[AD] The Non-Alcohol, Alternative Red Wine: Nano Reserva

By Grace Myu - April 26, 2016

I actually have been working wayyyyy before I even graduated. Since my uni days, I was one half of an events company, running bazaars. Back then, I was always seen as the "lady boss" (or you could say the Anti-Social because I always reject social gatherings) because I was always replying texts non-stop to customers and running out of class occasionally to answer important phone calls. Rarely do I ever have time to take time out to chill out with my girlfriends, or even go for a holiday for that matter.

I was always seen either on the phone or on the laptop, as the online part of the business solely depended on me. I was sitting very long hours at cafes - learning marketing strategies, building an online presence, watching tutorials on how to use Photoshop, creating proposals, replying emails and so on. Basically I was leading a sedentary lifestyle without me realizing it. 

I was a scholarship student and I needed to maintain good grades. But at the same time, another part of my life was taking off and seemed to be going faster than I imagined. Running a business of that scale and having that much of responsibility burns you quicker that you can ever imagine. And little did I know that also took a toll on my health.

Because of that, I was not paying attention to what I eat - always ordering the same thing over and over again. I see food as a means of small daily rewards for getting tasks done on time and for delivering a good job. Everytime I step into a restaurant, I would order rice, my favourite Chinese dishes and sweet iced tea (or Teh Ais, as Malaysians would fondly know as) - always extra sweet. I always look forward to meal times every day because it was then I could only afford short breaks from work and school. This was all way back in 2010-2012 era.

Sadly, those were the years when I packed on 10 kilograms. I was weighing about 50kgs when I first stepped into uni and close to 60kg when I stepped out. Of course, it is impossible to hide 10kgs of fats. Friends around me noticed, but didn't want to say anything in fear it would hurt my feelings. I can see it in their eyes, their astonished look when they look at the "new" me. It hurted me, because that was the first time ever I felt THAT overweight and I really didn't know how to deal with it. Even my own family would drop hints that I have expanded and it can never come off subtly when one is feeling that insecure and vulnerable.

The weighing scale always seem to be heading up, up, up and I honestly have NO clue on how to get back to my original state. Heck, I was starting to worry excessively because I was not even trying to lose baby weight lol! I was just a clueless girl, wanting to look slender and slim, just so I could wear beautiful clothes and actually look good in them. 




Fast forward to today, I have managed to lose all that excess weight thanks to exercise and eating clean. Sounds familiar right? I'm sure you have read this line over and over and it's nothing new to you, BUT trust me, IT WORKS. That's why it's been repeated so many times, by so many different individuals.

Even after losing the weight, I still am trying to maintain this figure by working out regularly and making better eating choices. I usually avoid bad carbs and sugar, and everything else is all in moderation. I also avoid alcohol, especially beer because it's all bad calories.

Recently, I chanced upon an opportunity to experience non-alcoholic red wine by Nano Japan.
NON-ALCOHOLIC red wine, you say?
Yes, I didn't really believed what I read either.

Here's some interesting facts about NANO RESERVA:
  1. Japan's first non-alcoholic red wine that uses an advanced distillation biotechnology
  2. Won 3 years consecutively for Europe highest level of Monde Selections' Grand Gold Award for Beauty & Slimming Drink Supplement
  3. 1 glass of NANO RESERVA = 7 cups of red wine health & beauty benefits!
  4. Uses Pinot Noir grapes, the black grapes that contains the highest amount of anti-oxidant
  5. Accelerates fat burning 3 times faster
  6. Anti-aging and improves skin health 6 times longer lasting
  7. Promotes better blood circulation and radiance
  8. Fall asleep faster and improves sleep quality

I find it very interesting with all the beauty and slimming (brownie points!!) benefits it claims, so I decided to give it a try!

It is advised to drink 40 to 50ml everyday after meals and while it is most suitable for people above the age of 30, there is no restrictions.

Can be taken by children 6 years and up (once a week), because it's both alcohol and sugar-free.

Safe for pregnant or lactating mothers. 

It's certified organic, halal and vegan-friendly.

Just a kind reminder, if you are on medication/drugs, please consume Nano Resvera at least 2 hours apart to avoid any internal conflicts. Otherwise, it is perfectly safe to be consume by everyone!

I like to enjoy a glass every night before I sleep, I sometimes drink more than the recommended dosage because it just tastes TOO GOOD!!
And I feel not guilty at all because there is NO SUGAR




So few months into drinking NANO RESERVA, I can conclude that it is indeed very rewarding!
The only downside I could think of is.... it finishes too quickly since it is non-alcoholic (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ )ƅ̋

I took these photos after indulging the beauty drink (I swear no photoshop going on!) and I did not change my lifestyle throughout the duration. I also can vouch for the better sleep quality claim because I noticed that I fall asleep easily and more soundly !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

If you are not convinced, here's a closer comparison and more detailed explanation of NANO RESERVA --

In short, maintaining a slender figure need not always be so depressing. There is always a non-alcoholic yummy drink on standby in my fridge for those nights I need rewarding ヽ(๑╹ڡ╹๑) /

There is also an option to drink a glass during menstruating days to reduce PMS (uhuh) or bringing a bottle (or two!) for staycation is just perfect! And since this doesn't contain any sugar, it's a great gift option for friends who are health freaks (we all have THAT ONE FRIEND)!

If you are keen to find out more, head on over to Qoo10 to see more deeds and order yourself a bottle today!

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  1. Ohh I'm excited!!! I want to try this. 😍 Is there a shop I can get it from instead of online?

    1. Hi Eve! Currently they're only available online on Qoo10.sg, no word on physical stores yet. Lemme know if u eventually tried it n your thoughts 😔

  2. Can you give me a link from where you buy this?

    1. http://list.qoo10.sg/item/NANO-JAPAN-GET-A-WOW-LOOK-FOR-2016-LIMITED/413186349

  3. Hi there,

    do you recomend drinking more than a glass a day?

    I been consuming about 2mths and its really showing great results..