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By Grace Myu - December 19, 2014

Two weeks ago, P1 Connect shortlisted 6 bloggers to participate in the #P1xQuest challenge.

Each of the blogger were confirmed to take home either a Macbook Pro (2 units), GoPro camera (2 units) or iPod Shuffle (2 units). Of course, taking home the top prize (Macbook) would not be by randomization. Each blogger will need to work hard for it!

...... and yours truly was shortlisted to be one of the LUCKY SIX!


The tasks were really simple - there will be a mini "Amazing Race" in KL City, we are required to snap 3 pics at each checkpoints (total 3 locations, therefore 9 pics only) and then garner as many likes/comments/shares on each of our Facebook and Instagram with the 9 pictures!

Well, I was IN FOR THE RIDE!

I was paired up with the only other female blogger, Nur Amni - to travel to each checkpoint together and also help each other snap pics. The rest of the other four bloggers were male (honestly I was thankful because I'd be more comfortable being paired up with a female because well, a female would better understand the female-photo-taking-habits lol. The snap, review, delete, repeat process hahaha). We were then given RM50 each as travel/food allowance.

We were given 45 minutes to spend at each checkpoint and to figure out the next location, one SMS will be sent to our phones as a clue.

Since this is a contest based on post engagement, the blogger with the MOST LIKES/SHARES/COMMENTS will be crowned winner.

Therefore, remember to CLICK LIKE on each picture
(connect to your Facebook account first!)
as you scroll through this blog post if you could help me get one step closer to the coveted grand prize (thank you guys)!!!

So the first clue reads -
Where "cars of fire" come and go, a white brick building, not just for show.
Di mana "kereta berapi" datang dan pergi, bangunan bata putih, bukan sekadar hiasan.

We figured it'd be 
KTM Kuala Lumpur
(one of the oldest train station in KL)

After spending 45 mins at the scene,  our phones received a text with the next location riddle.

The second clue was -
Do you remember your first "ring"? It's history stored in this building.
Ingatkah anda akan deringan pertama anda? Sejarahnya bertempat di bangunan ini.

There was no doubt that the next checkpoint was
Muzium Telekom

While at Muzium Telekom, there was a cafe there so we had a mini break there (since the sun was blazing hot and I needed to quench my thirst).

Not long after, the third final clue was sent in -
The square where it all started from, the nation's birth in 57.
Padang di mana semuanya bermula, pada tahun 57.

Undoubtedly, the place where our National Day celebrations take place
Dataran Merdeka

So we have reached till the end of this post. The day was filled with lots of sweat (it was a sunny day, but not complaining!) and new friendships made. Frankly speaking, if it were not for this mini race, I would not have visited these historic places (though I live in Klang Valley vicinity). This event has enabled me to take time out to appreciate our country's history and to reflect back at how far we've come within 57 years of Independence.

Kudos to P1 for organizing this campaign!
It made me more thankful because our country is at peace.

If you happen to come across my Instagram pics with the hashtags #P1xQuest and #P1Connect, don't forget to help me LIKE/COMMENT on them! It would really mean so much to me and of course, I will help do the same in return!

You can search for my instagram account at @GraceMyu.

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