By Grace Myu - September 04, 2015

Sometime back in May, Casio invited me to have a preview of their latest selfie camera - the ZR3500 - and I couldn't resist! For those of you who don't know, I have been using the ZR1000 for two years now and ZR1500 (which I won from P1 Connect blogger competition) since early this year. Those two cameras have always been my trusty companions when it comes to event coverage, product shooting and most importantly, SELFIES! I have great experiences using them, as my fellow girlfriends always mention how nice their skin complexion looks on my camera compared to theirs.

But enough of talking about those all old models!
CASIO EXILIM MALAYSIA launched the latest version of the ZR series -

Casio ZR3500

Back in May I was lucky enough to be one of the invited guests to get a sneak peek of the beauty cam. Guests were treated for a coffee get together at Thvrsday in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, where I saw many pretty faces from Instagram! 

The whole coffee shop was turned into a selfie destination, where we get to try on the camera for ourselves. And the best part, the camera has built-in wifi thus we could upload our pics straight from our phones after being connected!

This was one of the best functions of the new ZR because the previous models didn't allow us to get pics directly unless we have a wifi card inside (which is VERY COSTLY!). Another thing I loved most about this new model is there is an additional Front Shutter button on the camera, so much easier for selfies! Also, the video button has shifted to the back, no more accidentally pressing that button anymore (owners of previous ZR models will understand what I mean!).

We took up the entire dining hall of the cafe for product presentation by Casio EXILIM representatives. They introduced to us the many *NEW* functions and upgrade of the camera, and I was overjoyed! So many awesome features built into ONE SELFIE CAM. 

Not long after, Casio EXILIM Ambassador Vera Chang, accompanied by Emcee Lee Yvonne, demonstrated how the selfie cam works!

Doing the "wide group selfie" shot (like what International DJs and Artistes love doing to connect with their fans!)

Evelyn Marieta showing us the instant camera pic transfer to the smartphone.

Towards the end of the talk, we took more selfies and submitted our entries on Instagram, because there will be

I submitted this shot and uploaded immediately on my Instagram and prayed really hard to win!

Judges were having a hard time coming to a decision!









God heard my little prayer and my name was called out FIRST!!!
I was chosen as one of the lucky winners!

My heart was pounding so fast I couldn't help but kept a wide smile throughout the photo session
♡͙♡͚₍⸉ॢ⸍͕͈ ˕̫ ⸌͔͈⸊ॢ₎♡͚♡͙

Thank you Casio EXILIM Malaysia and POP Culture Magazine for giving me this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to be one of the lucky girls of the day!
So blessed beyond words, Imma shed some happy tears now :')


Stay tuned for my next post where I will update a review on the coveted
Casio EXILIM ZR3500!


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