Love starts with a Click

By Grace Myu - May 19, 2015

WHOA, the last blog post got quite a lot of clicks coming from my Facebook because the bridesmaid-like dress was quite deceiving - MOST OF MY FRIENDS thought I was going to announce an engagement or wedding! HAHAHAAHAH

Anyway, since we are on the topic of LOVE, I know most young people nowadays have given online dating a try. It doesn't seem like a taboo anymore compared to the last 10 years and there are so many apps that are downloadable onto smartphones especially for singles-on-the-go.

I personally have never used a dating app, but I heard that the current market for dating apps seem to mainly cater to guys, and females don't get such a great experience. It seems that there are too many guys on the platform but there isn't enough supply of females to cater to them.

You know how Tinder uses your Facebook Profile for verification and account creation but the problem is, EVEN people who are listed "In a Relationship" can utilize (or rather take advantage) of the app without going through any scrutiny. I mean, it's so unsupervised, that even if you sign up with weird pictures or pictures of random objext, they'll still allow you on the app without vetting the profiles.

So why are these individuals still allowed on a dating app?
Shouldn't there be some kind of restrictions for people who are not available in the market?

Lucky for us in Malaysia, someone finally came up with an app which exploits this feature lack to their advantage.

This is the first app that has security features that caters to women who want a safe experience. It is a female-centric app that allows us to be more connected with others in terms of quality rather than quantity.

Some key features are: -
1. Manual Profile Approval: Love assistant vets through all incoming profiles and rejects 20-30% of people who sign up. These are the people who have inappropriate pictures, or people who are already attached (as can be seen through their Facebook profiles)
2. One Match Per Day: Guys aren't able to swipe endlessly to check out female users, so this won't appeal to guys who just want to play "the numbers game". Thus, females don't get bombarded with tons of messages by creepy guys!

So if you are in the dating scene, why not give this app a try?

Stop swiping. Start meeting up.
Download LunchClick today! LunchClick is available on both App Store and Google Play.

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