Of Seltering, Shopping & Girlfriends.

By Grace Myu - March 27, 2015

Just a short update of my life recently.

A few days ago, I posted a pic of me #seltering on March 24 and about 10 minutes later Jen Selter commented on this very pic on Instagram(!!!!!!!!!!) and it totally made my day! I noticed she doesn't Like or Comment on every pic that has that hashtag, so it makes me feel extra special okayyyy ლ(=ↀωↀ=)ლ

(If you don't already know who Jen Selter is, she's like THE IT female fitness figure on Instagram! She has 5 million followers to date and it's like a guy getting a thumbs up from Arnold Schwarzenegger! XD)

OOTD 24.03.2015
Long Sleeves Crop Top // H&M
Pompom Shorts // Zalora
Cross Earrings // Taman Connaught Night Market

After hitting the gym, I went to Sunway Pyramid to grab some last minute beauty essentials before the GST price hike. So many Korean beauty stores in One Utama such as The Face Shop, Etude House and Nature Republic had their eyebrow pencils SOLD OUT when I went for hunting there the day before so I have no choice but to go all the way to Sunway! Talk about kiasu Malaysians!

I finally got my hands on Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (retails at Sephora for RM188; been having this on my wish list for quite sometime now) and now my Naked palette collection is complete!

I bought Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Shade 02 and 03 which costs RM22.90 each. This is my first time actually buying something from Holika Holika though they have been around in Malaysia for few years now. Colours are good and easy to apply.

In addition, I managed to snag Innisfree's auto eyebrow pencils, gel eyeliner as well as a lip liner. Their colours are highly pigmented and the texture is just nice for my face. I personally feel that Innisfree is the BEST KOREAN BEAUTY SHOP IN MALAYSIA so far because of their high quality products, affordable pricing as well customer service! (Also since they have only one outlet in Malaysia now, not many Malaysians are familiar with this brand yet so I don't need to fight to get my products.) FYI, Innisfree now has a special incubator box to sanitize your makeup brushes and sponges at no charge or any minimum purchase(!) as part of their value added service.
I'm in love with Lee Min Ho INNISFREE!

Before this, I really never felt that Korean beauty shops offer any good decent stuff but after watching so many beauty tutorial videos on YouTube recently, I'm hooked! So glad that Malaysia has access to all these popular Asian stores. I'm a bit slow (I was never a fan of Kpop or Korean dramas for that matter) but I'm finally catching on the K-wave this year thanks to all these Asian beauty gurus HAHA!

On another note, I found out that I can brew tea in COLD WATER!
Tastes so so much better too!

OOTD 26.03.2015
Keyhole Crop Top // Megan Mischieve
Fringe Boho Skirt // Megan Mischieve
Platform Shoes // H&M
Sling Bag // Aldo

Yesterday I went to Jaya One PJ for a much needed catchup session with my girls. I just noticed we are all carrying black bags in different styles in this photo. Dumdum Olivia was 3 hours late (grrrrr!!) and kinda made me super drained out by the end of the day. 

I'm so excited because I'm gonna be having something really special in April! It will be towards the end of the month and I hope to announce it sometime next week. Fingers crossed all will be good!

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