Althea Holiday Edition: ✨ Black Sparkling Box✨ Review

By Grace Myu - February 28, 2018

I got myself another Althea Box and this time it's the Christmas 2017 special -

I got this box about one month back and somehow MAGICALLY  it is still on the site for sale! Althea boxes are curated specifically for a theme and this box is catered for those who are getting ready for a 🎄 Christmas / Year End Party 🎆  in a "black" or smoky theme.

Do note that Althea Korea sells all Korean Beauty products and ships them directly from Korea, so what you're getting is truly the REAL DEAL. What I like about Althea is that they provide -

Ok, enough with the chit-chat, and let's see these are worth the buy!


#01. Son & Park - All That Smoky Kit

What It Is:
A compact eyeshaodw kit that comes with 6 colours: 3 shimmers and 3 mattes.
Shimmers: Clear Stone (pearl), Brass (gold) & Iron Lilac (purplish gray)
Mattes: Tobu (nude), Brownie (deep brown) & Charcoal (black)

My Review:
Usually Asian-made eyeshadows fail me because of how patchy and chalky they can be. For arm swatches (as seen in the above pic), they turned out great because I applied some eye primer underneath. However when it comes to blending onto my eyes, it's a different story! The shades are not as pigmented as I would like them to be, and it is quite difficult to blend!

Turns out that I was pretty bad at applying them and ended up as a panda 🐼 lol~
Truth is, I only like two shades - Tobu (to set my eye primer) and Iron Lilac (to deepen the outer sides of my eyes and plus, the colour is unique). I honestly do not really like using this compact palette, but the colour payoff is decent. I wouldn't repurchase this because it's expensive on its own and I'd still reach for other eyeshadows in my stash tbh.

This eyeshadow palette is worth RM100+ on ecommerce sites, so getting this box at RM120 is definitely a BARGAIN!

#02 April Skin - Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 (2016 New!) Shade 23

What It Is:
April Skin is a brand that is not foreign to Kbeauty fans - because they produce BB Cushions that have earned a cult status! April Skin BB Cushions are known for its high coverage that gives its users a flawless, cakeless finish. For this new version, it is made with 45% moisture serum that would ensure your skin is hydrated throughout the day! Its mochi-shaped cushion dispenses the right amount when pressed with the puff that comes with it.

My Review:
This is my very first time using a BB cushion by April Skin, and I can conclude that ...
It gives me a medium coverage, which is sufficient to cover my uneven skin tone and it provides me with a semi-matte, satin finish
Longevity wise, it sits well on my skin until it starts fading on my nose after 3-4 hours. But nothing with a quick touch up can't do! I admit it's a little upsetting, but hey most BB Cushions can't really mattify my (problematic) nose area, only foundations can.
Repurchase - maybe, if it is within RM50 range.
I'm more of a high coverage, foundation gal.

This BB cushion is currently retailed at RM82 on Althea with a rating of 4.4 stars by 72 reviewers.

#03 RiRe - Gel Eyeliner in Shade 01 Kill Black

What It Is:
A crayon gel eyeliner that helps define your eyes for both upper and lower waterline. No edgy girl look is complete without this! This can be smudged for that smoky eye effect or can be used to just define the eyes. It comes with a sharpener so that you can achieve that sharp wing look.

My Review:
As with most gel crayon eyeliners, this doesn't beat liquid eyeliner when it comes to achieving that sharp wing look. You would need to use a flat slant brush to help line the wing tightly and to get a sharp wing.
This gel eyeliner definitely does help opens up my eyes (as seen in pic above) and it lasts pretty long on my waterline because it's waterproof. However, it may move around after some time (especially when coming in contact with sweat or tears) so it isn't exactly 100% transfer-proof.

This gel eyeliner is currently retailed at RM18 on Althea with a rating of 4.3 stars by 58 reviewers.

#04 Missha - The Style 4D Mascara

What It Is:
A volumizing and lengthening mascara that gives a 4D effect for fluttery lashes.

My Review:
This doesn't really impress me, in fact this is the most disappointing product of the box IMHO (sorry to say)! It doesn't perform as well as my other mascaras and I have used better mascaras in this lifetime. It doesn't volumize, it just lengthens a little bit. Definitely will pass this on.
As one reviewer, Ana C. says,
"If you're looking for vavavoom lashes, this really isn't the product for you; 
But for the everyday natural "no makeup-makeup" person, I think you'd totally love this.
I like using this mascara when I know I'm going to use some false lashes because it keeps the curl up and manages to look natural and mesh well with the falsies. 
Value for money is really great too!"

Missha 4D mascara is priced RM16 on Althea with a rating of 4.5 by 227 reviewers (at this point of time).


Althea Holiday Edition: Black Sparking Box was sent to me for review purposes and it currently retails for RM120. It is still available for sale on the website, so go grab it while you still can!

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