Review: Laneige BB Cushion 2016 (3rd Gen) Pore Control + Whitening

By Grace Myu - October 05, 2016

I vividly remember the first time I heard about BB Cushions - 
I thought the idea was pretty absurd! 

The thought of spending a large chunk of money for something that would only last a few months didn't really seem like a wise decision for my wallet.

I was briefly introduced to BB Cushions only last year when I took part in Sulwhasoo's campaign;
I got to try their Perfecting Cushion and also meet
their renowned International Makeup Artist, Jamie Yoon.

Since then, I never thought I would be such a huge fan of cushions!
The ease of application (each cushion comes with a sponge applicator)
really draws me to reach for it almost every single day,
especially when I'm pressed for time
(or should I say.... out of time to run to the water tap to damp my Beauty Blender)!

I then understood why people all around the world were raving about this innovation - because of the convenience and coverage it gives for all types of skin!


Since last year, I had the opportunity to try popular
Korean BB Cushions out there in the market -
Sulwhasoo, Etude House, Moonshot Cosmetics, Innisfree...
and also the first BB Cushion inventor - LANEIGE!

I tried their second generation BB Cushion last year and
this year, Laneige came out with their third generation BB Cushion!
That may seem pretty quick but did you know that Laneige first produced cushions back in 2012?
Yep, it's been that long in the market!

Laneige, being the first runner in this game - came up with
2 types of BB Cushions -
Whitening (which offers dewy, colour correcting functions) and
Pore Control (which gives more coverage).

The best part is that they now come in 8 different shades for each type (YAY to more colour selections)!!!!!

With this production, Laneige added more shades to cater to ladies with darker skin tone
- Malaysian girls rejoice!

Laneige also redesigned their whole exterior AND interior packaging, which got me really giddy inside!


As you can see its cover has transformed into a psychedelic silver-rainbow coloured compact.

Upon opening the compact, you would see an air-puff applicator,
true to BB Cushion style - and a mirror.
Turning the lid open to the second layer,
you would then see a diamond-texture cushion inside.
It is "upgraded" from the previous generation to avoid spillage.

I always dislike the fact that some of the liquid would spill out
upon pressing the applicator onto the sponge.
I'm not sure how does Laneige hear my secret whiny thoughts,
but I guess many people have suffered similar fate, thus the improved design!
How clever!

Both Pore Control and Whitening BB Cushions come with the same blue air-puff applicator. It somehow could pick up just enough of product without over-soaking. This very same applicator can be folded into half (semi circle shape) and reach tight spots such the under eye area and sides of the nose.

Application is simply a breeze, believe me. 

The only difference between Whitening and Pore Control on the exterior packaging (to differentiate the cushion type) is the silver/blue rim on the cover. Also, you could at the back to see the descriptions of its type/shade.

Pictured above was a soap I DIY-ed during the launch event, with the help of Craftiviti!


Bare faced here.
See some post-acne spots along the sides of the nose, cheek and chin *bleh*

This is my face using both BB Cushions:
Whitening (1 layer) + Pore Control (2 layers)

Pretty Impressive eh?
I didn't use concealers/setting powder for this look.
I layered on the Whitening to colour correct first, then move on to Pore Control for coverage.

The coverage for these two when used together is medium coverage. I could still see discolouration from my acne scars but I think it did a pretty good job at concealing my pores 

I find the coverage a little sheer for my liking, especially if I were to go out for events. But then again I shouldn't be wishing too hard as this product is marketed as a Beauty Balm after all, rather than a Foundation. BBs are still generally used as a colour corrector/first skin layer before pounding on the heavy stuff such as foundation/concealer/powder.

Despite the little setback, I still myself reaching for these two babies every time I go out for short errands and social meetings. They truly are really easy to use, lightweight and fuss-free.


Are these the best BB Cushions I tried so far?
Well, I can safely say that Laneige is in my Top 2 brands, after Moonshot Cosmetics.

For me, Moonshot offers awesome coverage and finish, even as a BB Cushion.
I'd probably write about them soon - the GD Cushion and Dara Cushion.
(If you don't know, Moonshot Cosmetics are under YG Entertainment, the group responsible for Korean superstars such as PSY, 2NE1, Bigbang, etc).


If you're a fan of BB Cushions, you should really look into Laneige. No matter how ridiculously priced BB Cushions are, I'd still safely say that they are worth the investment because of its simplicity and efficacy. 

However if you have to choose ONLY ONE TYPE FIRST, I'd say go for the Pore Control
because it has better longevity and coverage.

If you wanna save some bucks (get RM5 off and RM30 worth of new member discounts, to be exact), you could always head on to Althea's website because they always,
and are cheaper than retail *ahem* At the same time, you could use my referral link by clicking here. Althea ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and soon Thailand!


Retail Price:
BB Cushion_Whitening (15g x 2), RM159
BB Cushion_Pore Control (15g x 2), RM159
Both compacts come with a refill so you'd be able to reap the most benefits.

If you've been reading this far, I'd like to take the time to thank you! Let me know if you find this post useful, or if you want me to review other BB Cushions so that you can stay informed!

Til then, see you again at my next post!


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