REALASH: The results after 90 days!

By Grace Myu - March 04, 2015

I have been diligently swiping my REALASH serum onto my eyelashes almost everyday now and the differences from Day 1, Day 30 and now (After Day 90) is

You can view more pics for each stage here --

Scroll down for pics!

With mascara, front view
(Pardon me for the weird contact lens because I was trying on 17mm and it's too big for my eyes and I look like an alien HAHAHA!)

 Natural lashes, side view

You may not really tell through pics that my lashes has grown longer but they are really longer and thicker now in my opinion. This is because I am confident to go out without using false eyelashes (like I always do) and just go with mascara only on most days.

It really beats going for Eyelash Extensions because I heard from a few of my friends that their lashes suffered aftermath (their lashes dropped alot and became sparse). Also, because falling false lashes are SUPER ANNOYING (always happens to me ugh), thus having longer and thicker lashes really does wonders for me! My lashes are so long, they sometimes hit sunglasses whenever I wear them
( ⓛ ω ⓛ *)

My mom even noticed the difference and was asking me which serum I was using! I also apply REALASH on my lower eyelashes and eyebrow ends to make them thicker and they did!

 --- Try it for yourself and feel the difference! ---

You can read about the product on
REALASH is sold in few packages ranging between RM199 (1 unit) - RM479 (3 units).

All pics taken with my CASIO ZR1000 & ZR1500.

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