REVIEW: Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence

By Grace Myu - February 10, 2018

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As someone who has sensitive skin, it is difficult for me to find a skincare that is gentle yet effective. Plus with the laziness of applying layers of product after product, I tend to skip out wearing sun protection sometimes because I spend most of my days indoors. It is still not ideal because I do come in contact with the sun indirectly even when I'm indoors.

So for someone like me who tends to forget about sun protection, it is essential to find a sun protection that is enjoyable to use, so that I will keep coming back for it.

I find my problems with most sun protections are:
- undesirable white cast
- weird scent
- thick consistency, making it too long to dry
- unsuitable ingredient(s), leading to breakouts
- messy reapplication

So when I saw Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence, it attracted me to try it because it is a water-based sun protection with UV protection, whitening and anti-aging benefits all-in-one bottle.
Also the packaging is quite compact and sleek, fitting easily into the palm of my hand.

It has a watery liquid consistency, which is made up of 61% Hawaii Kona deep ocean water, 30 kinds if ocean plants extracts and 45 kinds of plants extracts.

According to the info, this sun essence is safe and clinically proven, which makes it suitable for all skin types. What I also like about this product is that it is free of 7 nasties:
❌  Paraben
❌  Artificial pigment
❌  Mineral oil
❌  Benzophenone
❌  Talc
❌  Benzyl Alcohol
❌  Sulfate

When I first pour the sun essence onto my palm, it has a faint yellow glittery colour with a slight citrus scent. But as I apply and massage it onto my face, it becomes transparent and leaves no unsightly residue !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Left side (with nose stud): with Vella sun essence. Right side: without Vella sun essence.

As you can observe from the pic above, it does leave my skin with a slight healthy glow instead of oily look. I like that it absorbs very quickly into my skin and I can proceed to start with my makeup almost immediately after that.

This has a sun protection of 50+ SPF PA+++ thus it is sufficient for daily use in our Malaysian climate.

Personally, I might repurchase if it is around RM40 ish. Perhaps RM58 is still a little too pricey for me because of the total content (30ml). 

Vella Ultra Hydro Sun Essence can be purchased on Althea Korea website at RM58.

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