Post Blepharoplasty Surgery: Double Eyelids Daily Progress

By Grace Myu - October 02, 2015

After walking through with you in my double eyelid stitching surgery blog post, here's some progress shots that you may find useful to your expectations (if you are going for double eyelid surgery soon!)

Day 2 - Sept 8
(Next day after surgery)
Mask Slim launch - I was actually brave enough to go public with my bruised eyes. 
The cover up?
Dye your hair in a drastic colour before meeting your friends and wear glasses to protect the eyes (and vanity reasons)!!!! Plenty of fellow blogger friends didn't recognize me at first glance!

Day 3 - Sept 9
Topshop X Zalora Launch Party
Many more blogger friends didn't recognize me (can't really blame them because it's really dim there). Jessy the KL Chic went and introduced me as her cousin and some of them actually fell for it! I actually thought the natural discolouration around the eyes makes up for a pretty cool eyeshadow colour LOL!

Day 4 - Sept 10
TokyoNinki x Watsons event.
Notice that I've been showing my face in public almost everyday after the surgery?
I felt like I was really happy to let people around me know that there's something NEW going on for me and that I have finally got things sorted with imbalance eyes!
Bumped into MORE friends, gotten so many positive reactions from them. 
Bruises have been reduced so much by now.

Day 5 - Sept 11
Got my nails done at beeQnails, SS2 PJ. Grabbed a quick shot near the window.

Day 6 - Sept 12

Decided to rebel and put on some light makeup because I'm attending a MAJOR event that revolves around beauty and I'm making MANY first impressions here!

I only applied some BB cushion, concealer, did my brows and only put on eyeliner and falsies for this look. Got it done within 15 mins.

Day 7 - Sept 13
Filming my first video for Beauty Bound Asia - Unboxing Challenge.
Wore really light makeup here to look presentable on video. Eyelids still look a little imbalanced though :/

Day 10 - Sept 16
 More confident stepping out the house without makeup to run a few errands.
My eyes can now look good without using any eye makeup! :D

Day 12 - Sept 18
 Decided to do a snapchat clip showcasing my eyelids progress.

Day 13 - Sept 19
Rainbow Drips (Whitening) @ Esme Clinic, Jaya One
Sat here for about 45 minutes to get some instant skin whitening. Basically they insert a needle into a blood vessel at your elbow and that's it! Results will last up to few months.

Day 16 - Sept 22
Rushed for 2 events:
KeraStraight @ Kelana Jaya and Diptyque @ Pavilion
Put on full on makeup this time because I had to meet new people in between.

Day 18 - Sept 24
Getting ready to check in Dr Ko at Klang for the third time now to get my eyebags removed! This is me in the car, pre eye bags removal.

Day 20 - Sept 26
Post Agnes treatment, my eyebags look swollen. However my eyelids are almost healing completely. Bruise can still be seen but only when I close my eyes.

Here I'm in the car, otw to Moonshot launch @ Sephora Sunway Pyramid.

Day 23 - Sept 29
Just came back from a Guess fitting, sans makeup. Eyebag bruises can be seen, but eyelids are looking balanced!!!
Also waxed my brows at Benefit @ Sephora Starhill to tidy up since I haven't been waxing for weeks by now!!! 

Day 24 - Sept 30
Otw out to number76 to get my hair styled for Urbanika by KLFW!
Full makeup on! Finally able to test out my full makeup on my eyes and I think I did a pretty okay job for the first time on this lids :D

I'm really really happy with the outcomes, and especially the service shown by the team at Dr Ko's! Definitely recommended!

In conjunction with Ko Annual Sale happening between 1-14 Oct 2015Dr Ko Specialist is offering major discounts up to 60% early bird reward and even free uber rides!!! (Apply Promo Code “UBERDRKO” to enjoy 2 free rides worth RM30 each*)

Special Price!
Double Eyelid Stitching RM2,000 (NP RM2,500) - lasts few years

Double Eyelid Cutting RM3,000 (NP RM3,500) - permanent

Agnes Eyebag Removal Treatment

1x RM1,500 (NP RM1800) / 2x RM2,600 (NP RM3,000) / 3x RM3,300 (NP RM4,000)

Read up more on my Double Eyelid Surgery here.
There are several Dr Ko outlets in Malaysia, however surgery is only conducted at their HQ in Klang. However consultation can be done at any of the other clinics.

Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn Bhd
10A-22A, Jalan Temoh,
Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat,
41400 Klang, Selangor,

F: +603 3345 3299

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Monday /Thursday/Saturday 
10am- 6pm
Closed on Sunday

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Limited to the first 100 riders at each clinic.

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