[REVIEW] C.Michael London Stem Cell Professional Hair Care Line

By Grace Myu - November 07, 2018

It's not uncommon for both ladies and gents to lose hair as they age. As for me, the main cause of my hair loss comes from (I'd to admit it) .... bleaching my hair.

Though the colors may look nice and vibrant in pictures, did you know that in order to achieve that vibrancy - a lot of chemicals are involved? Today we have the revolutionary OLAPEX - but 5 to 6 years ago - we weren't so lucky. Not in Malaysia, at least.

Because I have started bleaching, the process is undeniably addictive. I wanted to change my hair colour every other month but my hair condition worsens as time passes, eventually.

If you scroll through my Instagram feed now, you will see that I have not had any bright hair colors since Chinese New Year this year because my New Year's resolution was to cut out hair bleaching/colouring for at least a year to reset my long-lost precious soft hair.

Recently, a friend noticed my hair condition and she realized that my hair needed SOME SERIOUS OVERHAUL. No joke. She was concerned because she could observe that my scalp was sensitive and I shared with her that I was looking for a good hair care to maintain my both my scalp and locks.

I'm so glad that she sent over a box of precious hair care filled with Stem Cell technology!

I received these a few months back and now I have completed using 3 out of 4 products - thus I am now in a good position to share my overall thoughts and experience.

The same goodness but even more Apple Stem Cell and higher in concentration for better results! The most advanced hair treatment to infuse life back into the scalp and hair with PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica, the world’s first raw material based on Apple Stem Cell.

That's basically the summary of the hair care line, meaning this would be the ones used in C.Michael salons and have a higher concentration of active ingredients to restore hair to its optimum self.

Upon opening the product, there is a strong pleasant scent the diffuses the whole shower room and it lingers on even long after washing and nurturing my hair. To be honest, I enjoyed it so much that even my partner noticed the new beautiful scent.

The conditioner, masque and serum all had the same scent - it was such a joyful experience that it felt like I just walked out of a salon whenever I wash my hair.

After finishing the 3 bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner & Masque - I'm glad to conclude that I did not experience any dandruff during this period of time YAYY!!! My sensitive scalp was not agitated throughout the duration of usage and in fact, it did restore the shine and vitality of my locks. 


As for HAIR FALL, I also noticed fewer hair fallouts and I'm glad to be reporting that I would be considering to replenish the Shampoo & Masque very soon.

Me in Feb 2018

Me in Oct 2018

As you can see, I'm refraining from colouring my hair drastically and so far, its been great.

C.Michael Stem Cell Professional line is available in Alpro Pharmacies and online at their official website.

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