPRESSED! It stayed on comfortably the whole day with minimal fading (even after light snacks). It does transfer onto surfaces, but nothing like a touchup can't solve ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)


Can I share a confession?
Out of all the makeup in this collection, this is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!

The gold exterior cover certainly exudes the luxe factor, with a beautiful flower imprinted on the blush. It comes with 3 colours, with 1 highlight satin shade on the bottom right.

On the forefront, it looks almost too beautiful to be used. But once applied on my cheeks, it glides on smoothly with a face brush, which automatically makes me want to use it more! Oh not forgetting about its scent....THE SCENT! It smells like a mix of soft florals which is subtle and inviting.

I really think this will be a staple in my makeup bag from now onwards! 


These 2 eye pencils are made for intense make-up results. It can be used as a eyeliner, or be smudged using the sponge (at the other end) into a smoky eyeshadow for a night look.

What I like about this eyeliner is that it adheres to the lids perfectly. But I wouldn't advise on using its built-in sponge to smudge because it can be quite stiff. Alternatively, use a blending eyeshadow brush to achieve a balanced smoky eye. This product has a smooth, ultra creamy and extremely blendable texture; thus you can create a rock chic look almost instantly on days when you're pressed for time!


A lover of eyeshadows myself, I had high hopes for this one but when I swatched them on my arm during the event, it didn't give great colour payoff. Intensity may be a setback, but good news is that they are buildable using brushes!

Each palette comes with 9 colours with 3 finish types: matt, satin and metallic. Just take note that the matte shade (in Autumn Garden, fourth from left)  is the transition colour so be sure to use a blending brush to blend the edges well.

These will be great for those who prefer subtle eyeshadow colours because its colour intensity is light to medium. A tip to make the colours pop is that you could use a eyeshadow primer or simply use the darkest shade on the palette as a base. I personally prefer the Autumn Garden palette because the colour selection is more unique since it has rose golds and purple!


Through this event, I learnt that Pupa owns the #1 Best Selling Mascara in Italy! Mr Giorgio revealed that he was the one that designed their best selling mascara (in black) and they specially came out with a limited edition one in purple for this collection.

Upon applying this mascara, the did volumize my lashes but I felt that the purple colour is not as visible as I had hoped. Also, I think it is a little challenging to maneuver the wand if you are using it for the first time as it is quite big. You will need to comb your lashes all the way from bottom to get that enviable curl. In my makeup application looks, I think I may have used it from middle to the top thus it looks heavy on my lashes.


Application was a breeze! The coat is really light, and the brush glides easily onto my nails. What's great about it is that ONE COAT is sufficient to get that pop of colour! Also, not to mention that it dries FAST!

The nail polish is great but starts chipping after the third day (but that's also because I didn't use any base or top coat). Longevity may be longer if you've done the extra necessary coats and how careful you are with your hands too.


Look #1 - Sweet Pinks
Here I used the Autumn Garden eyeshadow palette, blusher, violet mascara and lipstick in Rose Lilium.

By the end of the day, my makeup is still intact!

Look #2 - Minimalist
Here I am using both eye pencils (violet inner eyes; black outer eyes), violet mascara, blusher (dusted very lightly) and lipstick in Red Peony.

By the end of the day, lips faded but eye colours stayed on!

Now that you have reached towards the end of this LOOOONG POST, it's time for some reward!
╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑


To reward you for reading until this far, I am teaming up with Pupa to giveaway ONE LUCKY READER a Pupa hamper worth RM600!!!
(If you calculate correctly, that's ALMOST EVERYTHING being featured here!!)

Comment on the ONE item you look forward to using the most, if you were to win the giveaway set and WHY. Also remember to leave a VALID EMAIL for contact purposes.
  • Giveaway ends in 14 days (20 Dec 2016, 11.59pm GMT +8).
  • Open to anyone with a shipping address in Malaysia.
  • Announcement of winner will be made on 25 Dec 2016 on this very same blogpost.
  • Note: This collection is limited edition and will not be restocked once sold out.

As always, you are most welcomed to follow me on Facebook ( as well as Instagram/Snapchat @gracemyu for more updates and giveaways!

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