Ultra Sonic Iron Hair Treatment @ Number 76 Bangsar 2

By Grace Myu - January 08, 2015

Hola 2015!

I apologize and feel really bad that it's only on the 8th day I decided to post up something on my blog! I have been seriously feeling sick throughout the Christmas-New Year holiday break (darn fever-cough-phlegm-flu-earblocked-sorethroat shit!), which sucks because I couldn't enjoy the festive food! *bummer*

To sum it all up in one sentence: my 2014 was a year I became more active in blogging and it is now a full-time thing for me! So anyway, I'm skipping the 2014 yearend review this year and will jump straight right into regular blog postings.  So today I'll be sharing something about my hair care.

Before bleaching, my hair used to be very fluffy and thick, almost the best hair anyone could ask for (not bragging but trying to let you know where I'm coming from), so good that I almost don't need any kind of special treatment at all (the most I used was just hair serums I get from Watsons or Tesco). But after having my hair bleached for God-forbid extremely many times, my hair became like a NIGHTMARE!

Before Bleach
Shampoo + Conditioner + occasional Serum 

After Bleach
Expensive Shampoo + Expensive Hair Mask + DIY Home Treatments + occasional Salon Treatment
= Broke

So I scouted for many places to get treatments done (only God knows how many Groupon deals I secretly purchase during my free time for hair treatments, only to turn into disappointment afterwards)

After many disappointments and money out the window, I found.........
Number 76.


I've mentioned Number 76 is like my Go-To hair salon but I never really explained to you why I like it so much. To date, I have only visited two branches of Number 76 - Bangsar 2 & Mid Valley Northpoint. But I always go back to Bangsar 2 because its nearer to my place and also, I get to sometimes sneak on free parking (haha)!

Number 76 has a long line of famous patrons - both online personalities and celebrities. I first came across this superhyped salon by my fave bloggers: Cheesie, Audrey Fourfeetnine, Jane Chuck & Karen Kho. Also, this very salon has been featured again and again in my fave Japanese mag Vivi Malaysia! As you can figure out by now, Number 76 is very heavily Japan influenced and the name of the salon has nothing to do with anything with 69 or anything weird of that sort!

So here my usual visit goes like this --

This is how the salon looks from the outside. It sports an all white exterior with very creative cute tiny tiles with the salon name as the welcome sign.

Outside stands a price list of all the services offered. For full pricing, you may check out this link. (update: sorry, the previous price range I shared was for the Mont Kiara branch, which is under a different management btw!)

I'm ready to enter in!

Upon entering the door, my stylist Shaun and everyone in the salon (wherever they were stationed) greets me in Japanese. (I honestly don't know what they always say, because it sounds very unsynchronized but I'm assuming its some happy greeting in Japan)

Shaun brought me to my usual seat (somehow this seat is always vacant whenever I visit and it's one of the best seats in the house because it's located in the center! *honoured*). I'm very happy that he remembers, mainly because he services many popular clients and I'm just a small fry (haha)! I like it that he remembers my boyfriend and even asks about his wellbeing every visit! These are the very little things that don't seem like a big deal, but trust me, these tiny details are the things that makes my heart fuzzy because I appreciate personalization and especially from the people who pay attention to tiniest details!
˚₊✩‧₊(⌯͒o̶̶̷̤ ꀾ o̴̶̷̤⌯͒)* ✩‧₊˚

So this is my fave seat!
Hair condition is like wtfseriouslyneedsupertreatment
*don't judge*

As you can see, my hair has plenty of split ends due to hair breakage, no thanks to like 6-7 bleaching sessions by now. My hair breaks easily (when I say break, its like lightly twirling my hair and suddenly few strands of hair just comes out at the splitting point) and the hair roots are already showing at this point.

Front view.

On the table.
Lays my Vivi, a complimentary cup of tea and biscuit (the nicest tasting biscuit in the world! *nojoke). Also Number 76 current promotion and a bottle of Kerastase hair serum.

What was new this visit was the black cloth bag that Shaun used to put my handbag and purse inside, for safety reasons. I'm assuming there are unwanted robberies in the neighbourhood and this is another extra precaution Number 76 takes to ensure customer's optimum satisfaction and safety. Here in this pic, my hair was prepping to be shampooed.

On my left, the interior of the salon. Brick walls, wood flooring, leather seats and mirror frames that gives out that vintage hipster feel. Lighting was just nice, not too bright nor dim, and it was leaning towards soft yellow tone.

How thoughtful of them to place an eyepad during shampoo/treatment time at the basin!

Hair just came out from the water and now we're ready for treatment!


Valued at RM268
Our signature service available exclusively in NALU and number76 salons. The iron vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separating protein, water and oil particles in treatments to ensure deepest penetration for enhanced results. Highly recommended for dry, messy and damaged hair due to frequent colorings and/or perms.

- Excerpt from Number 76 website.

The most ATAS of hair treatments (judging by the price!), this is BY FAR THE MOST INTENSIVE hair treatment I've ever experience - as in the most penetrative, most efficient hair treatment for my poor bleached super damaged wtf hair. I'm not sure whether you can see a big difference if you already have healthy hair to begin with, but for me, it's always a huge difference in my Before & After. Read till the end to see comparison! :)

For your info, Ultra Sonic treatment is only available at Number 76 in Malaysia. I don't know where else in Malaysia has this service. This special iron is brought in all the way from Japan, using the highest Japanese technology for our Asian beauty care!

(Oh btw, if you are a Number 76 customer, you could have this hair treatment for free during your birthday!!!!!)

Before clamping, the iron light is in red.

During clamping, the iron will turn blue.

Crowd starts to build up after my treatment is almost done!

These are the basins for hair wash. I think there are like 4 in total!
The hair assistant told me that during full house, all basins will be occupied and even all the seats in the house! That's like Number 76 can serve like 12-15 people at one go haha.

Shiseido Professional, The Hair Care Adenovital Scalp Essence V (Japanese product!)

Milbon Deesse's Elujuda FO Hair Treatment (Another Japanese product!)

Clearly states Made in Japan!

This set valued at RM24 will be given to every customer who opts for this Ultra Sonic Treatment! One of the best home treatments and I always use it as part of my hair care routine.

4 in a pack which means it's only RM6 per tube!
Super economical if you calculate it, comparing it with other major professional haircare brands with RM100-200 for one bottle.

Almost full house at this point!

Blow dry hair with Panasonic hair dryer (日本の製品!!!!)

Styling my hair (it's almost the end!)

And here is Shaun, doing some hair trims and finalizing my hair!


My hair looks super good so pardon for the vain 10 pics to glorify my hairdo!
It's totally justifiable! 

Here I am with my hair stylist who has just upgraded to Director! *Congrats*
Thank you Number 76 for always giving me the best hair service and taking care of your customers!
Keep up the good work!

Oh yeah, another plus point for visiting this salon is....
...... you bump into real celebs! Hello Hannah Tan!

So this comparison pic will give you an idea what to expect!

I heard this treatment can last between 2 weeks up till one month! So the price is totally justifiable!
Total treatment duration was less than one hour (inclusive of my mini trim)!!!! Super efficient ♡

Free hi-speed wifi and charging outlets available at this salon, so don't fret about being disconnected from the online world for you, wifi leachers!

I could safely say that Number 76 cares for you and your experience, because they are so detailed in every aspect (oh darn, I forgot to snap a pic of their washroom to show you that they have hand lotion and cotton buds too!) and they never fail to make every single customer gorgeous after walking out from the salon! ☆

If you are keen to try Number 76, do make an appointment first because it is known that they have 101 customers all the time! 

That's it for my review!
Looking forward to have a more fabulous hair this year!
✩⃛( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒)


An upcoming special promotion!

At this moment, Number 76 has a total of 5 outlets and 1 headquarter at Mid Valley Northpoint.
Mid Valley +603 22870661
Bangsar1 +603 22840076
Bangsar2 +603 22831776
Starhill Gallery +603 21416676


The one I frequent, Bangsar 2 is located right next to Pos Malaysia (post office) at Jalan Telawi.
Same row as HSBC bank.

No. 50 Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

+603 2283 1776 / 2776
(Call for appointment first because they are always fully booked, even on weekdays!)

Operational Hours
(Other outlets varies)


(Must-Follow for all hair enthusiasts! Def a good site for hair inspiration!)

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