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By Grace Myu - August 29, 2015

Living in Malaysia is like having summer all-year-round and I am constantly exposed to the sun! Because I want to avoid premature ageing, thus using sunscreen on a daily basis has become part of my daily skin care routine.

Honestly I've only started to actively use sunscreen this year and boy, do I see a tremendous positive change in my skin! Aside from all the wonder serums that do their magic, I also believe sunscreen plays a part in maintaining my youth. (Ok I sound old here but since I'm entering my late 20's *boohoo*, I'm taking the extra precautionary step of maintaining my skin!)

Not so long ago, ZA launched a new line of whitening skincare, which includes a


Sunscreen cream 30g / SPF50+・PA++++

What it is
The multi 4-in-1 PERFECT PROTECTOR with base makeup and brightening effects that offers powerful protection against UV rays and pollution.

4-in-1 Effects:
99% UV Cutoff Anti-Pollutants | Oil Control | Brightening!

1. UV Cutting / UV Block
2. Water-resistant
3. Non-sticky
4. Moisturizing
5. Make up base
6. Whitening
7. Pollution-defence
8. Oil Control
9. SPF
10. Protects

How it works
The science behind the product:

Not only does it act as a sunscreen, it also doubles up as a Whitening Agent! It is also said to give a smooth finishing texture thus tripling up as a Make Up Base!

As the last step of my regular morning skincare, I take an appropriate amount on my fingertips and I smooth over the entire face with the fingertips from the center outwards. It also can be used for the enitre body (but since this is specially made for the face, it is more cost-efficient to use primarily on the face; it would be too costly to use for body).

Can you see the sunscreen during mid-application?

A side by side comparison, to show its whitening effects.

with different lighting

My Verdict

As a beauty junkie, I have devoted myself to try almost all products at least once in my lifetime, to have a fair share of judgement irregardless of its affordability.

I myself am not a fan of whitening products, to be honest, as whitening products or any skin care with Vitamin C ingredient will usually cause an outburst on my precious skin. True enough, this sunscreen did give me little bumps after my first application. (Goes to say that its whitening ingredients are really potent!) It could be a horrible thing to happen if you have sensitive skin, like me. However, if you are one who is immune to whitening products, this would definitely fulfil your whitening/brightening desires!!!

As for me, since my face is allergic to it, I decided to use it on my body. (If you are looking for a body sunscreen, you can try ZA True White Power Block UV, a sister product which has a more liquid texture) The texture of the cream is medium consistency; you do have rub it until the white cast fades off. It has SPF 50 after all! So if you are looking for a sunscreen with high SPF coverage (good for outdoors!), this is IT. But if you prefer something lightweight, this isn't going to cut it for you.

The thing I like most about this product is its finishing. The product does not feel sticky AT ALL, and it gives a nice powder finish. One thing to note is that it does leave a white cast if you put it on too much, so make sure not to squeeze the tube too hard, else it may overflow unwantedly.

Full Skin Care Range
If you are looking for the steps on how to add this into your routine, do take a look at ZA's website.

Retail Price: RM34.90 (Guardian sells RM27.92!)
Locations: All leading pharmacies across Malaysia and Guardian e-Commerce store.

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