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Monday, 20 February 2017

Switch, Save & WIN with Watsons Brand!

Monday, 20 February 2017
You may have heard this phrase... "Switch & Save with Watsons Brand" if you frequently watch TV but do you actually know what does it mean?

If you don't already know, Watsons is having a campaign where they encourage their customers to use "Watsons Branded" products. YES, Watsons do actually have a lot of health and beauty products under their belt, and up till today, they are still expanding their line of products!

Just before the Chinese New Year, Watsons recently rewarded 10 lucky Facebook fans to a lovely treat -- a 1 minute FREE SHOPPING SPREE with Watsons! Fans were alstreated to special meet and greet session with celebrity friends Amber Chia & FS (Fuying and Sam) at Watsons store, Sunway Velocity Mall.

Over the years, I have been frequenting Watsons the most, out of all pharmacies in Malaysia. I find that their Watsons Membership entices me to stay loyal with them because they always have special Member's promotions every now and then.

Since this post is about using Watsons brand products, I will share with you some of my personal favourites from Watsons that I have tried and enjoyed using! 😝

It is said that this Hair Pro by Watsons range works well with heat styling products. It also claims to be of salon quality and is made in Japan with certified natural organic Hybrid Rice Extract and Green Tea Extract. Formulated with NanoRepair-EL which can penetrate into each hair strand to improve elasticity, smoothness, suppleness and shine - this product is also free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, Silicones, UV Absorbers and Artificial Colourants.

I was skeptical reading all these claims, but my... this hair mask is really of GREAT QUALITY! I have tried so many hair treatment masks to cure my dead hair (no thanks to constant bleaching) and this miracle product does GIVE LIFE to my locks! I kid you not!!! 😍😍😍
What's so awesome about it is that it's now on SALE!!! RM13 for 200g (NP RM42.90).

I once doubted this too, that a Watsons brand can be so good. I was proven wrong again!
This product can do wonders for your dehydrated skin!
I ran out of this while on my trip to China 2 years ago, and I bought this at Watsons China during winter season. Oh the wonders of this little blue bottle...!!!

Do yourself a favour and get your hands on this while it's having a price cut now... RM8 for 50ml (NP RM17.90). Yep, I actually paid about RM17.90 when I repurchased this in China. It is as good, if not better than everyone's Holy Grail Avene spray 😏

Who hasn't tried Watsons' Wet Tissues yet? With so many fragrances available, you'd definitely be spoilt for choices! I always go for either Green Tea, Sakura, Rose, Ocean or Lavender. With their frequent PWP promo, what's there not to like about these?

Watsons Wet Tissues are high quality, thick and alcohol-free. Yep, they also have baby wipes, makeup remover wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, and the list goes on....
NP RM5.90 for a pack of 3, but always on a promotion such as Buy 2nd one at 30% / Buy 2 Free 1.

One of the first few Watsons brand products I ever tried is their sheet masks. I used to purchase their Green Tea masks so much until they stopped production sometime in 2015. I swear their Green Tea masks were the only sheet masks I used during 2013-2015. But that didn't stopped me from trying out their other masks offerings!

Other noteworthy masks are Water 360 Hydration Mask, Tencel Double HA mask (they collaborated with Korean beauty mask giant, Temcel to produce these high quality masks!!!) and their iconic Bird's Nest masks. All these masks I mentioned target dry skin (that's me!) and it's also great for those who travel frequently (travelling dehydrates your skin).

The masks are usually never more than RM10 each. Buy them during promo to save even more! 😃

High quality plasters, YES PLEASEEEE!!!
YES I always buy plasters from Watsons, they also sometimes have cartoon plasters, so do keep an eye out for them! (you know how sometimes those licensed companies charge a bomb for their cartoon collaboration? Not with Watsons brand!!!)

A box of plasters will not set you more than RM10 per box. What a steal!

Bought this on a whim, being the beauty junkie that I am... and pleasantly surprised by this! It's luxurious cotton without the usual fibre, allows me to utilize toner and essence to its optimum WITHOUT ANY WASTAGE.

Dream product, with such a decent price tag.
Google premium cotton pads and you will know what I mean 😉😉😉
NP RM5.90 for 180 pieces




The Watsons Brand is proud to announce the Switch.Save.Win contest exclusive for Watsons VIP Members and stand a chance to win 5 Grand Prizes including holiday destinations to Hong Kong, Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai and Taipei!

This contest runs from 7 February til 10 April 2017. For more information visit

Now, wouldn't this be a WIN-WIN situation?!

If you're keen on browsing through more of Watsons products, they have an ecommerce website where you can buy it all from there OR you can download Watsons app on your smartphone today!

*This is not a sponsored post. I have really enjoyed using Watsons products for awhile now, so it's only right to share it here with you guys!

Althea Year End Party Box Review

Like every special holiday season, Althea always come up with the COOLEST beauty boxes that any beauty junkie could ask for! During the month of December, Team Althea curated a special edition box called the YEAR END PARTY BOX, which includes a whole box full of MAKEUP!!!

I know it's a little late now to talk about the New Year, but hey, at least whenever they come up with a new curated beauty box, you can always look out for it because it seriously has the BEST KOREAN BEAUTY STUFF all jam-packed into an AFFORDABLE BOX!

During December (the month of Christmas, the best holiday season ever!!!), I received so many presents from beauty companies... but only TWO COMPANIES STOOD OUT FROM THE REST!

First is Innisfree, and the second is ALTHEA!
(Btw you can also get Innisfree products on Althea for cheap!!!)

Yeah, I am spoilt for choices for 2017!




Here's the content of what came inside my ALTHEA YEAR END PARTY BOX --

Everything in this box for RM129, can you believe it!? This is a box full of makeup products worth RM520 😱😱😱 @AltheaKorea's Year End Party box featuring 8 makeup items and I even managed to grab a free eyebrow kit from #Skinfood during my purchase!

A full look using everything from @AltheaKorea's Year End Party box!
Products used:
• @etude_official Double Lasting Foundation in Sand
• @aritaum_official Styling Eye Palette
• @w.lab 3D Shape Shading
• #wlab 3D Shape Highlighter
• @makeuphelper.korea Moca Frappe 006
• @7hara_cosmetic My 1st Tint in Maple Red
• @witchspouch_official Love Me Blusher in Rose Blossom
• #etudehouse Beauty Tool Eyelash in 003 Volume
Also not forgetting #skinfood eyebrow powder that was an #AltheaKorea Freebie of the Week 😉

The Year End Party box may be SOLD OUT for now, but do stay tuned for the next holiday box!

Althea is a Korean beauty company that ships directly to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Phillipines.... and soon to the UNITED STATES in 2017!!! All products are AUTHENTIC (I can attest to this!) and is from Korea itself (that's why the price is SUPER COMPETITIVE)!!! For me, I'd rather place an order on Althea if I am going to buy Korean beauty products because:

#1 - Product is fresh from the oven, meaning it has a longer shelf life (expires after 3-5 years).

#2 - Authenticity is GUARANTEED.


I personally have ordered from Althea about close to 10 times now since 2015. (Proofs that I'm a loyal Althea customer hehs)

Btw, if you use my referral link to Althea, you can get extra RM5 on top of the free RM30 that they will be giving to new users! Click here to redeem it!




Have you heard of Althea? If yes, have you ordered anything from them yet? Share with me in the comments what's your best Althea product so far OR what you're intending to get from Althea?
I'd def love to read them!

Since I'm such a avid Althea customer, I may be coming up with a "Best Products to get from Althea Korea" blogpost if there's a demand for it! :D

Friday, 17 February 2017

Anna Sui x FitFlop

Friday, 17 February 2017
I always have known Anna Sui for her cosmetics line that I always see in Parkson outlets but I tend to forget that she's famous as a fashion designer first.
Having said that, I was pleased to know that she recently collaborated with footwear brand FitFlop, to release a limited edition collection! FitFlop is known for its comfy footwear (especially for expecting mothers and elderly women) so adding a little more jazz into the collection definitely spices things up!

Here's a pic from Anna Sui's 2016 collection -
And it's Tahiti-inspired designs are being translated into your shoes! I got my very first pair of FitFlops, because of Anna Sui!

Excuse my unusually long toes *haha* but can you just admire the free spirited design with pineapple prints? 😍

If you want to find out more about this collection, head on to and FitFlop Malaysia's Facebook Page.

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