"Laser + IPL Facial" at Glo Laser Centre, Mid Valley

By Grace Myu - February 18, 2016

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If you have been following my blog and social media for quite some time, you will notice that I hardly talk about getting a facial. Well, that's because I really have sensitive skin and I'm terrified of facials to be honest. I fear that my skin condition will worsen and I don't like to idea of "treating" my face post-facial, it kinda defeats the purpose of getting a facial in the first place, doesn't it? So far, the only place I enjoy getting a facial is at Aster Spring (because Dermalogica products work wonderfully on my skin) and other than that, I have not found any other efficient facial place, until now.

Glo Laser Centre is unlike any other regular facial place. First of all, it only does "laser" facials. Unlike your regular "squeeze, pinch, extract" technique, you get a more advanced facial, with lasers included. So this is more sophisticated than your regular face extraction, and less disruptive than invasive medical skin laser treatments.

Secondly, the pain is so minimal compared to face extractions and invasive lasers! There is no downtime.... and I didn't experience any kind of redness post-treatment! (How amazing is that?!)

Third, the nanosecond pulse delivery of the multi-wavelength laser stimulates long term collagen remodeling, something which traditional facial treatments and creams are unable to do. Seriously, this is the main reason ♥ I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS TREATMENT ♥
Also, did I mentioned that this treatment is

Some other visible improvements I noticed:

  1. Lesser redness
  2. Tighter pores; especially on nose and cheeks
  3. Smoother skin complexion (even skin tone)
  4. Lesser pore congestion
  5. Lesser breakouts
  6. Skin regeneration; my skin heals faster
  7. Overall face radiance

A Brief Walkthrough

My current skin has been suffering lately, especially after my year end vacay at China. Not sure if it's the weather adaption (it was 2 Celcius degrees at night there) or post travelling stress, but my skin hasn't been at its optimum ever since returning back to Malaysia.

If you look closely, I always have enlarged pores especially on my nose and cheeks. Pimples come and go but the one above my lips, near my laugh line was there for quite sometime and doesn't want to seem to leave. And when it comes to that time of the month, pimples also start to pop up on my chin area.

Getting a treatment slot is fairly quick and easy, especially at the Mid Valley branch on weekdays. There isn't any prior reservation required. It's more like a first come, first served basis. And since each treatment area only takes 15 minutes, you really don't have to wait too long  before it's your turn.

The outlet caters both to males and females, so yes you can bring your partner along while getting a facial treatment! :)

And since it's unisex, they don't encourage removing your clothing pieces, even though each room is separated. My advice to you is to wear something like a sleeveless top, a spaghetti top, or best wear a tube top, if you are planning to treat your neck and/or decolletage area.

You don't have to necessarily remove your eye makeup, but I did not put on any during my visits anyway because I always visit Mid Valley to solely get my facial done.

Upon entering the room, you just need to leave your shoes and bag in the basket on the floor and lie on the treatment bed. Remove any facial piercings and the beautician will start with washing your face.

Here I am getting SkinFix on my face.

And now onto my lips. A kissing pose is necessary to get into all corners and folds on the lips.

( ˘ ³˘)

After the laser machine, comes the IPL flashes for face.

And lastly, a thorough skin cleanup and moisturization before exiting.

My Experience

After getting my face cleaned, we begin by getting my eyes were covered and protected (this is a normal procedure for getting laser procedures). It was TOTAL darkness and pitch BLACK and I seriously didn't know what to expect!! I could only use my imagination to have a grasp of what happens for the next hour (I was getting my face, neck lips and decolletage done). My sights have been temporarily taken away and honestly, I was starting to feel a little nervous at this point.

The beautician started off with testing the laser intensity on the back of my hand - to give me an idea of what to expect. When the laser first made contact with my skin, it sounded like a ping-pong ball, going back and forth REALLY QUICKLY! I appreciate that the beautician help announced all the areas before getting on to it because I like to mentally prepare myself. (Getting facial laser for the first time was pretty intense for me! I caught myself sweating even at midpoint because I really didn't know what to expect next!)

For my first visit, I was foretold that there will be some kind of unpleasant smell being emitted during the laser treatment. This is due to dead bacteria vapourizing and this "smell" will lessen after every treatment. I'd like to think of it of bad dead cells dying heh! But through my experience, it smells a little of burnt skin. The first time I sniffed it, it was really intense. But I was told that I was the only one who could smell it and it is not detectable by others in the same room, even the beautician. I was also informed that my facial hair will lose pigments - become white, to be precise (yay for no sightly mustaches!) and this will be good for smoothing out skin tone unevenness.

The feeling I felt on my face was like tiny insects crawling all over. I was sweating throughout the treatment because I was crazy nervous! The first 2 treatments was crazy for me, but by the time it reached my 3rd treatment, I was so used to it until I almost fell asleep lol. Pain intensity will be different for varying parts of the face. But if you have a nose piercing like me, BE WARNED! The skin around my right side of the whole nose is super sensitive thus I felt like a lightning zap as thick as a needle - on my nose! However not all who has a nose piercing experience this unpleasant surprise. So far, it's only me (according to the people who work there) and it's presumed that I have a lot of pain nerves that area. So now the difference in pore size can be seen since my nose ring area is completely avoided lol.

When I thought I could catch a breather after the laser is over, I WAS WRONG!!! I forgot there's that dreaded but essential IPL flash lights. I thought I can almost see heaven because I can "see" the bright lights even when I'm blindfolded! However the IPL flashes are not one bit painful, just plain

After a full hour of total darkness, (and some scary bright lights) the blindfold was finally lifted up. I felt a huge sense of relief because it felt like I was going to be blind when the laser reaches close to the eye areas.

By the time of writing, I have already done SkinFix on my face, decolletage, neck and lips area; each 3 times now. So you can say that I have gotten use to the feeling and a lot less anxious when I step into the room now haha.

Each visit interval was one week. You can see my pimple scar fading away and my lips more plump by the 3rd visit. (Click pic to enlarge)

I felt that the whole treatment is so much advanced compared to traditional facials. I only miss old school extractions, because with that I could feel all the blackheads gone hehs.

My skin felt really good after the treatment that even the girl at Benefit (who was about to do my brows the same day) noticed the difference. She kept asking which foundation/powder I used, which was in fact non-existence at all!! (I went to Mid Valley to solely get a facial, so naturally I went back home barefaced)

If you think I'm exaggerating on the positives, I found that there is even a Lowyat Forum dedicated discussion thread on Glo Laser Centres. If you want to read up on what some others truly feel about this, it gives you an honest neutral overview (and most of which are positive).

What I also like about the centre is the hospitality and non-pushy salespeople. Not that I was made to buy packages, but I could see other customers being very relaxed and chilled throughout their time there.

You can learn more on Glo Laser at glolasercentres.com or visit them at these locations:

Mid Valley (F-081, First Floor, South Court) +60 (0)3 2201 0273

One Utama (S129, Second Floor) +60 (0)3 7722 1280

Sunway Pyramid (LG1.85, Lower Ground 1) +60 (0)3 5613 6820

Cheras Leisure Mall (L1-02 & 03) +60 (0)3 9130 2299

Now comes the best part of all: a little something special for you!

Glo Laser Skin is kind enough to offer YOU (new customers to Glo)

RM 188 for 2 laser facial treatments
1 free neck treatment
All you need to is quote my code GRACEGLO

I hope 2016 will be more beautiful year for you!

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