[Review] Day to Night Skincare Hacks for the Lazy Girl with Hanna & Kent 90s Lazy Masks

By Grace Myu - September 04, 2020

If you’re a female in 2020, living life on the fast lane - skincare is a necessity but can also be a cruel time sucker. Everyone wants beautiful skin, but not everyone has the luxury of time.

So what do you do?


These days, all-in-one masks are not unheard of. They cover the cleansing-toning-moisturizing part of your skincare routine. But are they gimmicks, or just pure genius?

Let’s take a deep dive in!

Hanna&Kent came up with 2 lazy masks inventions:

Silky Sunshine Lazy Mask (for the day) & Midnight Charcoal Lazy Mask (for the night)

So here’s the breakdown:

  • Apply for only 90 Seconds

  • 30 sheets in a pack (good for a month!)

  • 10-in-1 effects (1 sheet mask includes 10 benefits)

  • Resealable cover with double layer protection (so that the remaining masks won't dry out until the last piece)

  • Main ingredients are botanical extracts

  • Daily use Silky Sunshine during the day, Midnight Charcoal at night

  • Skin improvement after 1 week of continuous usage

90s Silky Sunshine Lazy Mask 

10-in-1 BENEFITS

  1. Reinforce skin natural barrier

  2. Promote collagen formation

  3. Reduce age spots

  4. Promote absorption

  5. Helps to reduce the appearance of acne

  6. Soothing

  7. Hydrating

  8. Anti-aging

  9. Antioxidant

  10. Moisturizing

90s Midnight Charcoal Lazy Mask 

10-in-1 BENEFITS

  1. Whitening

  2. Purifying

  3. Retain moisture

  4. Reduce wrinkles

  5. Reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone

  6. Soothing

  7. Hydrating

  8. Anti-aging

  9. Antioxidant

  10. Moisturizing


The packaging of the masks was really well designed - the clasp that closes on top and a “click” sound to it, to ensure that you have closed the lid tightly to avoid the masks from drying. The packaging is similar to wet tissues/baby wipes dispenser, which is very convenient especially if you are traveling and packing light! Imagine condensing all your skincare into the size and weight of just 2 wet tissue packs!

Upon receiving opening the top lid, there is an additional sticker on the packaging to ensure you are getting the freshest set of masks to start off. As for the size of the mask, it is just nice for my face. Upon placing the mask on my skin, it has a slightly cool and damp sensation, nothing tingly whatsoever. It only takes 90 seconds for the mask essence to be absorbed.

My skepticism instantly dissipated after seeing the radiant glow on my face.

✧・゚:* (☉_☉) *:・゚✧

I waited towards the end of the day to observe whether the glow would fade but I’m glad to report that the glow stayed on even till the next few days of consistent use!


The convenience of this mask is awesome and the price point of RM116 for twin pack (RM58 each) is really a bang for your buck! However, do keep in mind that these masks are made for skincare convenience and are suitable for those with non-problematic skin. If you do have troubled skin, you may need treatment-related products to sort your skin first #skinhealthfirst

As a working woman in my 30’s - I say go for it if you crave convenience. It does give you basic hydration and you can add on other serums/actives on top of using these masks. I’d say these would be my next travel skincare go-to!


Hanna & Kent Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hannaandkent

Official Website: https://zstore.com.my/product/silky-sunshine-midnight-charcoal-90-sec-lazy-mask-twin-pack/

Shopee: https://shopee.com.my/Hanna-Kent-Silky-Sunshine-Midnight-Charcoal-90-SEC-Lazy-Mask-i.22170241.4044958734 

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