4 Weeks Progress after BTL EXILIS ELITE

By Grace Myu - September 10, 2015

Hey peeps!

I'm back with progress shots for my recent face slimming treatment with BTL EXILIS Elite. If you have missed the post, you can read it here.

Personally, I did not felt any pain or whatsoever, only a little heat from the machine, just like having a hot stone massage on my face. Honestly, I wasn't expecting a lot of this treatment as it is a non-invasive one after all. I look into the mirror everyday and I don't see noticeable differences. 

However, after looking through my week to week pictures, I have seen

Without further ado, let's get on to the fun part - progress pictures!
ヾ(´▽`*) / 

Shall we?

Week 1

Pic Taken: Strip Waxing, Mid Valley

The day after treatment, face is slightly swollen - especially at the cheeks area.
Gives the appearance of chub chub cheeks.
Called up my consultant to check whether it's a normal occurance post-treatment. She assured me that it is normal for some patients to experience minor swelling.
*sighs of relief*

Week 2

Swelling has improved. Seeing more prominent cheekbones here.

Week 3

Pic Taken: Facial @ Aster Spring (Left), Bollywood Pro Meet & Greet with Rani Birring (Right)

When bare-faced (left pic), it gives the illusion that I am chubbier compared to when with make up (right pic). However, cheekbones are still visible and less meaty cheeks.

Week 4

Pic Taken: At home after a long day out

Cheekbones becoming prominent and I'm finally seeing that V-shape jawline!
·◌̊ˈ*(⁰̶̶̷ ˙̮ ⁰̴̷̷๑ॢ॓).°◌̊

4 Weeks Progress

Here's a picture collage I put together to see my treatment progress!
Note at this time I did not change my diet or gym schedule. Fitness and meals remain the same to see effectiveness of the treatment.
And most importantly, no photo editing took place in these photos. The face smoothing effect is a beauty effect from my trusty Casio ZR3500.

And a full body shot to see my face proportion with my overall body.

Pic Taken: Forest Colour Official Launch


Though this progress shots are the results of only ONE SINGLE TREATMENT, I would say it does the job well! Patients are usually advised to undergo at least 2 treatment before they begin to see difference, but judging from my pictures, I'm pretty happy with how things worked out for me! It only took so little effort to achieve FAST & VISIBLE RESULTS.

So if you have tried so many ointments, creams and such, maybe it's time to think about non-invasive procedures? Well, I'm not saying everyone should go for it, but if it makes you HAPPY and boost your confidence, why not? Do your research, talk to consultants, find out whether it will meet your expectations. Rest assured this procedure is VERY SAFE, it really just feels like a facial massage, for me at least. (Paying for this procedure will definitely yield more results than going for normal monthly facials too see sharper facial features!)

I also have attended my second EXILIS Elite treatment, you can also follow me on Instagram @GraceMyu to see day-to-day progress for yourself :)

EXILIS Elite can be used on both face and body for slimming and rejuvenation purposes. I did mine at KO Skin Specialist, Klang.

PRICE: RM1,800 for 1 session / RM4,500 for 4 sessions
*Price is accurate at the time of this post.

for hooking me up with such an awesome face slimming option!

BTL Aesthetics Malaysia is home to the renowned global brand’s most revolutionary anti-ageing, body contouring, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and anti-cellulite systems in the world. BTL specializes in three distinct segments of this market: physical therapy, cardiology and medical aesthetics. BTL’s aesthetic division manufactures non-surgical aesthetic devices that represent the best in wellness, producing cutting-edge technology for body and face care. Established in 1993 in Europe, BTL as an internationally leading brand has become one of the leading global manufacturers of medical devices with over 2 decades of global presence in the marketplace with over 52 offices worldwide.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid a single cent to write good things about the said treatment. This is purely based on my personal experience. If you have more questions, do talk to consultants to get a better understanding of the treatment as it differs with each individual. That said, here's wishing you all the best in your journey!

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