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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My #MalaysiaClothesBuffet Haul!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hi all!

It's been a hectic weekend, especially for shopaholics like me, because thanks to #MalaysiaClothesBuffet, we have THREE FULL DAYS of non-stop shopping thrills happening at Syopz, Taylor's Lakeside Campus!!!!

Read on to get the lowdown - the turnout, the people, and most importantly.... 

First thing I did (as always!) is to snap a photo at the photo wall for memory keepsake! They decorated the wall with actual clothes and brown paper bags, to reflect the true shopaholic spirit! We were even given props to play with!

Complimentary polaroids for you to bring home! These are the long (more expensive) rectangular ones! 

As I signed up for the blogger pass, I was told to wait for about 40 mins before I can join the next available slot, which was 1.00pm. So I went to visit the AUSSINO SALE to check out the bedspreads, pillow cases, bolster cases and what-nots...

AUSSINO was having a whopping 80% sale and check out the UNBELIEVABLE PRICING!!! Mind you, these are all high quality pieces with HIGH THEAD COUNT (500!!!!!). Erm, if you don't know what thread count is, well, simply put - the higher the thread count is, the more expensive (and higher quality) the bedspread is. Think FIVE STAR HOTEL room quality. Normal bedroom uses about 100+ thread count.

Covers which comes in every shade imaginable!

Most of the cute bedsheets come in a set with matching pillow and bolster cases! Unfortunately, most of them are in King & Queen Size Bed *sad* 

My room has two Single Beds therefore I only had choices of plain colour sheets like the ones shown above. I even managed to bump into some of the designs of their Facebook page and I must say they are definitely better in real life!


Not long after came the bff Olivia Shyan (who only remembered the event the morning itself, bravo!) and then we began our clothes hunting! I went for the 1.00pm one so I had a glimpse of clothes before she did, so I was standing behind the barrier line, talking to her loudly like Ah Mah lolololol.

Here she is for the 1.20pm slot!

We were each given a transparent ziplock bag measuring 9" X 4" worth RM60 each. Our target was to fill in as many clothes while trying not to burst the bag after securing it by the end of the session. Each session lasts only 15 mins. We had a huge LCD clock for countdown of the time!

Before jumping in line, we had the opportunity to browse through some of the better clothes, so that we know what to look for within that 15 minutes time frame!

There was a line of 8 bargain bins filled with clothes, clothes, CLOTHES! I say its a good move to separate the clothes so that the girls have ample space and enough room to open up each piece and not hit into each other! (You know how crazy mad warehouse sales can be!)

So we all had to line up and here the emcee go yadayada on the mic before entering the shopping area. There are two barricades set up to separate the anxious shoppers and onlookers.

Once the emcee yelled "Get.... Set... GOOO!" I saw some crazed shoppers literally RAN INTO THE SHOPPING AREA! zomglol.

And here is Aunty Oli going through the clothes along with other crazed shopper girls! Hehs.

Did you spot a Katy Perry mermaid? I certainly did! :D

There was also a BLOWOUT SALE which took place between 4-6pm which each piece was going for the rate of RM10 EACH!

So after the tiring frantic shopping session, it was time to chill and have lunch so Oli & I walked to a Japanese restaurant downstairs and catch up with some girl talk session!


So this is my plastic bag, upclose. Try guessing how many pieces I managed to stuff inside?

The Clothes Buffet staff thought I was gonna burst the bag but I proved them wrong by staying calm and zipping the bag slowly (under one minute)!

These are all the clothes laid out flat when I got home!

I had a TOTAL of
clothing pieces!!!!!!!!

2 dresses, 3 shorts, 1 skirt, 2 tank tops and 1 long pantsssss!

I love them all because they all FIT ME NICELY!!! 
I shall update you guys on tips how to achieve this in the next sale event!

Thank you so much A Shopaholics Den & LiNS Comm for organizing such a terrific shopping event! I can safely say that this is the 
BEST SALE EVENT ever held in Malaysia!

For now, save up your extra cash and see you guys in the next Clothes Buffet!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Madam Wong Steamboat @ Dataran C180 Balakong Grand Opening

Wednesday, 23 April 2014
I got an Uber ride to fetch me to the event. I was picked up in a Mercedes! 
Times like these Uber just makes you feel like a superstar!
(To get a Mercedes come fetch you too, download Uber app on your smartphone and key in promo code UBERGRACEMYU to get your RM30 credits!

And of course, not forgetting my #OOTN.
Bustier top stolen from lil sis in law @dearashleeeey // Skater skirt from TS // Bejewelled necklace from bazaar // Chanel bag inspired iPhone case from Shenzhen, China

Both Chinese DJs were invited to be part of Madam Wong Steamboat - Dataran C180 outlet launch!

An overview of me and happy food!
Good food = Happy bloggers!

Here in this pic from left to right:
DJ Gary // Dato' Dr Darren Yaw (owner) // DJ Jeff // Dato' Darren's partner

 AllDay rep & bloggers!
L-R: Josh Lim // Isaac Tan // Isaac's partner // Kee's friend // Kee Hua Chee // Makx Tan // Arthur Tan // Audrey Puiyan

Overall the food & atmosphere was superbbbbb! (This is coming from an English-educated banana who has a hard time using chopsticks lol!) Dataran C180 is a fairly new office / retail area in Balakong which I personally find beautiful, especially located in such a outskirt place in Balakong. Madam Wong  Steamboat serves steamboat dishes which is more hygienic and fresh IMHO (not buffet style, sorry bargain hunters!).

Click here to see some of the dishes offered!

Madam Wong Steamboat
No. B-23A-G & B-25-G, Ground Floor Jalan C180/1,
Dataran C180, Balakong,
43200 Cheras, Selangor.

They also have an existing outlet here -
  • No 22 , Jalan Manis , Taman Segar
  • 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating Hours
Mon - Sun: 4:00 pm - 12:30 am

Facebook Page

Contact 012-965 6580

Monday, 21 April 2014

How to get a good night's rest?!

Monday, 21 April 2014
Well, I'm not gonna give a loooong lecture on how to cure insomnia or stuff like that, but rather, I'd give a few tips on "How to Fall Asleep Quick".

  1. Meditate. (How can you not fall sleep by closing your eyes and think of nothing? lols)
  2. Be silent and throw the phone away.
  3. Start doing something very energy draining in the bedroom. Like... very VERY DRAINING! (Think of cleaning your bedroom! What were you thinking!?! lols)
  4. Do Add Maths. Or Sudoku. Or some IQ test. This will surely use a lot of brain power!
  5. Take a sleeping pill.
  6. If all else fails......



Number One.
Dust mites and bed bugs. Who likes sleeping with dirt or unwanted micro organisms eeewwww~!!!

Number Two.
Human dead cells. I cannot stress enough how much unseen "dirt" goes on the bed. Especially old ones! This is the MAIN REASON why you *still* have breakouts or pimples and rashes!

Number Three.
You will surely want to impress your "special someone" with a nice clean bed, no?

You'll definitely fall asleep once you are in a cosy beautiful bed. No questions asked.

See this woman having a good time in a pink fluffy bed? 
You, too can have the same luxury WITHOUT the hefty price tag.


So yes, this is YOUR CHANCE to grab that nice bed sheet too. Or anything similar. All happening this weekend at Syopz, Taylor's Lakeside Campus in conjunction with #MalaysiaClothesBuffet.

I'm so looking forward to buying THAT PINK SAKURA BED SHEET from Aussino because it's such a SWEEEEEEET DEAL!!

See you bargain hunters there!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Wednesday, 9 April 2014
Good morning readers!

Today I'd like to share with you my recent hair colouring session :D
I'm so blessed to get chosen as a Beauty Ambassador for Mirror Mirror (courtesy of! Out of many who applied, I am picked together with 4 other beauty bloggers to experience a pampering session worth up to RM599! 

Beach Waves/Protein Colour/Highlights + Director's Cut + Treatment + Wash & Blow Dry at RM88 from Mirror Mirror Hair Salon & Makeup Studio

so remember to hurry before the time expires on 11.59pm tonight! Scroll below to enjoy additional 5% for you awesome readers!

Let's take a little tour around the place. These are some pics taken from the website, it does oozes much Parisian feel, doesn't it? :)

Conveniently located at Solaris Mont Kiara with a spacious medieval ambience, Jaja Radzwan and her team will produce breathtaking work of art with your hair, using Halal certified professional hair treatment products, Wella and Lakmé blended with flairs of Parisian elegance and exclusivity!

The Package includes:
  1. Choice of hair treatment (RM210 value):
    • Beach Waves
    • Protein Colour
    • Highlights
  2. Moisturising hair treatment using Wella or Lakmé products (RM80 value)
  3. Director’s cut, wash, and blow (RM60 value)

So I opted for protein colouring (since my black hideous roots are outgrowing my light brown hair)! I aimed to go a few shades darker so that I could look more conservative than before *tsktsk

I was served by the director Jaja and her assistant that day. Jaja is someone who actually takes the time to analyze your hair and tells you about our hair conditions and gives you honest opinions to get the best results. 

She told me that my hair was very dry (thanks to multiple bleaching) and offered me advise to get coconut oil (from Cold Storage, Solaris nearby). She told me that it helped tamed her hair when she dyed in bright red previously. 

Well for those of you curious cats, she told me to consume 2 tablespoons a day and use as a leave in conditioner 3 times a week! There you go! Yes, you are welcome.

To give you an idea of how my hair looks likes -

Look at those black roots ARGHHH!!

I was given many choices of protein hair colour from Wella to choose from!

This was the colour that I was aiming for.

So Jaja mixed a few colours into the mixing bowl. The lighter dye is for my hair nearer to my roots (as they are harder to absorb more color, since the rest of my hair has been bleached many times previously)

This is Jaja in green and her assistant starting from he back of my head until the top!

yours truly covered in hair dye~~

Necessary selfies during the long waiting period~

I got so bored, I even started experimenting with different modes on my Casio Exilim camera! Here I am trying out the fisheye effect lololol~

While waiting for my hair to be done, I'm gonna show you more of the salon, from the lenses of my baby camera!

When you first enter the salon, this is the counter that greets you! There is a large picture of a pinup girl, bearing the shop's name. Aside from just hair services, Jaja does do make up services and make up courses as well. You can just call to enquire :)

Jaja uses both Wella and Lakmé products in her salon.

This is a special private room for couples/bffs who wish to share a more intimate session together :)

So, after two hours.......





how do I look?

Well according to my friends, they said they love my hair colour! 

A print screen from my Facebook timeline proves it!

Thank you for reading this far! Remember the promotion is ending TODAY 9 APRIL 2014 11.59pm Something for my loyal followers, enter promo code -

for 5% discount on top of their RM88 promo for
beach waves/colour/highlight, director cut, wash and blow dry!

Mirror Mirror Hair Salon & Makeup Studio (Studio Five Three) - (SA0130237-T)ADDRESS15-1, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara
Kuala Lumpur 50480

Jaja 010-5351953


Do tell Jaja if you want my hair colour by showing her my pics or this blog post, she'll be sure to remember ;)

*This post is brought to you by &

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