IDO's Clinic Aesthetic Clinic, Setiawalk Puchong & Kota Damansara - Sponsored Treatment Part One

By Grace Myu - July 02, 2014

Private event at IDO's Clinic, SetiaWalk Puchong few weeks ago with famed celebs and bloggers!

1. Group pic with Dr Chia (second from left)
2. With Andrea Wei, marketing division of IDO's Clinic
3. View of IDO's 3 storey building at SetiaWalk Puchong
4. Selfieeee!

A few weeks ago in the beginning of June, I attended a private event organized by IDO's Clinic.
At first I was a bit little skeptical what this event is all about since it is only opened to a few invited bloggers and local celebs. There wasn't any program listed down and honestly, I was a little lazy to attend an event all the way in Puchong hehs.

But I'm glad I did!!! Because......
 .....they decided to sponsor me for any treatment I wish to do!!!!



So I scheduled an appointment at their Kota Damansara branch not long after that, discussing the possibilities of types of procedures to be done, since I recently got my dermal fillers on my eyes and lips!

The Kota Damansara branch, I would say is perhaps slightly smaller than the one located in Setiawalk Puchong (since the one in Puchong is newly opened!) and their Marketing team is based in KD most of the time. Above in the picture is my doctor, Dr Gan Khai Yang & Cherlyn Lim (Marketing Manager of IDO's).

I decided to get some fillers done on my nose bridge since I realized that my nose bridge is kinda flat in pictures. I don't have a major major problem with my nose, but since the last time my previous doctor did ask me why not consider putting fillers into my nose, I think it made me realize that it could be a problem 
( ;´Д`)

Now, you may think... whoa Grace.... you recently did your eye bags... and now your nose?! 

I admit, I was strongly AGAINST any type of vanity procedure until... well... I turned 26.
I guess with age, it makes me realize that I can't turn back time and my body is slowly deteriorating, whether I like it or not. (woeisme)

Of course, I now eat healthily and even workout more regularly compared to two years ago, but I cannot change the fact that my skin and body resistance to pollutions and other harsh chemicals is decreasing. Plus, at 26 I think I have reached a point where I can tell myself I'm over the puberty phase completely and my face and body appearance cannot change much anymore thus it's okay for me to optimize the way I look with the help of external help.

I want to be able to mingle around with young 20-year-olds and people still think I'm lying about my age when I say I'm 26 (I get this a lot up until today lol, not trying to brag or anything, because my new acquaintances always guess my age to be around 21-23 ish). I can even quote names to prove my point! (´┏・┓`)

Call me a hypocrite, vainpot or whatever, I don't really care. As long as I'm happy with myself and my loved ones accept who I am, that's all that matters!

Now back to the aesthetic clinic....
That's me over there kepohchi, pretending to be all occupied while waiting for my turn to be served. 

The environment of the clinic is pretty professional-looking and very relaxed. There are award plates mounted on the wall of the waiting lounge and magazines to keep you busy.

The waiting rooms are made of glass doors with interesting artwork on the frosting that allows a little privacy between consultant and patient.

Treatment rooms are equipped with a flat screen TV for your entertainment pleasure while you get your procedures done. Huge mirrors mounted on the whole wall for your vanity needs. There is also a mini fridge and coffee maker at the pantry area within the same room!! 

So here's a picture of me with my BEFORE NOSE.
Nothing majorly wrong with it, I just wanted to pull my nose bridge up higher.

The nurse begins placing numbing cream from the tip to the bridge. I specifically requested her to cover all areas so that I do not need to endure any unnecessary pain lololol. I was kinda anxious because... hello! It's the nose we're talking about!! It's like either a make or break thing.

This is the brand of the filler we're gonna use. Dr Gan explained that this is slightly harder than the ones used for eye bags and lips because the nose requires a more firm filler so that it doesn't move around so much (no MJ nose for me please!).

Dr Gan reassuring me of the procedure that we're about to do. He told me basically I just to avoid facials for the time being. Other than that, I need to sleep facing straight up if possible for the night and not lean on my face, for obvious reasons!

Me trying to act all chilled (but inside my stomach there were a million butterfliessss!)

The doctor fills in the fillers in stages. Inject-reshape nose fillers-repeat.
It took about 20 minutes, I think, to get the bridge that I want.

Then it's time to see the my reflection.

I guess that huge smile explains everything!

Also on the same day, I brought up the topic of my scarred right thigh - I got it from a nasty dog bite around two years ago near my birthday 

Dr Gan told me that he is opting triamcinolone injection (steroid) to flatten my keloid scar, but as for the discolouration, he would need to figure something out for that (if we were not opting for those major surgery). There will be no time down time and perhaps only minimally invasive.

The scar has always been an ugly sight whenever I'm in shorts or short minis. It certainly would be nice if it would go away completely.

After a few hours when I reached home, the area that was injected became swollen visibly but there wasn't any change in colour or outlook of the keloid scar. Dr Gan informed that it will take approximately 4 to 8 weeks for results to be visible, so just hang on and I will update from time to time!


This is the Before and After for my nose fillers.
Look closely at the bridge ---

Minor changes as you can tell, the fillers will be done in stages and not all in one day because the fillers need time to sink in and be moulded into the desired shape. If the whole quota is used in one day, then your nose shape would not be at its best.

So I did...
Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Injection for Nose Augmentation

Hyaluronic acid therapy is becoming a popular choice as a temporary filler for facial augmentation. It is a safe, non-surgical procedure that conveniently softens facial lines and furrows.

Tiny quantities of hyaluronic acid are injected through very fine needles, boosting the skin's own hyaluronic acid. Depending on how many lines are treated, the treatment takes 20 minutes to an hour, with minimal discomfort (especially with products that contain local anaesthetic agents).

What is hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found in all living organisms. High concentrations are found in soft connective tissue and in the fluid surrounding the eye. It is also present in some cartilage and joint fluids, and in skin tissue.

In skin tissue, hyaluronic acid is a jelly-like substance that fills the space between collagen and elastin fibres. The role of hyaluronic acid in skin is to -
  1. Provide a mechanism of transport of essential nutrients from the bloodstream to living skin cells
  2. Hydrate the skin by holding in water
  3. Act as a cushioning and lubricating agent against mechanical and chemical damage.
How is hyaluronic acid treatment given?
Treatments are carried out at a medical centre by a trained doctor or supervised nurse.

  1. Deep cleansing on treated area.
  2. The treatment area is wiped with an antiseptic.
  3. Local anaesthetic used to numb the treatment area.
  4. Injection method used to deliver dermal fillers.
  5. Depending on the area treated, the skin may be lightly massaged.
  6. Instantly noticeable results.

I shall be visiting the clinic again to follow up and touch up my fillers so stay tuned here as I will be updating regularly on it!

For more info on IDO's Clinic and their aesthetic treatments, do visit or contact their nearest outlets below -

Ido's Cosmeceutical 

KULAI INDAHPURA 012-727 6992 
NUSA BESTARI 012-723 5992 
SUTERA MALL 012-789 5992
TAMAN CENTURY 012-772 0992
JOHOR JAYA 012-728 5992
BATU PAHAT 012-709 5992
BATU PAHAT MALL 012-728 8992
KLUANG MALL 012-7087992

KLANG 012-721 5992
KOTA DAMANSARA 017-367 5992
PUCHONG IOI MALL 012-289 5992
PUCHONG Setiawalk 012-682 5992

PENANG Burma Road 012-477 5992
PENANG Queensbay 012-412 5992

Now I'm looking forward for a hair sponsor because my hair looks like shit now as you can see hehs.

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