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Friday, 28 November 2014

Get Gorgeous, No Surgery.... with Supermodels Secrets!

Friday, 28 November 2014
Can a woman of today be physically enhanced without going under the knife?
I'm sure many of you ladies out there reading this would def be happy to know that THERE IS NO NEED TO SUCCUMB TO SURGERY TO GET FABULOUS!

Recently I stumbled upon a shop called SUPERMODELS SECRETS and I have never been happier!
I found just the perfect solution to, well...... almost everything!!!

Dark armpits? There is a solution!
Yellow teeth? There is a solution!
Short lashes? There is a solution!
Small butt? There is a solution!
Flat chested? There is a solution!
Limp hair? There is a solution!
Need to slim down? There is a solution!

As the name suggests, it truly IS some kind of secret that only supermodels share!

The shop has like 1,000,000,000,000,001 natural enhancements for ladies
and it will be a HUGE SIN not to share it with all my readers!!

I first heard about Supermodels Secrets online, through Instagram actually. I was browsing through my daily dose of social media feeds and can't help but notice a few of my model and blogger friends started sharing about their new buys from Supermodels Secrets.

At first it was Li Ya Na promoting their contact lenses, Jazel promoting their eye lashes, Elizabeth the Youtube sensation talking about their hair curlers.... then it got me intrigued. I clicked on their Instagram profile and saw the huge offers they had and I cannot resist, but to DRIVE ALL THE WAY TO THEIR RETAIL SHOP IN SUBANG TO GET MY FIX!!!

I used Supermodels Secrets' Secret Lash during Miss Mean Machines recently! They instantly gave my fluffy thick eyelashes and it was so so natural and so soft, I use them every single day now!

So back to Supermodels Secrets, I drove all the way to SS15 Subang Jaya.
(Finding a parking spot was a nightmare, especially during a rainy day!)

Located just above a cafe called Meltz and it was located on the first floor!

Finding the entrance would NOT be a problem because its coloured in a cute baby pink colour! Look out for the signage above!

As you walk up, you will see a HUGE ASS SIGNAGE and a super gila crazy sexy girl pic (that's the lady boss Michelle Chuah btw)!!!

It was decorated in a way that makes you feel like you are entering a secret lair where all women are free to enter, as long as you have a vajajay some manners to knock on the door *winks*

As soon as you managed through the "backstage" aka main entrance door, your eyes will POP OUT with the insane amount of things to see!

The walls are covered with pink paint (every wall, yes!) and media writeups and of course, beautiful pics of lady boss.

There are plenty of samples for you to try, ranging from makeup, body care, hair curlers, hair chalk, falalalala~~~


then I decided to bring home these babies!

1. Hello Kitty portable hair dryer
2. Hot Huez hair chalk (4 colours)
3. 3D Padded Ultralite Push Up Lace Nubra (Pink)
4. Sweetheart satin corset (White)
5. Plus White 5 Minute Bleach Whitening Gel
6. Meng Meng Lace Eyelid Sticker (30 pairs)
7. Secret Lash falsies (pack of 5 pairs)
8. Hershey's Chocolate flavoured lip balm

From hereon, I will introduce and give a little experience I have with the products (so far) --

Super pink and girly, this super mini hair dryer is suitable for vacations (I brought this along to Bangkok recently and the pin fits nicely for Thailand power sockets!). It has 2 adjustable speeds and works like a charm!

Awesome for days you just wanna add a touch of colour to your hair! They are so easy to use, just take a pop and clip it onto your hair, pull down slowly and whoaalah!! It washes out with norma hair shampoo, so no extra hassles when it comes to removing ;)

Comes in four colours: Hot Pink, Electric Blue, Fiery Fuschia & Neon Green!

This Sticky bra is like my all time Go-To secret girly weapon. It gives me that extra lift (it's thick yet lightweight padded, unlike normal nubras which are heavy and slippery) and deeper cleavage (awesome for lowcuts and backless tops and dresses). This particular sticky bra is stickier than other nubras for some reason. Its quality is almost like the famous Leng Yein's Mois bra.

The corset has proper boning structure to elongate your torso and prevent "spare tires" from showing. The back of the corset is made of ribbon strings, so you can adjust accordingly (and comfortably)!

The perfect undergarment for this risque dress.

This works really easy, just squeeze some from the tube into the holder and press your teeth inside and wait for 5 mins. However, you have to be extra careful as it can get a bit messy (no pics because I look weird HAHAHA) and if not careful, may even swallow involuntarily (happened to me, don't ask)! I saw a slight improvement on the whitening part but I don't know why it makes some of my teeth have white patches on them(・□・;)!

The thing I love most about this lace double eyelid sticker is that its ALMOST INVISIBLE! I have the unfortunate luck of having uneven eyelids (one side is deeper than the other), and aside from surgery, the alternatively is to wear eyelid stickers!

Honestly before this, I have NEVER DARED to use double eyelid stickers/tape because it always looks so hideous! But with these lace stickers, it is almost shocking to discover that it doesn't show up at all! 

They offer two sizes: long tape (for wider eyes) and short tape (for narrow eyes). Also, there are two types of glue: professional (fast drying) and normal (slower).

I super recommend this product for girls who use eyelid tapes on a regular basis, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! (or your pictures, at the very least!)

Natural looking, lightweight fluffyness. Nuff' said. 5 pairs for RM29.90, such a steal!

Another major love because it comes in a design I love most (short to long), which enables my eyes to look extra cat-like! meowwww!

This has got to be the yummiest chocolatey lip balm I have ever tasted used on my lips! I think it's only RM5 during offer period, totally not to be missed! To get it, click here.

What are you waiting for ladies?
Pay a visit to SUPERMODELS SECRETS today!

(Pssst.... there's a touching background history of how the store came about.

Supermodels Secrets Beauty Online Store:


SS15 Gallery:
1st Floor, 41A, Jalan SS15/4B, Subang Jaya, 47600, Selangor.

Mobile (SMS/Whatsapp):
+6 016 280 1990


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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Good Hair Day

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Recently I chopped my hair short.

It has been awhile since I had shoulder length hair, many friends and acquaintances came up to me personally as well as overflowing good comments on my pics, telling me that they really prefer me in short hair.

And I think I know why.

My hair looks much healthier now.
My secret?

A straightening iron.

Not only does it straightens my hair, it also can create curls at the same time.

Using Philips Straightening Iron with Moisture Protect, there is a switch to determine which heat you want to use. It ranges between 140 to 230, with 160 being the default every time you turn the switch on.

This is my hair, BEFORE. Unruly and untamed flyaways.

Using the straightener....

And this is how it looks AFTER.

Much more control and less awkward strands in every direction.

My final look -

I swear on a good straightening iron for good hair days!

I actually got this product on loan and I can say that so far, it's pretty good. I use the heat at 160 (default) and it doesn't seem to dry out my already superbly damaged hair. Instead, it gives me a smooth, silky finish - as though as my hair wasn't damaged to begin with at all!

What's your Go-To for Good Hair Days?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

After 30 Days of REALASH

Tuesday, 25 November 2014
Follow up to my introductory post a month ago, here's some updates regarding the much talked about eyelash enhancer - REALASH.

These are my natural eyelashes currently (Day 30), without falsies neither extensions, Just Natural VS With Mascara.

DAY 30






Now comparing side by side with Day 1.



My Verdict

I noticed that throughout my usage, my lashes has been dropping more often than it used to. Prior to using Realash, my eyelashes hardly fall out, almost never. I'm not sure what's the cause of this. However I do notice that the thickness and fluffyness has been increased dramatically and I do not need to use falsies, just mascara, to make my eyelashes visible in photos (yay).

As you can see in the Without Mascara comparison pic, there are more strands of hair on my right eyes, very obvious. (btw if you are wondering, I was using Maybelline's The Falsies mascara for Day 1 and Day 30. I used different contact lens to tell the pics apart better - for you and for me hehs).

Truth to be told, I applied the serum diligently every night for the first two weeks, then started to miss out a few nights from third week onwards. So perhaps the results are not at its optimum levels, as you can see. You may experience better results with diligent nightly application!

Worth the purchase, or not?
I'll be updating till Day 90 so stay tuned!

Just to refresh your memory on how REALASH looks like!
Only use once a day, only on upper eyelids, every night before hitting the sack.

You can read about the product on
REALASH is sold in few packages ranging between RM199 (1 unit) - RM479 (3 units).

All pics taken with my CASIO ZR1000.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Travelling Sarawak

Monday, 24 November 2014
In September, I was part of a team that was headed by my boyfriend's dad to tour around 3 cities in Sarawak within 5 days. Kuching-Kanowit-Sibu. You may heard of Kuching and Sibu (as they are major cities) but I'm pretty sure you've never heard of Kanowit! It's a small town about an hour's drive from Sibu, which also happens to be le boyfriend's hometown. We were touring as a group of 40 pax entourage, along with Astro performers - singers and dancers - for a 3 night performance tour for the 3 cities.

So we gathered in the newly opened KLIA2, which was a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT since LCCT days!! The airport was freaking huge, with so many notable international retailers! There were plenty of shops for F&B, fashion, beauty, technology,.... almost anything you can think of! HECK they even have a freaking SUPERMARKET (Jaya Grocer) there!

Day One - Kuching

Checked in to Pullman Hotel, Kuching.

The room view overlooking the famous river of Sarawak!

First stop of the day when we touched down Kuching after checking into the hotel was Sarawak Cultural Village!

At 3pm there was a cultural show that features the local tribes of Sarawak, which was quite surprisingly impressive!!

I noticed that for almost every stunt, they had to recite some words before performing those dangerous stunts! This man was chanting some scriptures/prayers before he proceeded to spin on top of a pole!

After the cultural show, we walk towards the Damai, a beach just outside the cultural village.

After that it was a simple dinner then it was time to unwind for the night!

I brought TruDtox tea with me (to help with my digestion/constipation problems lol) as well as some pampering beauty care - Laneige Water Sleeping Pack - to keep my face cool and hydrated! Oh that game controller belongs to my bf haha, it happens to be there in front of the tv when I snapped this photo.

Day Two - Kuching
(Performance first night)

Kickstarted the day with a hearty buffet breakfast!

Not much variety at Pullman Kuching but the food sure tasted goooooooddd!!

Meanwhile back at the hotel room........

Snippy snappy some LOTD/OOTD before the day begins!

There was a large banner showcasing the Astro performers during the 3 night tour! His mom was suggesting that the some of singers resembles some of us girls(?!).

And they said the lady in the poster behind me resembles me (I thought otherwise)!

We then walked nearby away from the hotel towards the Sarawak River Cruise!

 Then came first performance night!

Check out the singers' fab costumes!

Supper with a pig head dumpling!

Day 3 - Kanowit

We woke up really early the next morning to prepare to fly to Sibu then transfer to Kanowit, a small town about one hour drive away.

We reached Sibu town. This will be the venue for the final night, which is the day after.

Sat down for lunch with some traditional Sarawak "kampua" noodles.

We rested throughout the evening and then prepped for second night performance at Kanowit. We had to leave Sibu earlier to avoid any unwanted traffic jams.

No performance pics here (because all costumes were repeats haha plus it was raining lightly) but more food of pics, yes!

To know more about Kanowit town, perhaps you can check out these blogs (both written in Malay) -

Day 4 - Sibu

Hearty Sarawakian Breakfast to start the day!
We spent the morning visiting some relatives and had a fellowship session over food.

We travelled in a bus along with the performers as there were almost 40 of us!

Day 5 - Back to KL

Last stop in Sibu for breakFEAST!

Unfortunately for us, our flight was scheduled at 1.30pm and was delayed for almost EIGHT FRIGGIN' HOURS(!!!!!) due to some runway closure (there was a small plane that skidded and they needed to clean the runway) sighhhhh!

There was a long line in front of Sugarbun because the airport compensated RM8 voucher to each flight passenger and people were claiming food with it.

And that concluded my Sarawak trip! It was hella tiring for me because we were travelling nonstop! If you are planning to travel to Sarawak, don't forget to try out their famous Sarawak kolok mee and Sibu famous kampua noodles! I definitely arrived back in KL heavier lol.

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