[Review + Discount code] Sudio NIVA, true wireless earphones from Sudio Sweden

By Grace Myu - November 06, 2018

Hop onto the bed without leaving sound behind.
Feel the freedom of true wireless earphones, with stellar audio quality.

Tiny, but mighty.

Sudio has craved a name for itself in Malaysia and rest of the world, thanks to the boom of social influencers helping to promote it online. I have used a wired version from Sudio previously, KLANG - but this is such a nice upgrade, especially when paired with my new iPhone XS Max.

As for sound quality, it is good - clarity is there which is great of you're someone who likes emphasis on vocals and instrumentals, but do not expect the bass to be too banging. Personally, I prefer "bass-ier" audio quality for that head-banging jams but then again, I would use headphones for that. With the limitations of not being able to move around quickly (with the fear of it being tossed out involuntarily), these earphones are nice if you are one who sits down for long hours to do some computer work (ie. office/assignments).

These earphones do offer 3.5 hours of battery life per charge but the pocket cover that comes with it, doubles up as a portable chargerwhich could charge these earphones up to 4.5 times, totaling to 17 hours worth of listening time if you are out and about.

When you get these pair of earphones, it also comes together with interchangeable earbud cushions to suit the size of your ears. Also, by finding the right size, you're really in for a treat because it offers soundproof effect - perfect for concentration especially when you're focusing on work.


Retail Price: RM425
Available at Sudio website.
Use code "GraceMyu2018" at checkout to enjoy 15% off + free shipping + 4 minimalist coasters.

This pair of earphones was sent to me for review purposes only.

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