Post Full 6x Brazilian IPL Experience @ Strip Mid Valley

By Grace Myu - December 25, 2015

Just a quick update on my 6 months journey – I am now almost furless :3

Well, 6 months passed like a breeze, really! Every month, I check into Strip and spend about 1 hour each session and by the last 2 appointments, the duration has been reduced to 30-mins because there isn’t much hair left!

Read more about my monthly Brazilian IPL @ Strip visit here!

How do I feel being “hairless”?

Honestly, and to be real real frank – I AM ECSTATIC! I can now wear tight swimwear or even gym clothes without being fearful of any hair strands poking out, and I don’t need to be tugging A N Y T H I N G because now I’m hair free!

Do I recommend it?

Only if you enjoy being hairless and don’t want to worry about tugging every now and then! Money will be well spent.

How to Choose the Best Place to get Brazilian IPL?

Think about hygiene. Think about how one bad unclean experience can ruin your whole life. Because that region is one of the most precious area, you’d want to leave it to a professional, and of course, a reputable one too. You can actually read up and always ask more if you have any concerns, so that you are well informed before actually committing to one.

Did you know that Strip Kuala Lumpur doesn't practice double dipping? It's not using the same stick twice, dipped onto the wax pot for hygiene purposes. Find out more at

Last Piece of Advice:

Do talk to your partner (if you have one) and ask how he feels about it. If he has hinted that he doesn’t enjoy less hair (but who doesn’t?), then I say stay away, because the only other person who will be enjoying the view is your partner after all.

When life gives you lemons... Btw special limited edition flavours till the end of Dec at Strip Kuala Lumpur STRIP Ministry Of Waxing for soft wax: Whitening Lemon and Cooling Cucumber!! Remember to mention my name to get your 30% off for first timers for waxing services.

Btw, Strip's Summer Wax Campaign - 
it is now extended to 28 Feb 2016! 

Dare to bare this summer! The heat is on, so strip off with STRIP’s limited edition Whitening Lemon Wax and Moisturizing Cucumber Wax. Based on STRIP’s current well-loved wax formula, these new waxes are packed with the healing powers of aloe vera and chamomile so sensitive skin is not aggravated, and offer the added beauty benefits of brightening and hydrating skin as well. 

Infused with the uplifting scent of lemon and bergamot, STRIP’s Whitening Lemon Wax contains lemon extract to lighten and brighten your skin with regular use. It is recommended that you apply a brightening lotion such as SCO Ace Cream a day after your treatment for best results.

This soothing concoction of cucumber-scented wax is perfect for those with drier skin. Calming ingredients such as cucumber and aloe extract also ensure that tender and sensitive skin feels more supple and moisturized after each treatment. It is recommended that you apply a soothing and moisturizing lotion such as Ice Cream a day after your treatment for best results.

You can experience either of these waxes at RM88 for a Brazilian and RM98 for a Boyzilian. What’s more, there’s a 20% discount if you purchase our SCO Ace Cream during this period!

*Prices RM88/RM98 are before 6% GST (valid for existing and first time customers). Promos are for one-time redemption only. SCO Cream promo while stocks last.

So that concludes my journey!
Merry Christmas & start the New Year with a bang, everyone!

Lot T602, 3rd Floor Mezzanine, Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Call +6 03-2283 5575 / 79
Instagram @stripmalaysia

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