Booking Beauty Salon and Spa Near You with Bfab!

By Grace Myu - January 29, 2016

Being a total beauty junkie, visits to salons to get my hair, nails and IPL fixes are a MUST! Aside from hitting the gym, I visit my generous sponsors every month without fail to upkeep my physical appearances (I'm not gonna lie, they ARE the reason I look extra good!) and often times, to prep me before a BIG EVENT!

I'm not sure about you, but last time before I was bestowed with such generosity, I used to be reaalllyyy thrifty with my beauty expenditures. I used to hog onto Groupon long hours to find the cheapest deals for hair colouring, nail spa, and so on. Of course, being a student with a tight budget that time, I had very limited (financial) resources and the Internet didn't offer such services where we can see each salon's ratings. Trust me, I have been the cheapest of cheapskates to try the lowest priced deals..... and I'm really not proud to say that - I didn't enjoy many of them. Reason being: they had poor customer service, hidden extra costs, bad hygiene AND limited time slots (hate this the factor most! It's like I bought a deal but unable to use it because they cannot accommodate to my timing ughhh).

Recently with the rise of startups (especially in Malaysia), there is hope for us beauty junkies with limited time to spare to look good (as you know, looking good IS time consuming and they say there are no ugly women, only lazy ones...)!!!

Today, booking beauty salon and spa near you could not be any easier with Bfab!

At the moment, Bfab is in beta stage and is limited to Klang Valley area. However, they have quite a few vendors that are pretty popular such as A Cut Above, Peekaboo, Replacement Boutique X Salon, Frank Salon, Kimarie, Mandara Spa, The Sompoton Spa, Amante Spa, Beyond Beauty, Bubble Gum Wax, etc.

What I personally enjoy about the site is that there are filters on the sidebar to check location, price range, and which type of services you desire, with its availability to scale down quickly.

The list of services and price is pretty transparent on the site, as you can see below (I was looking for a place for Eyelash Extensions for the coming Chinese New Year preparations) at A Cut Above, Pavilion --

Since the site is pretty new, everything is mostly on testing grounds. Which means to say that first batch of customers will usually be honored and feedback is greatly appreciated!

And to reward users for tapping into this site, Bfab is having a LAUNCH PROMO to commemorade with its inaugural beta site launch!

- Bfab launch promo -
Use the code “BFABNOW”
at and get 20% off EVERYTHING on Bfab till 29 February 2016.
This code is useable for up to 4 bookings!

I'm going to book my lash extensions soon (and this will be my very first time trying lash extensions), so wish me luck!!!

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