Media Writeup: The Star Metro 8 July 2014 - Model with business on her mind

By Grace Myu - July 09, 2014

My interview with Malaysia's renowned English daily is published!

I'm kinda torn between emotions because I see improvements on my fitness but I don't really like my face sigh. I feel they don't justify my real life face lols. And some info are a bit inaccurate though. Anyhoo, here's the interview excerpt with some of my own annotations in BOLD.

LIFE is going well for 26-year-old Grace Oon after a long hiatus since competing in the 2007 edition of the Miss World Malaysia pageant.

Apart from modelling, she has been active in writing, particularly in fashion and beauty.

“I review beauty products, provide beauty tips, review fashion trends and provide fashion tips,” said the former pageant finalist.
Errrr I don't really mentioning providing tips because I don't think I've reached that level of professionalism, yet. I do give my honest opinion(s) though on things I feel worth mentioning(⌒▽⌒)

She is currently focused on her fashion and beauty blog while juggling being a model.

She began her modelling career when she was 18, doing stints on campus and for various magazines like Seventeen.
And MYC. I won their Cover Model Search in 2007 ♥(οΎ‰´∀`)

Things did not always go well for her at that point.
They didn't state which point here but I'm gonna add that it was during 2010-2012

“I was struggling with weight issues and on top of that, some people doubted my ability,” she said.
Some people being stupid ex.

“I thank my boyfriend for motivating me to exercise and teaching me how to eat healthy,” she added.
I must add, the only one who believed in me all the way and push me to be my best!!! I must mention his name -- Jack Sio! My CLEO BACHELOR!! 

But Oon is not just another pretty face.

She has been awarded a scholarship for a double major in mass communication and psychology from Segi University.

In the future, she aims to set up her own fashion business online because of the potential in using social media for business.

“My business will be focused on fashion styling and beauty products,” she added.

Away from the fashion and beauty industry, she loves to travel whenever she has time to spare.

“I love the feeling of going somewhere new, it makes me very excited,” said Oon.

She has travelled to various places in Asia such as Indonesia, China, and Thailand.

What’s the most important thing to you?
My phone.
Because I can do almost everything with it! Contact people, do work (blogging), take pics, alarm clock, calculator, my scheduler, travel companion, etc etc etc!

Who is your inspiration or role model?
Deborah Priya Henry.
I remember saying because she has the WHOLE PACKAGE. Beauty, body, big heart, smart.... and most importantly, humble.

What is the most memorable event in your life?Visiting Macau during the 2007 Miss World Malaysia pageant.
Because that was me first time on a plane, and flying outside South East Asia! hehs *jakun*

What is your favourite music genre?
Electronic-dance music.
I also refer it as boom-boom music hahahahahah!

What do you wish for?A closer relationship with my parents.


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