REVIEW: AQUTOP skincare & bodycare

By Grace Myu - February 22, 2018

I am not foreign to the brand Aqutop, as I have received in my Althea beauty box previously (you can check out the post here). I only tried their water colour blusher (makeup) but I wasn't aware that they made skincare products as well! Thus when the opportunity arose to try their skincare products, I was shook because their water colour blusher gave me a nice, sweet surprise whenever I use it.

This time, I was offered these products for trial by Breezewide (a kbeauty site, in partnership with Beureka) and I didn't receive any monetary compensation for these so what I'm about to share is my honest personal thoughts and opinions.

I received 3 items in this package: 1 x face cleanser, 1 x face moisturizer, 1 x body lotion

Each of these were packaged and sealed individually.

A little background on AQUTOP, it derives from the word AQUA (water/moisture) and TOP (best/barrier). It positions itself as a professional brand that specializes for moisture. It originates from Korea in 2015 and entered into Singapore market through Sasa stores in 2017.

So now we've got the ball rolling ...

* Let's begin! *

AQUTOP Perfect Clean Cleansing Foam Black Bean

What It Is
A face cleanser made with geminating Black Bean extracts instead of purified water, this cleanser is suitable for all skin types. The main ingredients are:
• Geminating Black Bean Extract - softens skin
• Soapwort Leaf Extract - naturally derived cleansing substances, removes wastes
• Portulaca Extract - prevents dry skin, reliefs irritation

How To Use
Add some water and mix the solution with both hands, forming small bubbles. Put the lather onto onto face and massage gently. Rinse with water once done.

The Good
Truth be told, I have many bad experiences in the past with cleansers that claim "suitable for ALL skin types". They would dry out my skin but this one DOESN'T! I'm glad that this one cleans my face gently though it is a foam cleanser (foams are usually linked to drying). It doesn't have any fragrance to it and it is really affordable too!

The Bad
Couldn't find anything bad about this 💕

Retails for RM75 for 2 x 100ml on Beureka Qoo10, which means one tube is just RM37.50!
That's really affordable I'd say!

AQUTOP Moisturizing Signature Tone-Up Cream

What It Is
A face moisturizer that doubles up as a skin brightener and wrinkle reducer. 
It contains 'Celbioniqu', AQUTOP's Signature Water instead of purified water.
Other ingredients also include:
• Elecampane Flower Extract - brightening, glowing skin
• Phytosphingosine - relief skin troubles, skin recovery
• Flower Complex - vitality, brightening
• Collagen - glowing skin, prevention of moisture evaporation

How To Use
As the last step of skincare, use this during the daytime. This will leave a slight whitish cast over your face for a brightening effect, thus its suitable as a makeup base as well.

The Good
Though this cream is on the thick side, it absorbs into the skin fairly quickly. If you don't use foundation, this will act as a CC (colour correcting) cream to adjust or "tone up" your skintone. I have sensitive skin, and I'm glad to say that it doesn't irritate my skin or give unsightly bumps on my face.

The Bad
I personally don't like creams that leave a whitish cast. If you are one who doesn't use makeup, you may like this, but use sparingly as too much could leave you looking like a zombie 😆

Retails RM165 for 50ml on Beureka Qoo10.

AQUTOP Smoothing Signature Tone-Up Body Lotion

What It Is
Similar to the face moisturizer, this is made for the body. It contains:
• Celbioniqu Water - fast absorption, keep skin moist
• Elecampane extract - brightening
• Niacinamide - brightening

How To Use
Apply onto body after shower, including arms and legs.

The Good
Instantly brightens and evens up your skintone! The moisture levels were long lasting and it remained until my next shower 😲

The Bad
Quite pricey for 100ml because body requires more product naturally and this will finish very fast if used every shower.

Retails for RM150 for 100ml on Beureka Qoo10.

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