A Healthy Home Starts with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water

By Grace Myu - September 14, 2017

Hello readers!

Today I'll be writing something important that we need in our everyday lives!
As you can tell from the blog title, I'll be sharing with you about my experience with

It has been exactly ONE FULL YEAR since I installed Diamond Coral into my home.
So you can trust that I have been using water from this filter long enough to give a thorough and detailed review!

A little background:
Health scientists found that most of the common health problems are the consequences of acidic physique, natural alkaline water provides alkaline minerals that fit our body needs and thus reduce health problems caused by acidic physique.

Here's the recommended daily water intake --
Adults should drink about 2.5-3 liters (about 8-10 cups daily)
Children should drink about 1-1.5 liters (about 3-5 cups daily)
of water respectively.

Today I'll jump straight right in on the differences I observed in myself and my family members after consuming Diamond Coral alkaline water on a daily basis for a year.

  • As I have a serious problem of constipation, I realized my stool has become softer and I do not suffer constipation as often any longer.
  • My skin is noticeably clearer, softer and more radiant.

  • My boyfriend uses Diamond water spray on his palms to calm an eczema rash and it healed quickly!
  • He also uses the spray on his face and has lesser breakouts.
  • My mom claims that she feels healthier and more energetic. She also claims that her skin is more hydrated and clearer compared to last time.
  • Our pets' fur is growing thicker and healthier.

  • Brewing tea using Diamond Coral water is tastier.
  • Fish has less foul smell after rinsing.


Here's what the inside of the water filter looks like -- it has 6 separate filters for specific function.

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter Malaysia

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter Malaysia

So to maintain it, I only need to remove Filter A (as labelled) and wash it using a provided scrub gently. Using soap is prohibited because it will alter the filter's properties thus spoiling it.


The company also provided me with a portable Diamond Miracle water spray, filled with small ceramic balls -- how thoughtful! Since I am such a beauty junkie, this really maximizes the usage of my newly installed alkaline water!

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter Malaysia

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter Malaysia

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter Malaysia

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter Malaysia

Diamond Miracle Spray is made to balance skin hydration (outer layers of skin). It helps to maintain makeup and offers constant freshness and purity. This is great especially for touch ups throughout the day and while travelling long haul flights!

If you must know, the ceramic balls can be reused. They only need to be rinsed with hot water once a year to maintain its high performance.


If you are looking a superior water filter for your home,
you can try Diamond Coral for FREE for the first 60 DAYS
You could copy and paste my blog URL as an Introducer when redeeming your free trial

This blogpost is brought to you by Diamond Coral Malaysia. However, thoughts and opinions expressed are truly my own.

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