Shop at Hermo and Pay with Cash with MOLpay at 7-Eleven!

By Grace Myu - June 12, 2017

Hermo Malaysia MOLpay cash payment at 7 Eleven

Hermo612 Sale is here! 

I was stalking on the shopping site for days, camping out on the best deals for beauty products, especially from Maybelline, NYX and Sleek! Hermo also recently launched Benefit Cosmetics on the site few days ago, so there's so much more to see and browse!

Do you sometimes to prefer to pay by cash? No time to go to the bank to deposit money?
You can now select MOLPayCash as your payment method when you shop on Hermo!

MOLPay is the payment gateway for Southeast Asia. Tips to have hassle-free shopping? 

Step 1:
Select product(s) on to be purchased. 

Step 2:
Checkout your Shopping Cart and select 7-Eleven under Payment Method.


Step 3: 
Print screen your transaction ID

Hermo Malaysia MOLpay cash payment at 7 Eleven

Step 4:
Make payment within 48 hours at your nearest 7-Eleven that has a MOLpay sticker in front of the outlet.



So happy now that I can just walk in any 7-Eleven to do my online shopping anytime because 7-Eleven is OPEN 24 HOURS!!

Are you excited as I am for this? Btw if you didn't know, you can also share your Hermo haul on Instagram (#hermomy) and Hermo Beauty Wall to earn points! I always do so and now I have enough for another haul 😝

If you haven't heard of Hermo, get your headstart here from me - CLICK HERE.

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