OMM arrives in Malaysia & I tested out a few of their Best Sellers!

By Grace Myu - July 08, 2018

Earlier in June, I came to learn about a new luxury Korean-beauty brand called "OMM". I was invited by the brand directly to be acquainted and have a store visit in their first outlet in Malaysia.

OMM is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. The brand now has boutiques in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Thailand. 

Among global top cosmetic brands, OMM is the first brand I've encountered to propose the idea of incorporating bioactive Lactobacillus into skincare products. It is learned that Active Lactobacillus has shown to effectively boost the performance of skincare products by supporting their core functions. Simultaneously, it strengthens skin immunity and forms a protective film of healthy flora, offering solutions that target skin issues from the root.

If you're wondering,  the letter ‘O’ in OMM represents the initiator of Lactobacillus skin care – O Rén Yi; the letters ‘MM’ to honor all magnanimous mothers. As Lactobacillus is found to be transmitted from mothers to babies during natural birth, this brand highlights ‘LOVE’ to create fresher, healthier and more natural skin care products; bringing about exquisite skincare products for all beauty-seekers to indulge in.

OMM open its door in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on 7 April 2018, on the same floor as Watsons and Sasa. It boasts 1,000 square-feet in real estate size and it marks the FIRST of 5 stores in OMM's brand expansions in Klang Valley over the next 2 years.

The interior has a clean and sleek feel to the eyes, making navigating within the shop pretty simple. Upon entering the premises, you can find their Best Sellers in the left area.


Best Sellers display

With the opening of OMM’s new retail boutique, Malaysians can finally experience the much-awaited Fresh Ferment Skin Care range, the first in the world to promote a powerful combination of Lactobacillus and Gangwon Deep Seawaters. 

The role of Lactobacillus in skincare was initially mooted by Korean Royal Physicians in the 1920s, but it was only in 2016 that OMM cosmetics, in collaboration with international research company Kolmar, managed to successfully integrate Lactobacillus into their popular skincare range. 

Using a special strain of bioactive Lactobacillus that mimics the natural bacterial protection of new-born babies, the Fresh Ferment Skin Care range promises to improve skin health by eliminating toxins and creating a balanced environment for healthy bacteria. The result is enhanced skin resilience and decreased skin sensitivity.

There are 6 products under the Fresh Ferment series:

Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence stimulates skin vitality

Fresh Ferment Essence Toner that strengthens skin’s immunity

Fresh Ferment Lifting Eye Cream

Fresh Ferment Essence that addresses skin aging

Fresh Ferment Emulsion that maintains skin moisture

Fresh Ferment Facial Cream that maintains elasticity and brightness.

Aside from the classic range, there are a few other ranges that complement your skin, according to your skin concerns.


I managed to test out 4 products and here's my take on each of them.
My skin type is currently dry & sensitive, so do take this into consideration when reading my reviews.

Wing Wing Wing Renew Cleanser Gel

This cleanser comes in a very runny liquid texture with a distinct honey scent. It is said to be suitable for all skin types. It foams up easily when it comes into contact with water.

Personally, I love the scent of this cleanser and I like the texture of it. However, I realized that this cleanser gave me breakouts when I first started using it. I stopped using it for awhile, but when I resumed, the breakouts came back. I was really disappointed because I really liked it, but it didn't work for my skin.

However, when my man tried this - he reported that he absolutely loved this cleanser! He has been using it regularly, unlike other cleansers I let him tried previously. A thing to note is that he has oily skin type so this could be the very reason this cleanser worked for him. So this cleanser has been on his permanent skincare routine ever since.

Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence

I realized that Korean skincare brands make first essences as their top priority in skincare routine, thus its no wonder that this first essence makes into OMM Best Sellers list. The right application of this first essence is the FIRST STEP right after cleansing, before toner. This step is vital to prep the skin for better absorption of the following skincare products (toner, emulsion, serums, so on).

The texture is a transparent gel-like liquid that has a high absorption rate. It sinks into the skin easily without leaving any residue. Easy to use, and easy to carry around because of its light plastic bottle packaging.

I usually pump around thrice for full face coverage and twice for my neck & decolletage area. So far, I do think the efficacy is just about ok, as I do think my favorite first essence does a better job at this. When I switched from that to OMM first essence, I felt that my skin wasn't as radiant as before, but it is still better than not using a first essence product at all. But this conclusion is just based on my skin, it could be different for yours.

I do plan to finish this bottle though it isn't the best first essence that I have used because it is still good.

UV Shield Moisture Sun Mist SPF50+/PA++++

This sunscreen is such a joy to use because it comes in an easy spray-mist bottle! It's been awhile since I used a spray-on sunscreen for my face because most spray-on sunscreens are made for body usage.

I enjoy using this because:
a) Absorbs easily into the skin
b) Leaves no white cast/residue
c) Highly moisturizing
d) Has high SPF coverage (SPF50+ PA++++)
e) Lightweight packaging, easy for travels

I don't think there is anything I dislike about this sunscreen!

Fresh Pomegranate Juice Mask

Fresh Pomegranate Juice Mask + 6 sheets

This juice mask is something new that I have discovered because I usually use sheet masks, clay masks, hydrating gel masks, but not DIY masks style!

So this juice mask comes in a "milk carton" packaging that contains the juice (155ml) and 7 empty sheet masks. Meaning you are required to use this product within 7 times in 1 month as the packaging states the juice will only last 1 month upon opening. Reason being, it contains fresh Natural Active Lactobacillus on top of Gangwon-Do Deep Sea Water and Pomegranate Fruit Essence.

I like the idea of it but I gotta be honest - the DIY part makes me a little lazy to go through the hassle because it sometimes can get messy if you are not careful when pouring the juice into the plastic packaging.

With it being priced at RM105, it translates into RM15 per usage. As for me, I'm used to buying sheet masks around RM5-8 per sheet thus it is slightly pricier than usual for me. However, if you are one who is looking for superb efficacy, this juice mask really does provide long-lasting hydration throughout the week. I still feel that my face is well hydrated even on Day 2 post-mask. I do feel that this mask is worth the money and I would consider to repurchase it in future.


If you're keen on learning more, you can find OMM here:

Lot 1.32.00, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours
10:00AM till 10:00PM

(+603) 2110 6255


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