SHIZENS Lip Tattoo Review

By Grace Myu - January 20, 2015

Background on Shizens:

Shizens is an up and coming skin care and cosmetic brand, propelling its expansion in Malaysia as well as regional market. Inspired and infused by bountiful natural ingredients, Shizens offers a wide range of products, from makeup, skin protection to skin care, all created to revive and nourish your natural beauty.

Did you know that Shizens is a local Malaysian company? I did a little research and was surprised to learn that it is locally incorporated! So I got this Star Product as one of the items in the Butterfly Beauty Box (it was given for review during the annual 2014 Butterfly Christmas Party where I played Santarina and won Best Dressed!) and being the most expensive product in the box (RM168!), I felt obliged to write some of my honest thoughts about it!

The packaging of the lip tattoo comes in a gold/black Shizens box and has a transparent plastic seal on the lip product. It looks so professionally packaged, I almost forgot it was a Malaysian brand! It seriously looks like royalty! The product's top part is in shiny metallic bronze, almost mirror reflective material. The bottom part is made of thick transparent plastic, which has ample of space in between! The words on the bottle are all imprinted on the plastic surface itself, seriously looks "atas"!

A closer look.

Product Ingredients.

Plastic seal on the product.

The product is white in colour but it will naturally turn pinkish upon application (pink shade varies between individuals). It has no particular scent and is not greasy.

My "Just Woke Up" lips.

Lips with Shizens Lip Tattoo.

A comparison photo side by side -

Before & After.

I applied some lip product on the back of my hand to give you an idea how the product looks upon application.

After wiping the product off, I realized there was product residue (faint pink colour) that would not rub off even with lip makeup remover.

My Experience:
Honestly, I don't enjoy using this product. Being a lippy girl, I have so many other products that gets me excited to use but not this. I do not like the initial whitish appearance and "the wait" for it to turn pinkish. I actually had to mix and blend the product for it to turn pink, else it will leave a whitish residue. Additionally, I do not like not knowing the final results of the product if I do not swatch it beforehand. For this reason, it does not really entice me to buy the product at all.

I had to pump the bottle many many times for product coverage on my whole lips (my lips are not very thick to begin with lol). I don't like taking a long time (more than few minutes) just to apply some lip products because it can be usually done in under a minute. Le sigh.

For application, I thought it would be okay to just use the lip brush from the bottle directly but I read on my dear friend Aerisk's blog, she said the correct way to use this is with a cotton bud/lip brush because the brush can catch on bacteria and in turn separate the product's liquids into this -

Credits: Florence & Lace.

Apparently it is still useable in this condition but honestly who still wants to use the product looking like this

Most importantly, I think it is a tad too pricey for RM168. I can have other products giving me the same effect for that price or lower.


  1. Professional "expensive" packaging.
  2. Made in Korea. (because I like by Asian/Asian made products!)
  1. The waiting time for it to change colour.
  2. Needs a lot of pumping the bottle to get full lips coverage.
  3. Needs a lot of blending.
  4. Not knowing the true final outcome.
  5. The price.
  6. The after-stain.
Where I Bought:
It was given to me for a product review.
Some of the places you can find Shizens in include -

Central Region
Pavilion, KL
Berjaya Times Square
Parkson KLCC
Parkson Pavilion, KL
Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall
Aeon Maluri
Isetan Garden
Isetan KLCC
Mid Valley Kiosk
Paradigm Mall
Parkson Sunway Pyramid

North / South / East RegionGurney Paragon
Gurney Plaza
Queensbay Mall
Metrojaya Suria Kota Kinabalu
Parkson Plaza Merdeka Kuching
Parkson Bintang Plaza Miri
Metrojaya City One Kuching
Parkson Holiday Plaza
Parkson Ipoh Parade
Parkson Mahkota Parade
AEON Seremban 2
Tangs Genting Highland

For full listing and more info, visit or Facebook Page


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Will you recommend to others:

I have actually visited Shizens in Pavilion KL and I do remember that some of their other products are not that bad, including their Lip Painter and Eye Charm. Some of my friends adore their products but maybe it's just not for me.

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  1. Great information about this lips tattoo product, but I have to agree it's expensive.