Love & Co unveils new Teddy Bear Collection

By Grace Myu - November 07, 2019

Receiving jewellery is one of the many gifts I would personally love receiving. Jewellery allows me to stay in touch with the giver, be reminded of their kindness and generosity for years to come. To me, it symbolizes love and sometimes, romance.

This October, Love & Co. launches an exquisite collection, "Teddy Bear Collection" - inspired by the classic teddy bear, a symbol of timeless love and companionship.

When coming across with a teddy bear, most of the time we could think of warm cuddles and security. But have you stopped and wondered how Teddy got its name?

The history dated way back in 1902, when US President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt participated in a bear hunting trip, where he saved a bear. The incident inspired toymakers to nickname Teddy's Bear, and later shortened to Teddy Bear.

Made with love, each piece from this collection is designed with a shape of a teddy bear as a tender promise of lifetime companionship. Crafted with 18k rose gold and precious stones, the Teddy Bear Collection features 5 series to capture her heart:

1. Heartfelt Confession

Express your true feelings with the captivating charms of Teddy, featuring a heart in the middle.

2. Love Lock

With her hands in yours, experience the magic of love unlocked.

3. Cuddle Me

The warm and cuddly Teddy Bear, the perfect gift for all occasions.

4. You Make Me Smile

You make me feel like the luckiest girl alive.

5. My Companion

The trusted companion beloved by so many through the years.

Enjoy some of the photos I took during their media event.

Wearing Love & Bravery Jenneva Lace Midi Dress.

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  1. I really loves those pictures and nice collections. thank you for posting.