My Double Eyelids Stitching Surgery Procedure (Blepharoplasty)

By Grace Myu - October 01, 2015

Double eyelids, it's such an Asian thing that it is no longer taboo when you mention it. About 10 years ago, everything was super hush-hush that not many will admit to going under the knife but fast forward today, everyone that has gone through it are willing to share their story (especially bloggers!). So let's cut to the chase and let's get into details of how my surgery went!

Reader Discretion:
This post may contain gory pics of the surgery, so view at your own discretion!


Left: Without Casio ZR3500 beauty filter (0) // Right: With Casio ZR3500 beauty filter (+12)

As you can see in the above pic - even with the beauty filter - both my eyes are imbalanced (one is monolid, the other has a double lid) and the eye bags are really severe that filters can't even help me in totally covering up ze eye bags. 

Today I'll be sharing my double eyelids surgery experience and save the eyebags removal for another time. (I have gotten Dr Ko Specialist to take care of that, too)

The Story of My Imbalanced Eyelids
I remember the time when my eyelids started to become imbalanced. All my childhood pictures showed pretty symmetrical eyes so I know this can happen in the middle of your lifetime, somehow.

I was 18, and I was starting to get into part-time modelling (it was HUGE at that time), and there I was on set with fellow amateur makeup artist and photographers, all doing TFCD. The makeup artist places a pair of false eyelashes on me and it was the most uncomfortable feeling ever (it was also my first time using falsies). The whole shoot was really uneasy because of that THING that made my eyes C R A Z Y!

After I remove them falsies, I felt one of my eyes could never open properly and I thought it would go away in a couple of days.

That imbalance eyelids just stayed on and the feeling of discomfort just turned into a routine that I could no longer feel any uneasiness (YIKESSS!!!)

So that's how my eyelids became imbalanced (unwantedly) so if you ever experience somewhat similar discomfort, be prepared for what's coming next (however falsies are totally awesome and you shouldn't shy away from them because my own bad experience with them!)!!!

So why I opt for surgery...
... basically I want BALANCED eyes because eyes are windows to the soul... and yadah yadah... and if I have unbalanced eyes, who's gonna focus on my iris when the "imbalanceness" is really distracting?

It really gets pretty annoying to draw the perfect balanced eyeliners and putting on eyeshadows, because well...... the crease always shifts and I cannot really estimate properly! On top of that, whenever I put on mascara or falsies, the crease would SHIFT AGAIN! *insertmeanestcursehere*

Also, I'm not a fan of eyelid stickers because it shows when you close your eyes, in addition to having no skills to put it on naturally! Also, I can't step out to public functions without eye makeup because it shows in photos that I have uneven eyes *lesigh*

closeup on the eyes, sans makeup

using L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga on one eye, but you could already see the crease is uneven

A throwback picture of me. Notice the eye makeup?
Forever imbalanced.

So I went to Dr Ko Specialist clinic again, this time to get the eyelids done. Since this procedure falls under "Plastic Surgery", I will be administered by a professional plastic surgeon. The venue is on the Ground Floor, unlike other simpler procedures which are done on the upper floors of the building.

The doctor conducting this surgery for me is the second person in line after Dr Ko himself - Dr Mohd Ruslan Johan (Consultant Plastic Surgeon). There is a organizational chart just at the corridor of the centre to give you a better understanding of the work flow.

When I saw the sign 'Operational Theatre', my mind started to go,
"This sh*t is about to get REAL!!!"

It's like those scenes you see on TV but never really think about it until.... you see it for yourself in the flesh?
Yes, I started to feel a little jiggly at this point.

I was taken to a mini tour around the centre, to get a better view and understanding of the whole process. So basically patients come in and sign up at the (1) Front Desk, then proceed to (2) VIP Waiting Room before heading into the (3) Operating Theatre. So all consultations and waiting and resting will be at the VIP Waiting Room. Each patient gets a personal room, thus there is more privacy.

Each room is different and has different facilities such as flat screen TV, sofa and even personal bathroom!

In the room, I first needed to fill in screening form before consultation.

The nurses also helped me to take Before pics (also no idea why one brow is more arched than the other here (;╹⌓╹)) and I was shortly introduced to Dr Mohd Ruslan. He seemed really knowledgeable in the eyelid department and he gave an overall walkthrough of expectations and outcomes. I like it that he was really warm and talks to me in a friendly manner. 

Here the nurse is helping me decide the height of my new crease. I insisted that I didn't want it to be too high because I just wanted to balance things out.

This is my first time ever going through such a BIG procedure *yikes* so I just want minimal changes so that I can still recognize myself HAHAHAH!

And so I'm ready to step into the Operating Theatre!
My big smile is masking how terrified I feel inside.
(My stomach is churning with lotsa butterflies at this point, no joke)


Seeing all that high tech mumbo jumbo scares the little mouse inside of me.

Markings in Blue to show the THREE POINTS to be stitched.

I was then injected with local anaesthesia because I needed to stay awake throughout the duration of the surgery. Reason being, the doctor needed me to open my eyes to determine/correct the crease.

Here comes the NSFW pics!!!
There's needles, scissors, tears, BLOOD ....













(I only found out post surgery in pics fml very much)




One side done!
Here's to all of you Sci-Fi fans!

(Those are protective contact lenses and you won't be able to see anything when you blink. I admit I felt really scared that I could actually be blind and all scary thoughts just kept overflowing! Seriously not good for those of you who suffer from panic attacks.)

On to the next and last part -

Without hiding anything, I shall be honest and tell you the pictures seem gorier than what it felt like.

The atmosphere of the centre really felt like a full fledged hospital. It gives me chills to the bones, knowing that I *am* the one going in this time, not just visiting someone. However, once I enter the Operating Theatre and lay on the bed, Dr Mohd Ruslan started to play some relaxing music (not your usual calming music; his definition of chill music was slow jams from the 90's! He really had a funny bone, lol).

Doctor was pretty good at pre-empting me. He gave me tips on relaxing myself so that the surgery will be smooth one.

Tips on Calming Nerves
1. Breathe DEEPLY, exhale slowly.
2. Don't jerk or do sudden movements.
3. Think of something else; eg. holidays, happy thoughts.
(For me I thought of my final outcome and goals)
4. Prep your mind before entering the theatre.

The lights above me were really bright, to the point even when I close my eyes, I still "see" light. The doctor and staffs were really attentive, and they kept asking of my feelings along the way and they informed me of their next step BEFORE performing it. Which is REALLY IMPORTANT in my books because it gives me an idea of what they are about to do so that I can prepare myself mentally at the surgery area and types of pressure/movements they will be executing.

Personally, I think I have a high pain tolerance (I had a total of 14 piercings at one point of my life) and for this procedure, I rate the pain level at 8/10.

Let's start with where the pain comes from:

(1) The Local Anaesthesia.
I was shot 4 times(!!!!) on each eye. That was the most painful part, hands down.

(2) The feeling of someone yanking out my LASHES.
My precious delicate lashes felt like they were being pulled together and I have never felt SUCH. IMMENSE. PAIN.

(3) The Aftermath.
Right after the surgery (which took about 10 mins each eye), I cannot open my eyes fully. I can only half open my eyes and my eyelids just felt heavy, like some barrier on them. The pain is not a stinging type, but it's just feels like a headache whenever I try to open my eyes.


My eyes were really sore and swollen at this time and I was given an ice cooling pack to rest for 30 minutes to ensure the swelling reduced.

I was very very curious to see post-swelling because I just can't wait to see my new set of eyelids!

This is what I look like post resting 1 hour. Honestly the swelling reduced by 50% but my eyelids still felt heavy and I am not able to open my eyes fully. I decided to rest awhile more because I was supposed to drive back to Petaling Jaya from Klang (that's about 30km!) so I wanted to ensure I could see the roads and traffic clearly before sitting behind the wheels.


Right after I was discharged from the room, the nurses handed me some medicine to help me recuperate. I was given:

1. Antibiotics (3 days dose)
2. Painkillers
3. Eye cream to help with the swelling.

Also, there were a few more things to note:
  • There will be swelling for 3-7 days, depending on individual, some people might be even longer, but it's rare.
  • Bruising (blue) is common post op. Worst on next day and gradually disappear.
  • There might be excessive tears secretion in some cases.
  • Avoid contact lenses for 2 weeks. Also no alcohol, steam/sauna, exercising, swimming, makeup usage for that duration.
  • Swelling would result in feeling of heavy and uncomfortable eyelid.
  • Use cold compress with handkerchief / cooling pad.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • No straining or pressing motion.

I have a day to day log of my eyes progress until today (it's been 25 days now!) and I'm sharing in a separate post as it's so long here.

Here I am on Sept 30 (Day 24) with makeup on.

I am now loving my eyelids as I don't have to waste so much ink to line my lashes using liquid liners! Definitely saving up so much on that and I'm also confident walking out the house without makeup!

(Just did my brows at Benefit #mybrowbar, sans makeup!!!)

Please read more on my full day to day healing journey here:

Double Eyelids Daily Progress


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Special Price!

Double Eyelid Stitching RM2,000 (NP RM2,500) - lasts few years

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Read up more on Double Eyelid Surgery here.
There are several Dr Ko outlets in Malaysia, however surgery is only conducted at their HQ in Klang.

Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn Bhd
10A-22A, Jalan Temoh,
Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat,
41400 Klang, Selangor,

F: +603 3345 3299

Business Hours:
Monday /Thursday/Saturday 
10am- 6pm
Closed on Sunday

However consultation can be done at any of the other clinics.

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