REVIEW: THEFACESHOP *NEW* Anti-Darkening Cushion & Flat Lipsticks

By Grace Myu - January 16, 2018

Hi beauties~

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To kickstart this post, let me tell you a little background about THEFACESHOP.
It's a Korean beauty brand that has been in Malaysia for more than 10 years (even before the K-wave in the recent years)! The first outlet was opened in Mid Valley Megamall in June 2006, and now in 2018, there are close to 50 THEFACESHOP outlets nationwide.

As a Korean beauty lover, there are two things that are MUST HAVES in your makeup purse - BB Cushion & Lipstick.

Coincidently, THEFACESHOP released new versions of BB Cushion & Lipsticks for the New Year 2018 - and I will be reviewing and giving my honest opinion on them today!

TBH I have sometimes a love-hate relationships with BB cushions because it is really easy to apply BUT I sometimes don't like the fact that they do not last long until the end of the day OR they do not offer enough coverage OR they tend to give a weird whitish cast upon application and you will not really know what colour you'll be getting. But since the latest release from the THEFACESHOP claims to be "ANTI-DARKENING" - I can't help but say I'm very intrigued!

As for lipsticks, they are the first makeup item introduced to me by my own mother and I used to always ask her to apply it on me when I was a kid so that I can look as glamorous as her. Well, since then I have so many lipsticks that I have lost count of but I always go back to those that give me a hydrating and creamy finish. So you can say I'm a classic bullet lipstick lover - and I hoard lipsticks - so I know lipsticks well enough to give a thorough review.

Let's start with the BB cushions first --

Anti Darkening Cushion (Miracle Finish)

  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles, Brightens skin tone, Filters and screens harmful UVA/B rays
  • Keeps makeup looking as fresh as when you first applied it
  • The HD powder uses technology that helps spread pigment evenly to prevent colour from becoming dark
  • or dull
  • The Lemon Balm & Chamomile extracts to provide comfortable wear
  • The Persimmon leaf & Citrus unshiu peel extract to maintain your skin tone without making it dark and dull

As a BB Cushion collector, this packaging reminds of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - pastel pink version! Its cover is made of pastel pink stripes with matte gold finishing and a classy gold stamping in the middle which says "Natural Story. Miracle Finish. Anti-Darkening".

Upon opening, you will be greeted with a mirror and a puff applicator which is easy to use. Underneath the puff, there is a white separator with a clasp to prevent the product from coming in contact with air. 


There are 3 shades in this product range - N201 (yellow base), N203 (yellow base) and V203 (pink base). As for me, my shade is closest to N203 Natura Beige but when I wear N201 or V203, it somehow blends into my skin seamlessly too!

Unfortunately, these limited shades are skewed towards people with light/medium skin tones and I do hope TheFaceShop would bring in more shades selections for our tan-skinned friends.


Skin sans base makeup.

Left side - one layer of N201 Apricot Beige. Right side - bare skin.
It looks lighter than my natural skin colour but it will blend seamlessly (without ozidizing) into my skin when I add to the right side of my face!

Closer look.
Notice that the appearance of my pores is diminished?!
Also, it does a good job covering my dark circles without the help of concealer!

I tried N203 Natural Beige on my right side and somehow they look the same(?)!!
I'm not sure why though!

Anyway, I only used the Anti-Darkening cushion on my face as a base, without any concealer / blusher / highlight / contour / etc. so that you could see how this MIRACLE cushion works!
As for coverage, I would say it is medium, even with one layer of application only! I didn't build up because I wanted to avoid any potential caking.

However, I do need to set it with a powder in order for it to not move around on the face because I did notice that it would smudge whenever strands of hair touch my face.

Overall, I'm very happy with its performance because it does give my face a hassle-free smooth finish! I only needed like two minutes to cover my whole face - which is such a time saver when it comes to doing my base makeup!

I would rate this 4 out of 5
as it does provide me with almost everything I need for base makeup!

Anti Darkening Cushion is priced at RM104.83, inclusive of GST online and in-stores.

Flat Lipsticks

  • Provides delicate, defining finish with flat shaped stick which prevents colours from feathering or bleeding
  • Captivating colour expression & high-impact finish, only with a single touch
  • Highly pigmented formula delivers brilliant look of colour

These flat lipsticks come in 2 FINISHES: VELVET & GLOSSY
VELVET: Silky Texture System
  • ‘Silicon cross polymer’ that feels weightless & non-sticky, makes the texture glide over by filling up the fine lines of the lips.
  • ‘Oil gel’ creates silky smooth, wrinkle-free lips.
  • Enabling matt, powdery finish

GLOSSY: High Glossy Polymer Network
  • A ‘Polymer network’ is built when the formula is applied to the skin. It helps pigments to fit onto the lips and coats the surface evenly. Eventually, this results in an ultra-glossy shine and intense colour expression.
  • Enabling moisturizing finish, excellent gloss without stickiness.

Moisturization: Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, 
Trouble relief: Calendula Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil


At first sight, they look exactly like marker pens to me!
Especially when paired with a notepad, it does bring back my school days nostalgia.

Upon opening the cap, the top of the lipstick is ACTUALLY FLAT (hence the name flat lipsticks, duh~). With a flat top, it does add to the ease of application because it can double as a lip liner as well for precise application.

This is how you actually use the lipsticks.
Draw an X on your top lips to emphasize your cupid's bow and colour in accordingly!

Highlighter pen, maybe?




CR01 Gemstone Coral

OR01 Punch Orange

PK01 Lily Pink

PK02 Rococo Pink

RD01 New York Red

RD02 Berry Up Red


BE01 Solar Beige

PK01 Rose Pink

PK02 Be My Pink

RD01 London Red

RD02 Darjeeling Red

RD03 Cassis Red




I apologize if the velvet finish turned out glossy instead because I tried using with a lip balm underneath to rehydrate my lips! Proves that if you prefer glossier finishes, you can put on a hydrating lip balm underneath for a touch of shine!

The lipstick lasts a really long time even without touchups! I like that the lipsticks colours are bright and vivid (my style). I usually prefer pigmented instead of muted colours because that's the point of wearing lipstick, yes? I sometimes don only base makeup, some mascara and blusher with a touch of lip colour then I'm set to go out (or just to snap some photos lol).

My personal favourite of all the shades is 💗 Lily Rose 💗 (glossy finish) because it somehow gives me a young innocent look

I would rate this 4 out of 5
for easy application, its longevity and great colour selections!

Flat Lipsticks are priced at RM45.00 each, inclusive of GST.




The Face Shop has close to 50 outlets in Malaysia and you can also shop for them online at

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