New Life Chapter Update! ft. Chi Chi London Aggie Dress

By Grace Myu - May 11, 2015

Dress // Chi Chi London Aggie Dress £59.99

The dress above was actually one of the few dresses I was considering to wear for my #GraceXBenefitMY party last week but in the end the waist area was a bit too loose for me (although I was very much in love with the tulle skirt!). Thank God it doesn't look too loose for me here in the picture and I got so many compliments while wearing this dress, saying that I look like a bridesmaid! (don't you think so too?)

CHI CHI LONDON is a young, fast fashion brand bringing catwalk inspired fashion direct to the high street. They carry unique, vibrant and expressive styles which are, if you must know - limited edition pieces, designed and made in-house. So practically each dress is like a piece tailored exclusively for you!

If you wish to break away from the norm, I strongly feel buying online from a western country could give you that edge that you need. It will not be easy sporting the same outfit with someone else and you'll stay rest assured that you'll be the only one stealing the spot light at a party! The quality is top-notch and stitching is thoroughly sewn.




Birthday week has gone by and so many things have happened within the past week. On the day I celebrated my birthday at Benefit (April 29), I was casually talking to a friend about job opportunities at the place where she works in - a digital ad agency. She said they were hiring(!!!) and when she told her colleague about me (being a blogger and all), they asked me to send in my resume for consideration. Not thinking much of it, I forwarded my resume as I wanted some additional source of income (to fund for my multiple overseas trips this year) and I heard that the place offers flexible work-from-home culture, which allows me to continue to pursue my blogging career amongst other things.

A week later, I was asked to come in for an interview and I scheduled it on my actual birthday - May 7! The interview was really brief (we had a chat for about 30 minutes then the interviewer needed to rush off to the next meeting) and the interviewer also added in that they are considering a few candidates for the post. Not wanting to disappoint myself, I didn't put much hope into it (although the job was really what I wanted because it would suit me well). 

The very next day, I got a congratulatory email stating I could start next week (which is tomorrow!) and I just can't wait to start agency life again! Digital space has always been my stronghold and I have been in the blogosphere since circa 2007 although I only started taking blogging seriously towards end of 2013.

I'm thankful to God especially, for opening doors at the right time and just about when I'm 100% ready to embark another life chapter. Frankly, I wasn't really looking for a full-time job, and was only toying with the idea of it but I believe God has greater plans for me (because this agency deals a lot of big international beauty brands!) so it's a WIN-WIN. 

Hopefully with like-minded colleagues, I'll be motivated to update this space more often and share more stories and personal reviews for your reading pleasure.

Until then!

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