Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion

By Grace Myu - June 24, 2015

If you are wondering how is BB Cushion different from your usual BB creams, it is simply in liquid form, all contained in a sponge / cushion. There is two sections on a BB Cushion compact, the first compartment usually contains a mirror and the sponge applicator, while the other side contains the liquid BB in a cushion. It usually provides light to medium coverage (for that dewy look), thus it is more suited for people with already good skin to begin with. If you have blemishes, this product may not be so suitable for you because I understand blemishes require medium to high coverage. 

So manyyyyyyy BB Cushion Compacts are booming in the Malaysian market recently and so many choices to choose from, it's driving me insane! Almost E V E R Y Korean cosmetic brand already released their own BB Cushion compact and holistic luxury brand, Sulwhasoo is no exception.

When I first heard of the brand Sulwhasoo, my first thoughts were that they were a haircare brand. I don't know why but it gives me that relaxing, spa feeling whenever I say it out loud. I later found out on My Women Stuff that the brand actually means “Snow Flower Supreme”, which represents a flower that blooms in the harsh winter so the name is a celebration of a woman’s beauty and inner strength. So deep!

I was one of the honoured beauty bloggers picked by the Sulwhasoo brand team to be part of their campaign for the Perfecting Cushion!

My first thoughts went like "Yay Asian cosmetics, superb for Asian women like me!" I have always expressed my excitement for Asian products regularly, simply because I feel Asian brands suit my Asian skin better. This is also a luxury beauty brand, which means ingredients are of top notch quality (oh, what joy)!!!

But in the back of my head, BB creams never really worked well for me in the past.  My dry to combination skin tends to become oilier than it is especially on my T-Zone area and my forehead will always be extra shiny in the pictures towards the end of the day (about 5-6 hours after first application). I was keen to see whether BB Cushions could do a little wonder for me instead.

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion claims to have 5 key benefits such as --
  1. SPF 50+ PA+++
  2. Brightening
  3. Anti-Aging (using Apricot Kernel Oil)
  4. Long lasting & Even coverage (using Watercolour Technology, even skin in just 10 pats! Also Flexible Film-Fixing Polymer Technology, for perfect coverage and colour tenacity throughout the day even after 12 hours)
  5. Long lasting hydration (using Sulwhasoo's JAUM Balancing Complex™ and high hydrator content)

When I first held the Perfecting Cushion in my hands, I instantly fell for its packaging and lovely scent. I'm in love with the luxe packaging; it has a gold font on the cover and it has an expensive feel to it. It comes with a special Aircell Puff sponge that has a similar colour to the foundation on one side for a cleaner look and ease of maintenance. As for the scent, I'm not sure why but it emits a certain faint Asian / ginseng scent to it. I usually digress ginseng scents, however Perfecting Cushion has a very pleasant, relaxing scent that got me addicted as I was patting with the given sponge onto my face! 

The product was really easy to apply, almost a no-brainer. Just push the sponge applicator on the middle of the BB cushion for a few seconds then release. After that, just pat your face lightly and gently. You can build up to your desired coverage but in my opinion it cannot fully conceal pimples and acne scars. You will need to use another concealer for that.

So given the benefits, I was expecting no need for touch ups at all as the product claims to have all the above. I was wrong! My skin became oily by the end of the day (that's about 8 hours after application) and the pores on my nose became more obvious due to unwanted product buildup. To be fair, I was walking outdoors for a little in between work meetings thus the product inefficiency.

What disappoints me also was the top white part of the applicator sponge will always be smeared with product, which makes it a little messy to bring it around. This product also gave me something to worry about: since the cover is not air tight, I'm guessing that it can dry up quickly within a few months time, which is not great for product longevity (but I think other BB cushions don't have air tight covers, too).

I have mixed feelings about this Perfecting Cushion when I think about product longevity. It does look good on my skin and it helps me achieve that Korean dewy look when it is first applied BUT only for the first 2-3 hours; anything beyond that needs reapplication. I can only speak for myself (someone who has dry to combination skin type) but I'm not sure how it would fair for others. If BB cushions is working well for you, then I say by all means give this product a go! An Asian Beauty Youtuber did a product comparison between BB Cushions and she rated Sulwhasoo the best among all because of its benefits. The only solution to this is touching up throughout the day (I'm pretty lazy to touch up makeup so I would opt for another product with longevity instead)

By the way, if you are watching my promo video, take note that "long lasting, radiant look" applies to me when I do touchups throughout the day. I hate to admit, I recorded this teaser before the day ended so I wasn't really in a position to give a neutral product verdict. When I first applied, yes it gave me everything I needed in a foundation (dewy skin, radiance, hydration) and the only downside is the constant reapplication.

If you are wondering, Sulwhasoo’s Perfecting Cushion is available in four natural tones: 13 Light Pink, 21 Medium Pink, 23 Medium Beige (my skintone) and 25 Deep Beige. The product will be available at Parkson branches Pavilion KL, KLCC, 1 Utama and Gurney Plaza, Penang from June 2015 and retails for RM190/15g x 2 (product comes with a refill). There is also a newer version of this product which is known as the Perfecting Cushion Brightening which retails at RM210/15g x 2.

K-beauty lovers, let me know whether this product appeals to you?
Have BB Creams worked for you in the past?
Would you be one following the trend of trying this new BB Cushion products?
I want to know if there are any other Asians out there who have BB Cushions as their Holy Grail!

You can find out more on Sulwhasoo at --
Instagram: @sulwhasoomalaysia #mysulwhasoo

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