Botox for Chin Dimples at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, Bangsar

By Grace Myu - September 16, 2020

Dimpled chin. Wrinkles on chin.

I didn't realize this feature of mine until someone pointed it out to me. Overtime the unsightly appearance on my chin becomes apparent that it may just be the factor that causing my face to appear more masculine.

So the cause of my wrinkly chin appearance is attributed to hyperactive chin muscles. Meaning the muscles underlying are moving frequently at every moment, even when I'm unaware.

I mean, I wouldn't have known until someone told me so. Whenever I look into a mirror, I would see a resting face. When I apply makeup, I would focus on my makeup technique and application instead of my chin area. I mean, the chin area hasn't gotten until very bad just yet, but if I want to age gracefully (which I do), some precautionary measures need to be taken.


After booking myself an appointment at Beverly Wilshire Bangsar, Dr Jinly Wong recommended me to use Botox to reduce my chin muscle hyperactivity, which is currently the cause of the chin wrinkles.

On top of that, she recommended to also use Chemical Peel to reduce the dark spots (acne scars) that were around my cheeks area near my nose.

Botox only works on wrinkles that are caused by muscle movements, these are known as dynamic wrinkles or expression lines. Botox will not work on fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by sagging or loss of collagen in the face, these are known as static wrinkles, in which, dermal fillers are recommended. It should also be stated that Botox is not a permanent treatment, it needs to be repeated as necessary for the continued effects. Depending on the area that Botox is injected it can last between 3-4 months. 

Botox works best on these dynamic wrinkles: 
Upper Face
Between the brows
Horizontal lines on the forehead
Crow’s feet around the eyes
Any other muscles that cause facial expressions; smiling, frowning, squinting

Beverly Wilshire Bangsar has an advanced face-scanning system that allows skin condition analysis under various lighting together with future predictions.

 The Skin Analyzer System own two special lighting systems (RGB +UV) and smart skin analyzer software that allows two images (before and after beauty care) can be compared side by side, which is very different visual effects to be felt. Once the Skin Analysis System emits visible RGB light and safe UV light to the skin, various chromophores in skin cells respond to the light differently send back remitted light. The reflected light is captured by the digital camera and analyzed by software for the light absorbed at various wavelengths, then the images created from computer analysis show the skin condition and future prediction.


After my face is cleansed thoroughly, we placed numbing cream on my face for the pre-treatment. The numbing effect takes about 15-20 minutes to kick in then after that we proceeded to mark the areas of my face to be treated.

The Botox session is pain-free and really fast. We took about 10 minutes to identify and proceed to injectables. Since this isn't the first time I'm dabbling with Botox, it wasn't a nervous experience for me. I'm composed and trust that I'm in good hands with Dr Jinly as she is an expert in this area and is always able to answer my questions with ease.

As for the Chemical Peel session, my skin felt tingly and stinging upon application, but the discomfort is bearable. The sting is caused by the chemical reactions that exfoliate the top layers of skin that creates a superficial wound for cells to regenerate healthier, new skin from beneath. Chemical peels are generally used to treat wrinkles, acne, and skin discolouration.


My skin leans towards the sensitive type therefore you can see redness all over, like a sun-burnt effect. The redness went away the next day. It is recommended not to use any makeup to speed up skin recovery. The next few days, I experience minor skin peeling which is normal because it means new skin is growing!

It took me personally about 2-3 weeks for my skin to fully recover, but that's just my individual reaction. I figured that my skin could be sensitive toward harsher chemicals thus the longer recovery period.

I do see an effect for my chin botox after a few days when it has fully settled down. It has helped me in looking more youthful, especially in videos where one can see a person's features better. 

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