REVIEW: Philips Prestige StyleCare Auto Curler

By Grace Myu - December 15, 2017

It's review time again and in this blogpost I will be sharing my thoughts on the

Frankly speaking, the reason why you hardly see me in curls is because -

1) My hair is thick and unruly. It takes at least 20-30 minutes to curl my each section of my hair properly. Thus it is too TIME CONSUMING to make my whole crowning glory look good thus making me lazy to reach for the curling wand.

2) I sometimes mess up thus it can become a (bad) messy situation. I lack the skill to curl properly. Instead of having salon-made curls, I have poodle curls.

So I was looking to buy a new, hassle-free hair curler and the only auto curler I know is from Babyliss and it costs around RM800+!!! The price would cause a huge dent to my bank account thus that's the reason why I have been holding back all these while.

 Then some good news came . . . . . Philips recently launched THIS *NEW* AUTO CURLER.

Philips, a well-known household brand develops a hair curler. Now this would be of quality and of course, efficient and reliable. I have used Philips hair dryers and hair tools in the past and I know I can count on the quality.


Some of the outstanding features are:
  • Smart curling system - It has a beeping system to indicate time's up
  • Huge barrel for 2x more hair in one go - Ideal for people with thick hair
  • Vertical grip instead of horizontal for better ergonomic hold
  • Smart curl guards - Never again burn your fingers or ears because only the insides of the barrel is heated - which is specially made for your hair!

. . . . .  and the retail price is RM629! Not too bad for an auto curler!


My hair type is thick and coarse (from all the colouring and bleaching). It could take me a good 30 minutes to curl each section of my unruly locks and they can sometimes get tangled in between.

My hair is currently at my elbow's length and the pictures below demonstrate how thick my hair truly is.


This is how my hair looks like within 10 minutes of using the Philips Auto Curler. It really is a DREAM COME TRUE for thick hair like mine!

It does give me symmetry and evenly distributed curls that I always long for! I feel this is because the timing is one of the most important factors to give an even look and I somehow always mistime myself!

Here's my ratings for this Auto Curler:

Efficacy: 5/5 - it can do curls in such a short amount of time!
Variety: 4/5 - can't do small curls
User Interface: 5/5 - pretty straightforward with good labels
Ergonomics: 5/5 - made with the intent of not making our arms feel tired YASSS!
Price: 3/5 - still on the pricey side

You can get this Auto Curler at any Philips Experience Store or check out this link on the "Where To Buy" section to learn more!

This is not a sponsored post however, I received this Auto Curler as part of PR initiatives.

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