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Clarins adds Acerola Fruit into the *NEW* White Plus skincare range

As one who have sensitive skin, perhaps you may want to avoid whitening or anti-aging skincare products to control unwanted breakouts or allergic reactions. I, for one tend to shy away from these because I truly understand the "pains" of having such conditions.


If you are looking for a whitening skincare regime, you'd be glad to know that Clarins has just launched a new line of whitening products, infused with ACEROLA - (that's the cherry fruit in layman terms) — specifically using the fruit and seed extracts from a cherry grown in Northeastern Brazil.



With 20 years of whitening expertise, Clarins has made a major scientific advance in understanding hyperpigmentation through the MELA-EXO-SYSTEM (the exosomes that carry the protein messengers that trigger the development of pigmentation; so that melanin is not over-produced) and discovered the acerola fruit extract. The seed extract meanwhile enhances cell oxygenation so the skin is more radiant and translucent.

Thus the new Clarins Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum is introduced.

It will be great with people with dark spots or hyperpigmentation, or those who want to avoid them from forming later on in life (as they say, prevention is always better than cure).


To find out more, Clarins cordially invites you to discover the new White Plus brightening regimen, to turn on a spotless glow!

“Turn on the glow” event details as per below, Clarins will have one to one skin check by their skincare specialist, customize samples, exclusive deals, games and more, throughout the event.

1. North Court Midvalley: 27 February – 5 March 2017
2. Skin Spa One Utama: 7 March – 12 March 2017


I've yet to try the product as I am currently on sticking on a basic skincare routine for my sensitive skin (apparently staying "basic" is working tremendously for me, I'll share with you my current upkeep soon, promise!).

But I've read that the serum is pretty fluid and absorbs quickly into the skin, so I'm really hoping to tap it on my face soon *fingers crossed*

White Plus Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum retails at RM350 (30ml) & RM460 (50ml) at Clarins counters nationwide. They are also available on their website and offer free shipping with purchase of RM250 and above!