A Walkthrough Party of The Century, Empire City Damansara

By Grace Myu - January 29, 2015

It's been almost a week since the Party of The Century just ended, but I feel like it was yesterday, us KL party peeps tasted the gorgeous vintage thematic experience at Empire City, Damansara. I've been anticipating this event ever since I received the super duper exclusive invites (this event is BY INVITE ONLY!) two weeks beforehand and been thinking all day, all night - what to wear, which accessories to match, who's going to be there, and so on!

Many people always get confused with thinking Empire City and Empire Damansara are THE SAME BUILDING, but let me clarify that it certainly IS NOT! Empire City is the building located directly opposite Empire Damansara and PJ Trade Center. See below pic for clearer understanding.

Empire City is located the other side of the Penchala Link highway.


I started prepping myself for the anticipated event by paying a visit to BeeQnails on Wednesday - few days before the party, to glam up my nails to glittery diamante nails!

In silver glitter and added rhinestones for that diva effect! (ℒℴѵℯ❤)

Dresses by BeautyOne

Headpiece from BeautyOne

The very same day, I went to BeautyOne.com.my, located in Damansara Perdana to do a dress fitting with matching accessories (I was one of their sponsored bloggers for evening wear!). Most of the dresses there were not in my size (I'm currently a UK4/6 girl), thus I had to settle for one that sorta fits the theme (theme was the Roaring 20's). Us bloggers actually had an internal Best Dressed Female contest and the prize money was RM1,000 cash(!!!) however I thought my dress was too simple to bag the trophy.

Thus the very next day, I paid a visit to my favourite evening gown shop in SS2 PJ, called Lady S - famous for dressing up KL's wildest party girls and socialites. I found a perfect dress to fit the part and I WAS READYYYYY!!!

˚₊✩‧₊FRIDAY, 23 JAN 2015˚₊✩‧₊
Party day!

=== Morning ===

I spent the morning at the gym to make sure I look my best that night! Working out my arms and shoulders to ensure they look toned for my outfit.
Best Dressed must obviously come in the best body too right? (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

=== Evening ===

I arrived Empire Damansara at 4.30pm to get my hair and makeup ready!
Here, I met up with Amanda, the founder of mak3upqueen (she's only 22 this year!) and explained to her I wanted a 20's flapper girl look. Thin eyebrows, thin lips, smoky eyes - were all the hype during that time. I took a cue from many online tutorials including Michelle Phan's 20's Flapper Girl Look.

I contacted Amanda only like a day before the event (that's super last minute notice, I know!) and she willingly agreed to help me (THANKYOUSOMUCHAMANDA)!!! So girls, if you are braindead for ideas and contacts for makeup.... look no further as Amanda is a certified makeup artist, has knowledge in hair styling, and has been in the industry for FOUR YEARS! It super helps that she's freaking talented and super hot herself too! You can look her up at her Instagram @mandaa.cme and @mak3upqueen!

Halfway makeup process

Makeup done! Now for hairdo!


OOTN (Look 1)
Glittery Sequins Dress - Lady S (Insta @ladys_gown)
Headpiece - BeautyOne (Insta @beautyone_online)
Sparkling Jewellery - Bought from Berjaya Times Square

My dashing date of the night!
♡͙♡͚₍⸉ॢ⸍͕͈ ˕̫ ⸌͔͈⸊ॢ₎♡͚♡͙


Since I parked my car at Empire Damansara, I saw a signage stating that there was a shuttle to Party of The Century, Empire City at Level B3. I thought it would be convenient for us to leave my car there and not to be caught up in the After Party traffic jam.

People dressed up to the nines, travelling in a shuttle van.
Honestly, I thought they would have an Alphard or Vellfire ferry us but it was a Toyota van that came for us.

At the Drop Off Entrance, we were greeted by ushers dressed as flapper girls which were standing in a long line like sunflowers *lol*

When I was walking towards the Registration Table, I was very glad to see that almost everyone of the guests took the time and effort to dress the part! I barely could recognize my own friends and fellow bloggers because everyone looks extra extra beautiful and handsome that night!

When I walk upstairs, there was a huge RED CARPET ENTRANCE, which was Drop Off Point for VIPS and VVIPS. Apparently, I was supposed to be coming in from there (instead of the normal entrance) and take photos as I walk in, as one of the commissioned blogger for this event, but oh wells.

I saw many supercars and even super vintage cars.

I'm guessing Paris Hilton is going to arrive in this limo!

Registration area for VIPs and VVIPS.

All guests were dressed really well that night! Spotted anyone familiar here? :)

OOTN Look 2 (Arrival Hall)
Short dress & Headpiece - BeautyOne.com.my
Accessories - Berjaya Times Square
Shoes - Bangkok
Clutch - Miss Selfridge

The overall view from downstairs. Apparently this area, where the guests are standing, is meant to be an Olympic size Ice Skating Rink(!!!!!!!) in the near future when Empire City opens.

Only VIPs and VVIPs are allowed to be at the upper levels.

Food at Non VIP Lounge Area

Food at VIP Lounge Area

There was even multiple flat screen TVs to show current happenings at the Red Carpet at the Lounge Area.

Here we can see superstars' arrivals at the grand Red Carpet!



˚₊✩‧₊Paris Hilton˚₊✩‧₊

As Paris Hilton arrives, hundreds of photographers, paparazzis and spectators rushed to the front to grab the once in a lifetime opportunity to snap a picture of her!

Look at the swarmmmm!

Everywhere she goes, there was a huge swarm of people following her. No kidding!
Almost everyone wants to take a picture with her...... and it didn't matter whether they like or dislike her in the first place.

She just has that...... *STAR PRESENCE*
From the Red Carpet, she walked towards one of the holding rooms made of glass. She politely obliged photos and selfies, with people of all ages. People were pushing their way to get into the glass room but security had to hold hands and join forces to block them all out. Apparently this waiting room only allows the most elite individuals (businessmen and fellow important clients) and media to be inside.

I can actually see Datuks and Datins in their 50s and 60s taking a selfie with her!  Because it is a glass room after all, people were crowding on the outside to catch a glimpse of her Barbie-esque looks on camera!

And she finally turns around for her fans!

There was actually too many people (like honey to the bees!) that I gave up trying to take a decent picture of her for the sake of this blog entry lols.

Anyway here's a view from the stairs!

It feels majestic and surreal to me.

The programme starts with 4 hosts introducing themselves on stage.
From Left: Will Quah, Sarah Lian, Stephinie Tan, Joey G

Getting the crowd hyped up for the first act!

Then 2AM was the first to perform!

After that, the Group Chairman came on stage to give a little insight on Empire City and its journey and future expansion plans. According to him, Empire City is first of the five upcoming big projects by Mammoth Group. There will be four more projects to come in the near future so keep a look out for this company if you are in the property or construction line!

After the Launch ceremony, there was an introduction to the Arts scene with dancers, percussionists, acrobats and face painting artists performing their talent on stage.

This lady was actually playing the violin in mid air while twirling around 360 degrees, accompanied by aerial dancers!

Not long after, Mark Vincent from Australia's Got Talent came on stage to mesmerize us with his vocals.

Then the moment everyone's been waiting for finally arrived....
Paris Hilton hits the DJ decks.

She started her first two songs with "Stars are Blind" and "Nothing in This World". I was superrrrr DISAPPOINTED and I felt that it was a super duper bad choice to kickstart the dj set!

Both songs were radio edits (noooo.... not the extended remixed version)!!! I seriously wanted to just die and collapse there because I was actually thinking some of her mixing sets were "passable".

Never again would I anticipate to see Paris spin, or even sing, anywhere in the world. I mean, I do find her entertaining but totally not my cup of tea for REAL MUSIC. Heck, I'm not even a DJ to know that she doesn't do a good job at DJ-ing.

Next up,
TABOO from Black Eyed Peas!

.... who started his performance set with "I Got a Feeling".

Last but not least, Zouk KL's Residnet DJ
DJ KenmasterK

To end the post, I'm gonna do a photo diarrhoea of all the pics I snapped with ....
Friends & Bloggers

Aliza Sara, Jenny Ma

Kelly Chin, Elvina Chua, Firdaus Feeq

.... along with Miera Nadhirah Tan, Syafiera Lewis & Naomilicious.

Miriam HuiKung

Sarah May Low

Elana Khong

With Kelly & Aerisk

When I got home, I was amazed that my makeup lasted the whole night! The lip colour was still intact (gosh you have no idea that I ate like a glutton!) and hair was all still in place!

Makeup and hairdo by mak3upqueen.

Thank you for reading this far and following me on my journey of Party of the Century. I definitely conclude that the company, crowd, food and atmosphere was TOP NOTCH but I would like to see better acts perform on stage. Hopefully there would be a Part Two during Mammoth's second project?

We'll see.

Instagram: @PartyOfTheCenturyMY

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  1. This was one of the best recaps of the event that I've read, Grace!
    It looked like a great party and I'm really impressed that you gave credit where credit was due but was quite honest about Paris' DJ-ing performance.
    I hear that many of her counterparts aren't impressed with the way she's moved up in the industry despite her apparent novice skills because she is a celebrity.
    There might be a movie coming out soon about a really talented female DJ who had to dress as man to earn any respect in the industry and it speaks volumes about women trying to make it in this competitive circuit.
    Anyway, you looked gorgeous (as always!) and I love that you balanced out this post with some really good event photos too. It really made your readers feel like they were there.