How I Achieve Glowing Skin via Hollywood Laser Peel, Beverly Wilshire Bangsar

By Grace Myu - June 19, 2022

Hollywood Laser Peel 
Sounds glamourous and only for the top elite celebrities, yes? Though it has gotten its popularity from red carpet events, now it has been made available for anyone who wishes to have a dramatic, visible glow for big events. It is touted as one of the most popular treatments for those attending a wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration, photoshoot or just a monthly pampering treat for good glowing skin 

This 3-step treatment includes:
(i) Facial carbon lotion application,
(ii) Gentle heating of the carbon lotion and skin, and
(iii) The snappy nanosecond treatment which helps to exfoliate and revitalize your skin.

Skin Benefits
 Youthful, glowing, radiant-looking skin
✨ Improves appearance of fine lines
✨ Reduces acne scars and hyperpigmentation
✨ Evens out skin tone
✨ Improves skin texture

The treatment is almost painless, quick with no downtime. You can resume your day as usual or step right into the event post-treatment! Let me take you through a typical journey of a single treatment.

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Step 1: Thorough Face Cleansing

Starting with a face cleanse, the therapist uses a makeup remover to remove any traces of makeup and sunscreen then a gentle foaming cleanser to remove any remaining debris. After rinsing, a sonic cleanser is used to remove blackheads, whiteheads and any physical sebum. the liquid applied together with the sonic cleanse leaves my skin refreshed as it has menthol and lavender extracts in it.

This process takes approximately 10 minutes.

Step 2: Numb Cream

A clinical grade numb cream is applied onto the whole face surface, then covered with cling wrap to avoid it from drying out quickly. This step is optional but it helps to act as a local anesthetic, to ease the following laser step for those with sensitive skin or low pain tolerance.

This process takes approximately 20 minutes, including waiting time. For those pressed for time can skip this option.

Step 3: The Laser Treatment

A layer of Spectra lotion is applied onto my skin. The lotion is carbon-based, thus it is dark grey in colour and looks like a mud mask. Once the lotion is dried, the laser process begins. The laser used is
Q-switched Nd:Yag Laser.

The laser works in 2 ways: (1) by breaking up the pigmentation in the skin, allowing it to be naturally removed by the body (2) by heating the skin, triggering the production of collagen.

When the laser comes into contact with my skin, I hear snapping sounds as the laser moves across my face and I feel warmth or minor tingling sensation. This will sound scary at first but the trick here is to breathe slowly and deeply; most importantly is to have a calm mind prior and to communicate frequently with the doctor, at every step on the way.

What happens is that the laser is attracted to the carbon. The first pass of the laser heats up the skin, then the laser will zap off the carbon along with approximately 15-30 microns of skin, a very superficial layer. This is why this treatment is also known as a ‘peel.’

Once the whole face is complete, my skin radiates effortlessly. As though as I have a layer of glow filter for several days to weeks! You really have to experience it for yourself or see my skin in person to understand what I mean.

View the full process here:

Post Treatment

My skin pigmentation has improved significantly and oiliness seems to be under control. This treatment has been my skin saviour ever since I suffered from maskne! The glowing surface would linger on for weeks and people would constantly compliment my skin as the results are immediately visible. I really love that I can resume to work as usual, without taking the day off 💖

As for aftercare, the doctor recommended to avoid acidic or retinol skincare for at least 5 days to allow skin to stabilize. It is also good to use daily hydration masks (sheet or leave on) to speed up the healing process.

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This treatment is sponsored by Beverly Bangsar Clinic, however opinions are solely my own.

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