A new drugstore brand has landed in Caring Pharmacy, Malaysia and here is my take on the HITS & MISSES of Bell HYPOAllergenic!

By Grace Myu - January 09, 2018

Bell is a Polish makeup brand that has just entered the Malaysia market - they are now exclusively available in Caring Pharmacies. I only heard of them recently but apparently they have been in the drugstore scene for over 30 years now. It's only recently in 2014 that Bell introduced Bell Hypoallegenic - the first hypoallergenic line of colour cosmetics on the Polish market which is targetted for people with sensitive skin. 

I was fortunate to be able to try out 10 items from Bell Hypoallergenic before they hit the shelves thus I have categorized them to Hits and Misses. Scroll down to see what's worth checking out and what you can skip from Bell Hypoallegenic!


1. Hypoallergenic Mat & Soft Make-Up HYPOAllergenic Mattifying Fluid RM59.90 

I am pretty surprised how much I like this foundation! I have dry sensitive skin, thus I'm pretty wary of matt foundations because they would usually cling to the dry patches around my nose and it would dissolve around the nose area by the end of the day. This foundation does NOT do that, in fact it leaves a light, oil-free, satin-like finish that does not clog my pores. The coverage is medium for one layer and you can build up second layer to full coverage. 

Scent wise, this foundation has no scent at all - which is great because sensitive skin people would usually be allergic to fragrance!
I also like that I sometimes can skip concealer because the coverage is sufficient for me to achieve a flawless face with just this foundation alone.

2. HYPOAllergenic Lip Primer RM27.90

Small but MIGHTY! For about a month now, I have been using this little gem as a lip primer AND eye primer. It instantly mattifies the area and it gives a good base for that POP of colour! I would safely say this is my MOST FAVOURITE PRODUCT of the brand, and I use this religiously like a nun says her prayers.

3. HYPOAllergenic Eyebrow Styling Set RM39.90 (1, 2, 3)

This kit comes with 2 brow shades (great to achieve that ombre effect), 1 clear wax, 1 spoolie and 1 slanted brush. It is really travel friendly as it is also lightweight and small (no bigger than the palm of my hand).

4. HYPOAllergenic Creamy Lipstick RM45.90 (02, 05, 06, 07, 08, 11, 12, 25)

Though it is on the pricier side of drugstore lipsticks, I felt that the creamy formula justifies it. Also the pigmentation is bright and suitable for Asian skintones. It is really transfer-proof as it is a bullet cream lipstick afterall, but the longevity of the colour is there even after a light bite. Reapplication is easy as your lips will not dry out and leave dead skin.
♡( •ॢ◡-ॢ)✧˖° ♡

5. HYPOAllergenic Skin Camouflage Concealer RM45.90


I like that this concealer comes in 4 different shades in one product, to target different imperfections! Green hides vascular lesions and redness (like skin irritations/eczema) while pink brightens the area and conceals signs of fatigue. Beige tones hides skin imperfections such as acne scars. 


1. HYPOAllergenic Lightening Concealer RM39.90 (01, 02, 03)

I picked 01 to use it for my undereyes area. It comes out a bit chunky from the wand, not as liquidity as I would have liked it to. It is a little hard to blend with the default brush thus I had to use my Real Techniques sponge to blend it out. It is fine after that but the concealer does crease my under eyes area abit even before I set it with loose powder so this is no go for me, sorry!

2. HYPOAllergenic Modelling Blush RM35.90 (1, 2, 3)

As pretty the packaging may look, don't be deceived by its good looks! It is hard to dust this out using my makeup brush, and it does take quite awhile to get it on my cheeks evenly. However once its on, it does gives a nice glow on my face. I actually like this blush but because of its time consuming application, I rather opt for something else. I'm sure ladies who are always on the go would agree with me on this.

3. HYPOAllergenic Nude Eyeshadow RM39.90 (01, 02, 03)

This looks promising for me however this pigmentation is close to none for 3 out of 5 shades here. The better ones are the satin shades instead of the matte ones so if you're looking for something soft, this is for you. Else you can skip this. Oh, do remember to use the lip primer I mentioned earlier so that it has better longevity on your eyes.

4. HYPOAllergenic Waterproof Mascara RM39.90

This did nothing for me. I had high hopes for this as the wand looks promising but I was disappointed as it didn't help my thin Asian lashes even when I primed it with lash primer. Sad.

5. HYPOAllergenic Tint Eyeliner Pen RM39.90

This looks foolproof enough and it has a long and firm felt tip. However it is not as black as I would have liked it to be and then since it claims to be half permanent with 24 hours wear time, it does leave a faint gray stain even after removing with oil-based waterproof eye makeup remover. I personally don't like that and I would like ALL my makeup to come off when I take it off.


Bell HYPOAllergenic is made for sensitive skin and is currently exclusively available in Malaysia at 21 selected Caring Pharmacies. Its price range is from RM29.90 to RM59.90. It's imported under Teeni Enterprise, who also holds the license for Canmake, Palladio, D.UP Japan, LB Cosmetics, Kocostar and LAF Seoul.

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  1. Hello. What shade do you wear in the Bell Mat¬soft make-up base?