Clarins launches Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Control

By Grace Myu - May 08, 2017

Back in February, I was one of the two bloggers who were invited to be part of Clarins Media Trip to Port Dickson, in conjunction of the new Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Control launch. By now I guess you could tell that I really enjoy using Clarins products, because I keep featuring them on my blog 😃

Body Fit is a body lotion (I only came to learn that Clarins also have a body line when I attended this event!), aimed to target cellulites. Body Fit minimizes the appearance of cellulite while refining, instantly lifting and reshaping the body's contours. Developed through Clarins research, quince leaf extract targets the three main factors responsible for the appearance of cellulite for visibly refined contours.

Here's some of the ingredients found in the product --

Quince leaf extract: targets adipocytes responsible for the appearance of cellulite.
Extracts of celosia, baccharis and water mint: help reduce the growth of fat tissue.
Caffeine: slimming properties.
Horse chestnut: optimises the draining effect.
Sunflower phospholipids: maintain hydration and skin comfort.


^ das me in white, holding my phone

Application Directions:
Apply in the morning and/or at night with gentle smoothing motions, working from the ankles up to the waist, and paying extra attention to the thighs, hips and buttocks. 
There is also a detailed Clarins Self-Massage Body Contouring Method described in the leaflet that comes together with the bottle when you purchase.

Exercise Time! 

Fitness Instructor Nana Al Haleq (who also has a huge Instagram following of 154k currently) was our special guest that afternoon. She created a HIIT program that uses our own body weight as part of the routine.

Doing that famous Jen Selter squat pose #seltering

(^ I like how the photographer managed to elongate my legs here!)

Water Sports

Pic Credit: Street Love

Stole these pics from my fellow blogger friend Fiona, who happens to be the only other blogger invited for the media trip (the rest were from newspapers, magazines and digital publications)!

We were also part of a water sports activity which got my body really sore the next day hahaha.
Haven't been exercising as frequently as I should, which explains the condition lololol.

Personal Experience 

I typically use Body Fit right after I shower, just after my sweaty workout. I feel that the tingly sensations that it creates help stimulate in fat burning during post-recovery session. It smells good and it somehow feels therapeutic while applying it.

These anti-cellulite creams do work (especially those with aminophylline), because I have used some in the past and it has worked well with exercise. Personally, I find that if you were to use Body Fit without exercising, it would be a wasting the product's full potential because you would not be able to tell a noticeable difference.

As for me, to keep cellulites at bay, I have to incorporate cardio and weight exercises into my routine. Cardio alone is definitely not enough to get rid of them. I can see results as soon as two weeks with regular use!

So far I like using this, but I could also get something similar (AmiLean from MuscleMania) for a cheaper price, so I'm on the fence. AmiLean (RP RM170) can sometimes be Out of Stock, so Clarins Body Fit would be a good substitute, albeit a more expensive one. So I guess I'd resort to repurchasing only when AmiLean is OOS.


Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Control is now available online and in-stores at Clarins counters in Malaysia from May 2017 onwards. It retails at RM250 for 200ml.

^ random shots with my personal trainer bf because I can't resist posting good pics of the location!

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