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By Grace Myu - October 06, 2015

Few months ago I was trying to cut down on carbs and was trying to eat healthily for ONE SOLE REASON:

My FHM Malaysia Girlfriend Photoshoot!

Here's some pictures that made it to this month's October 2015 issue --

The theme was clubbing / strobe lights and I was made to wear all black. The article angle was all about me and being a beauty blogger (thus I kinda felt the theme was a little off topic, but it was a men's mag after all!). 

My makeup and hair was done really quickly under an hour by very talented people; and my wardrobe stylist was a real hottie! The photographer also had mad skills making the pictures to be very much "Night Club" style, when in fact the shoot was done in the morning haha!

If you would like to read the full article, do remember to take a look at this month's October issue at your nearest news stands! Or you could also take a sneak peek of the article here:

for making this shoot a dream come true!

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