Weekday Surprise! Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks

By Grace Myu - May 27, 2015

Three weeks into office and I have flowers being sent in for me!
Thank you Maybelline Malaysia for being so thoughtful!

Let's see what they included with the flowers.

It's the new line of lipsticks called
And how apt of them, for sending flowers to beauty enthusiasts! I saw on Instagram a couple of famous influencers and beauty bloggers receiving lovely bouquets from Happy Bunch (the flower dispatch) too! You can search on Instagram with the hashtag #WatchMeRebel ;)
I'm so happy my bouquet looks one of the bigger ones hehehe *sneaky*

Not sure whether they're in stores at the moment (I visited Watsons Pavilion and haven't seen them on the shelves yet!) but I'm very sure they'll be out soon enough!

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  1. Yeahh.. your bouquet looks so much bigger.
    Love the colours of the lipsticks right?

    1. @Mira
      Yes feeling so blessed! The pastels look pretty sheer on me, good for everyday look ;)

  2. We need swatches and some honest reviews. Not just photos..I think that is the purpose of Maybelline sending u stuffs

  3. @Fatin Suhaimi
    Thank you for your feedback, I have yet to swatch and try the lipsticks for myself at the time of posting (I was too excited by the sweet gesture!), thus there will be another review (that is honest, dont worry!) on the way! :)