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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

I'm a #BeautyBoundAsia National Finalist for Malaysia!!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015
I was keeping this under wraps and I JUST CANNOT CONTAIN THE NEWS ANYMORE!!!

I can now proudly say that I'm one of the 30 girls who is vying a spot in Beauty Bound Asia!

So what exactly is BBA? 
It's actually an international competition among SEA countries (including Sydney), to search for the next Top Beauty Content Creator! Hosted by SK-II and YouTube, this is one of the region's BIGGEST BEAUTY YOUTUBE COMPETITION!!

I actually stepped out of my comfort zone because making videos is something very NEW to me. Honestly, I'm paranoid about how I sound and look in videos. I worry about the lighting, the editing, the whole outcome because well..... I'm a noob!

I actually was late to submit my #AboutMe introduction video (I had down-time after double eye lid surgery, will keep that story for another day) but Beauty Bound Asia team was kind enough to offer me a spot in the workshop, after submitting my details via random selection.

And there I was at the workshop, seeing a few familiar faces (TOO FEW IN FACT!) and saw more new faces! Deep inside I was ecstatic because I didn't know Malaysia had so many hidden bedroom talents!

So after that, we were given the task of completing TWO VIDEOS WITHIN ONE WEEK!!!!
(Yes, all that filming, scripting, editing, mumbo jumbo)

And I came out with these two videos:



Submitted them few days ago and I got the most exciting news TODAY!
So from now on, since this is getting pretty serious, I hope you guys can give your FULL SUPPORT to me by subscribing to my YouTube channel, give a thumbs up if you like it and don't forget to leave a comment to let me know you got my back!

The next workshop is happening next Saturday, so I hope to make you guys proud!
Thank you guys and I'll see you on YouTube!

(btw I recently got hooked onto Snapchat so add me @gracemyu k!)

Thursday, 10 September 2015

4 Weeks Progress after BTL EXILIS ELITE

Thursday, 10 September 2015
Hey peeps!

I'm back with progress shots for my recent face slimming treatment with BTL EXILIS Elite. If you have missed the post, you can read it here.

Personally, I did not felt any pain or whatsoever, only a little heat from the machine, just like having a hot stone massage on my face. Honestly, I wasn't expecting a lot of this treatment as it is a non-invasive one after all. I look into the mirror everyday and I don't see noticeable differences. 

However, after looking through my week to week pictures, I have seen

Without further ado, let's get on to the fun part - progress pictures!
ヾ(´▽`*) / 

Shall we?

Week 1

Pic Taken: Strip Waxing, Mid Valley

The day after treatment, face is slightly swollen - especially at the cheeks area.
Gives the appearance of chub chub cheeks.
Called up my consultant to check whether it's a normal occurance post-treatment. She assured me that it is normal for some patients to experience minor swelling.
*sighs of relief*

Week 2

Swelling has improved. Seeing more prominent cheekbones here.

Week 3

Pic Taken: Facial @ Aster Spring (Left), Bollywood Pro Meet & Greet with Rani Birring (Right)

When bare-faced (left pic), it gives the illusion that I am chubbier compared to when with make up (right pic). However, cheekbones are still visible and less meaty cheeks.

Week 4

Pic Taken: At home after a long day out

Cheekbones becoming prominent and I'm finally seeing that V-shape jawline!
·◌̊ˈ*(⁰̶̶̷ ˙̮ ⁰̴̷̷๑ॢ॓).°◌̊

4 Weeks Progress

Here's a picture collage I put together to see my treatment progress!
Note at this time I did not change my diet or gym schedule. Fitness and meals remain the same to see effectiveness of the treatment.
And most importantly, no photo editing took place in these photos. The face smoothing effect is a beauty effect from my trusty Casio ZR3500.

And a full body shot to see my face proportion with my overall body.

Pic Taken: Forest Colour Official Launch


Though this progress shots are the results of only ONE SINGLE TREATMENT, I would say it does the job well! Patients are usually advised to undergo at least 2 treatment before they begin to see difference, but judging from my pictures, I'm pretty happy with how things worked out for me! It only took so little effort to achieve FAST & VISIBLE RESULTS.

So if you have tried so many ointments, creams and such, maybe it's time to think about non-invasive procedures? Well, I'm not saying everyone should go for it, but if it makes you HAPPY and boost your confidence, why not? Do your research, talk to consultants, find out whether it will meet your expectations. Rest assured this procedure is VERY SAFE, it really just feels like a facial massage, for me at least. (Paying for this procedure will definitely yield more results than going for normal monthly facials too see sharper facial features!)

I also have attended my second EXILIS Elite treatment, you can also follow me on Instagram @GraceMyu to see day-to-day progress for yourself :)

EXILIS Elite can be used on both face and body for slimming and rejuvenation purposes. I did mine at KO Skin Specialist, Klang.

PRICE: RM1,800 for 1 session / RM4,500 for 4 sessions
*Price is accurate at the time of this post.

for hooking me up with such an awesome face slimming option!

BTL Aesthetics Malaysia is home to the renowned global brand’s most revolutionary anti-ageing, body contouring, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and anti-cellulite systems in the world. BTL specializes in three distinct segments of this market: physical therapy, cardiology and medical aesthetics. BTL’s aesthetic division manufactures non-surgical aesthetic devices that represent the best in wellness, producing cutting-edge technology for body and face care. Established in 1993 in Europe, BTL as an internationally leading brand has become one of the leading global manufacturers of medical devices with over 2 decades of global presence in the marketplace with over 52 offices worldwide.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid a single cent to write good things about the said treatment. This is purely based on my personal experience. If you have more questions, do talk to consultants to get a better understanding of the treatment as it differs with each individual. That said, here's wishing you all the best in your journey!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

2008 was the year Malaysia saw that digital boom in blogshops. I was in college at that time, and almost everyone of my age knew someone who runs a blogshop. It was a big hit because we were able to buy fashionable clothes that are not sold anywhere in the malls.

Fast forward to 2015, almost everyone now is an online shop owner or has some experience in online business. It is no secret that the minimum entry to run an online business is really low, therefore we Malaysians have somewhat tried to earn some side income through online business.

With so many online shops in the market, of course there will be some good ones that stand out and of course, horrible ones sticking around. For online fashion, we have had shopping review sites such as Emmagem, A Shopaholics Den, Shopping Roll, Your Shopping Kaki, Diary of an e-Shopaholic (which most of them have now gone defunct or changed into non-blogshop reviews exclusives) to help us decide which blogshops were worthwhile and those to avoid completely. It was a really addictive pastime of mine, to read through customers' raves and reviews, and not forgetting, all the juiciest REAL-LIFE MALAYSIAN ONLINE FEUDS that's going on! All of these sites were run by college/uni students, thus these sites also died when they started to go through exams and started working life. (clicking all those links and back logs brings back soooooo muchhhhhh memories from yesteryears!)

There was never really a "professional" review site, (Tongue in Chic doesn't count, it doesn't only focuses on Malaysian blogshops and reviews) so when I heard of a Singaporean-based online review site coming to our Malaysian shores, I was SOOOO HAPPYYYY!!!

How ShopVenture Begin

Min Yong, co-founder of ShopVenture, was once a victim of a bad online shopping experience. Few years ago, she saw the perfect bridesmaids dress online and purchased a multiple set of them for more than $600. However, when they arrived, the gowns looked completely different from what was depicted, not to mention that they arrived several weeks late. Naturally, Min was upset and most of all annoyed that such bad businesses existed. To make things worse, the online shop owner brushed off her complaints and refused to give her a refund!

Having encountered such an incident during one of the most important events of her life, Min was determined to warn other brides-to-be about this unethical company. While there were various forums that allowed Min to start threads to share her experience, there was no go-to website that offered consolidated reviews about online stores. This spurred Min to start ShopVenture, an e-commerce review website dedicated to women’s fashion and lifestyle, and to put accountability back into online businesses. 

Every online shopping experience is like a venture because you are literally venturing into unfamiliar territories. This was how the name “ShopVenture” came about. Their vision is to enhance e-commerce, and make every shopper’s online purchase experience a great one and minimise their risks and disappointment through independent reviews from other shoppers.

Friday, 4 September 2015


Friday, 4 September 2015
Sometime back in May, Casio invited me to have a preview of their latest selfie camera - the ZR3500 - and I couldn't resist! For those of you who don't know, I have been using the ZR1000 for two years now and ZR1500 (which I won from P1 Connect blogger competition) since early this year. Those two cameras have always been my trusty companions when it comes to event coverage, product shooting and most importantly, SELFIES! I have great experiences using them, as my fellow girlfriends always mention how nice their skin complexion looks on my camera compared to theirs.

But enough of talking about those all old models!
CASIO EXILIM MALAYSIA launched the latest version of the ZR series -

Casio ZR3500

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Face Slimming Experience with BTL Aesthetics EXILIS ELITE at KO Skin Centre, Klang

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

About 8 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to experience a non-invasive face slimming treatment, courtesy of BTL Aesthetics. BTL is a global company founded in Europe and its aesthetic division manufactures non-surgical aesthetic devices, and recently introduced to Malaysia two new types of machines: Vanquish and Exilis Elite. From my understanding, Vanquish is more suited for body slimming, while Exilis is focused on face slimming. These two treatments are so popular in the Europe that it is even quoted in Kim Kardashian's Wedding Makeover Secrets Reveal article on Huffington Post.

I was assigned to KO Skin Specialist Centre as I was looking forward for face-related aesthetics. After consultation with its representatives, I was recommended to undergo Exilis Elite treatment to further sharpen my Asian facial features. Apparently I still store some unwanted fats around my face even after losing weight previously (10kgs in total! But that story is for another day). I still struggle to take perfect selfies because well, I have plenty of unflattering angles upclose.

This is THE DR KO, in the flesh!

His once little clinic turned huge hospital in Klang! This building has been around for almost 20 years!


There were HUGE ADVERTISEMENT BOARDS around Klang Valley with KO Skin adverts but I discovered plenty more while driving on the way to Klang itself! There were huge signages with directions so it is definitely easy to locate the place.

Once I drive up to the lane, I saw a long stretch of shop lots with a familiar blue corporate identity. And that whole stretch of shops, 4 levels of it, belongs to KO Skin Specialist Centre!!!!

As I made my way to the Skin Clinic on the first floor, I noticed that the stairs were a little narrow, but wide enough to assist a wheelchair up. There were also rails at the side which were wheelchair-friendly :)

After stepping in the front desk, I notice there was quite a number of patients on a Saturday morning. There were all coming in for various reasons, not only skin - as the hospital provides a wide scope of services. It could be because Saturday was the only weekend day open and Sundays are closed. A few steps in, I saw KO's Cafeteria! They serve coffee, sandwiches and some full meals for patients and family.

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